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Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

This term we have been learning about Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger.

We discussed how we could do our part to help with zero hunger.  Is there anything we can grow at home to help with meals.  We explored the process of growing our own vegetables and create a  poster of the vegetables we can grow at home.

We were successful learners in starting the growth of some carrots and radish, our spinach didn’t quite work. We are all very happy and proud that we managed to get some food growing.

Eco Global Goal – Zero Hunger


The Daisies class were very responsible looking at the global goal ‘Zero Hunger’.  We looked closely at some pictures (the hungry caterpillar, Oliver Twist, Bruce Bogtrotter) and discussed whether they looked hungry or full.

We also spoke about how we would feel if we had a full tummy and also how we would feel if we had a hungry tummy.

Finally, we spoke about food that we liked and disliked and sorted them into categories on a poster.