It’s Summertime ☀️ 🏖

Well Snowdrops  as I write this post I’m feeling so proud of you all and how well you did to finish the school year in such a strange way. I speak for all the ladies when I say we have missed all your smiley faces each and every day. But the good news is all of you will be getting a social distance visit this week from Mrs Brown, Mrs Johnstone or Miss Taylor with an end of term gift from the school and class .
In August everything will be very different for all of us in school but please don’t worry about it as you will all be very safe as always in Willowbank .
For most a new class but familiar staff will be there to help you learn.

So from today check out the blog as I made a video of you all working so hard and doing all the things we love at school.

Something you could do during the holidays Is make ice cream 🍦. Have put a link to an easy recipe for you to try .

Something else fun to try and also show the importance of sunscreen is painiting with sun cream on dark paper

Well snowdrops that’s it for session 2019/2020. One that none of us will ever forget. Mrs Brown and Myself wish you all the very best when August comes and am sure you will continue to grow in confidence and develop all your skills you have been learning even further . It has been a great pleasure having you in class and watching your personalities develop . I thought we would sign off in usual Snowdrops fashion with a song .
Hope the sun ☀ shines and you all have some summer fun and adventures

take care and best wishes

Miss Kelly , Mrs Brown and the snowdrops ladies 💙❤🌈


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