Christmas School Musical

This year’s Christmas Show was a whole school affair called ‘Christmas School Musical’! The classes performed to standing ovations to one afternoon and two evening sell out performances. Here are some photos from the performances.

House Captains and Vice Captains

The House Captains and Vice Captains have been elected by pupils from P4 – P7 and are as follows:

Thorn:  House Captains – Kristian Webster/                                                   Katie Sharp

Vice Captains –   Morven Wood /                                                        George Sinclair

Kirk:     House Captains – Molly McCabe /                                                       Thomas Nibbs

Vice Captains –   Stanley Hollister /                                                  Hannah McKenzie

Roman:   House Captains – Brodie Thomson /                                                  Rachel Dalby

Vice Captains –   Lucas Dorman /                                                      Rachel Campbell

Drymen: House Captains – Murray McAllister/                                                 Iona Shepherd

Vice Captains –   Thomas Payne /                                                      Hannah Dunn

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who took part in the elections. Each and every speech was well thought out and I enjoyed overseeing the process and hearing from so many passionate young people!