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Onthank is Blooming!

Our school is in bloom.
Kale, broccoli parsnips, herbs, sage, radishes, potatoes, peas, runner beans and carrots



Over the summer the P6 Dig for Victory effort has produced an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Pupils will return to school next week and can enjoy some of the produce we gave to the kitchen to prepare. Well done everyone in last sessions P2, P3, and P6.

No Pens Day Wednesday

Today as part of our Dyslexia Friendly Schools journey, the whole school was involved in NO PENS DAY WEDNESDAY.  This is a national speaking and listening event which  encourages exciting classroom discussion.  Check out the blog for class photos.

P2 Homework

Just to let you know, P2 pupils were (or will be) issued with a reading book for homework.  They should read, discuss, hunt the word, sound out words etc over the week.  This will be issued every Tuesday.

There are a few games and books under each child’s Bug Club account which hopefully they will be able to access too.

Reading books and any other homework issued  should be returned each Monday.