P5s are In The News!








News teams are now in business in Room 15. Company logos have been generated and planning has begun for our first ground breaking headlines…


Busy in our news teams!
Primary 5 news teams have now created their broadcasting company logos and uploaded them onto their team OneNote pages. They have used online mind mapping software to plan their first news articles and some teams have now begun planning out the layout of their articles using presentation software.


P4 Banking and Money

The Bank of BPS
The Bank of BPS

Last Friday was the grand opening of ‘The Bank of BPS’.

The bank gives all of Primary 4a the opportunity to loan and buynumber of things to use for the day or the week.

It has also given us some great employment prospects in theclassroom, as there are two workers in the bank everyday!

It’s been a very busy couple of days in the bank for theemployees, who have really been putting their knowledge of money to the test.


P4 Room 7 are loving their new bank and having to collect money during the week for good work. We finished painting it today! Now the children will spend their money at Golden Time.