Anti Bullying Club at assembly


Well done to our Anti Bullying Club for their performance at the upper school assembly today. Fantastic work from our P6 girls who planned and scripted today’s show themselves, and continue to run a very important club. Responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors!

Anti Bullying Club

The Anti Bullying Club was put together by four P6 girls. At the club we talk about bullying and try to prevent it from happening in our school. A massive 93 people signed up which amazed the p6 girls.

We meet every Thursday lunchtime and we usually have about 30 – 40 pupils attending from P4 – P7.

Recently we have been working on a play about a bullying scenario. In some of our other meetings we have made posters, made comics on paper and on computers,  made drama performances, done quizzes and lots more. Lots of people like the Anti Bullying Club and look forward to our weekly meetings. We are very proud of the Anti Bullying Club and think it has done very well.

By the Anti Bullying Club