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FAOL: Citizenship – Halloween Pumpkins

The Bluebells have enjoyed exploring Pumpkins this week and transferring their cookery and art skills while working with them. The pupils chose some of their favourite designs and used these as inspiration while painting the Pumpkins. They worked hard and demonstrated that they are responsible by carefully cutting and scooping them.

As part of Halloween this week, the class took part in a variety of activities during our Sensory assembly and took part in a whole school costume parade.


Harris McCoo and Singing Hands

We are so lucky at Willowbank School. This week we had special visitors visit our school. On Thursday Harris McCoo visited us in the morning. We all went to the hall to see him dance on the stage with Steven Brown and his friends. Miss Hill and some of the older pupils were at the front too as they had been learning the signs to his special song. We also joined in with some of the signs too.

Today Suzanne and Tracy “Singing Hands” came to Willowbank School. It was amazing. We did lots of singing, signing and dancing.


The Bluebells have had a fun filled few days that has included meeting some famous faces! The pupils have been working hard to learn Makaton signs  for  Steven Brown’s McCoo Song and they were practicing their signs for Happy performed by The Singing Hands.

The boys in the Bluebells demonstrated their successful learning by performing with the whole school, Steven Brown and Harris McCoo. They loved watching The Singing Hands and singing and signing along to some of their favourite songs. They were very confident when asked to stand up and perform.