Flying For Life

The P3s and P4s visited the Bearsden Baptist Church to see the plane and amazing work that the charity MAF use to take health supplies to remote parts of the world.

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P6 Fairtrade Bake Sale


Well done and a massive thank you to pupils and parents for alltheir efforts towards the P6 Fairtrade Bake Sale (II). We raised over £620!!Teamwork Thursdays!

Clean Hands!


As part of our ‘Children’s Rights’ topic we carried out an experiment to see how important it was to wash our hands properly with clean water.

Using glitter to represent the bacteria in the water, we could actually see just how easy it is for bacteria to move from person to person by shaking hands and by simply washing your hands in the same dirty water!

P1 Rights Respecting Mascots


Meet Primary 1’s new Rights Respecting mascots!

We are taking Rights Respecting Robbie and Rights Respecting Ruby into the playground to look for children who are sharing and playing well.

Rights Respecting Ruby
Rights Respecting Ruby
Rights Respecting Robbie
Rights Respecting Robbie