It’s hard to believe that this will be our final blog for this year. I know these last few months have been hard and I am so proud of how the Bluebells class have coped.

🚨Important Information🚨

Please have a look at the school app where there is an End of Term photo slideshow of all of our best memories from this year! It really is not to be missed 🙂

Also, I will be coming round all of your houses on Wednesday to drop off a Willowbank Summer gift for you all.

This week, I thought I would set some fun Summer activities to get you excited for the holidays beginning on Friday! Remember these are all optional and only some ideas of how you and your family can have some fun in the sun.

Water Balloon Pinata                                             Use your washing line to peg water balloons and have fun to see who can burst them the fastest!

Balloon Toss                                                              You could be tossing the balloon at familiar words, letters or numbers.

Shadow Drawings                                                  Get some of your favourite toys, sit them in the sun on top of some paper and have fun drawing around their shadows. What toy makes the biggest shadow? What makes the smallest?


Finally, I wanted to leave you with some summer time messages from myself and the ladies in the Bluebells class. We are all counting down the days until we are back together in August.

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