WaterAid – The Pupil Pipeline


We raised £375 for WaterAid UK by having a non uniform day where the whole school wore something blue.


All the children took part in a pupil pipeline where they passed buckets of water around the whole school to represent water running through pipes that will be laid with the money that we raised. It took 7 minutes and 20 seconds to pass round 7 buckets! 


The money will be spent in Zambia to help Simango school have fresh running water. A special thanks to all the staff for being supportive in the very wet weather!



Unusual customers at Brookwood Library!

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P4/5 had a lovely time at Brookwood Library on World Book Day. Some of the children dressed up as characters from books and brought the books along too. Jackie our librarian was very impressed.

Bearsden Primary School is proud to have a very close relationship supporting our local public library!

Sports Relief 18th March

Sport Relief is next Friday, 18th March. It is a non uniform day and children can wear pyjamas or sportswear. Classes will be involved in a run around the school organised by the Sports Council. Please send in a donation on the day for this good cause.  We will also be selling Sports Relief wristbands from Monday costing £1. Thank you for your support and generosity.

P4/5 Book Sale!


What a fantastic afternoon! On Thursday we had our book sale and it  washuge success. At last count we raised over £160 which is amazing. Thank you to everybody who donated books and came along to buy today.


Mr Meehan enjoying a book!

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