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Sustrans Mile Post Competition

Please vote for Onthank’s entry which has been designed by Erin in P4K.  MULTICOLOURED OPTION 2. 

Four designs from different schools will go to a Twitter poll to select the winning design . The winner will be invited along to help paint the milepost.

Voting is now live until Friday 13th March at   :


World Book Day 2020

P4 have had a great day celebrating World Book Day 2020. We had dress up fun, shared our favourites stories and books, did book related tasks and some of us enjoyed paired reading with our buddies in P3.

P4K our DFS Group, had a wonderful time celebrating too. We are reading plenty of books and managing to fill in our Reading Passports for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

Lucy Pear Visits P4

Last year P1-4 enjoyed a visit from the author Chris Duke who wrote the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’. This is a delightful little book which is a stimulus for discussing emotions.

Lucy Pear has magical hair which changes colour depending on her emotions. Lucy is excited when her hair is purple, angry when it is red and blue when she feels sad.

She soon learns that it is #OkNotToBeOk and that these feelings will soon pass.

Violet in P4K was so excited to waken up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had brought her a Lucy doll. Lucy visited the ‘Rocks’ rotation group during Health and Wellbeing and she listened to the class checking in with their hair colour of the day.

Children's Mental Health Week 2020 will take place from 3rd February – 9th February 2020 and as always we will be supporting our pupils by offering opportunities to share experiences, emotions and we will have a focus on the theme ' Find Your Brave'. More information to follow.

A balancing act in P4M !

P4 M have been busy in the gym developing gymnastics skills! Look how fantastic and bendy  the budding  gymnasts are ! Well done everyone!

Lucie and Jodie demonstrate the bunk beds balance .


Adam and Calum working hard to
balance with Lyle giving good advice.
Greg and Ethan managed to balance for 10 seconds. Well done boys!
Aaron and Luke were a fantastic pair and kept trying until they mastered the bunk bed balance!
Bailey showed us how to balance steadily on one leg !
Robyn and Megan are very bendy ! Fantastic skills girls !
Rowan balances in a crab.


Molly is a fantastic gymnast with fabulous skills !
Adam and Lucas are concentrating hard so
they can hold the balance.

Primary 4’s Christmas Album

It’s here! The biggest Christmas album of 2018 will be available to buy exclusively at the Onthank Christmas Fayre on Tuesday the 4th of December.  Just to get you excited we are offering some clips of the recordings to the Onthank Bloggers. Enjoy!


No Pens Day Wednesday

Today as part of our Dyslexia Friendly Schools journey, the whole school was involved in NO PENS DAY WEDNESDAY.  This is a national speaking and listening event which  encourages exciting classroom discussion.  Check out the blog for class photos.