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Learning Pack Collection Reminder

Dear Families,

We are incredibly proud of our young people accessing and making great use of our online learning resources. Well done and keep up the great work!

We would like to remind our families Learning Packs were created by staff for all young people and some are waiting for collection from our Main Office if you have not already picked it up.

Please can we encourage you to collect your young person’s Learning Pack by the end of this week.

If you arrive at our Main Entrance, there will be a phone number to call for access to receive your pack.

Thank you again for your continued support and we extend our well wishes to all. Keep washing those hands!

#ouronthank #LearningPacks #proud


No Pens Day Wednesday

Today as part of our Dyslexia Friendly Schools journey, the whole school was involved in NO PENS DAY WEDNESDAY.  This is a national speaking and listening event which  encourages exciting classroom discussion.  Check out the blog for class photos.

P2 Homework

Just to let you know, P2 pupils were (or will be) issued with a reading book for homework.  They should read, discuss, hunt the word, sound out words etc over the week.  This will be issued every Tuesday.

There are a few games and books under each child’s Bug Club account which hopefully they will be able to access too.

Reading books and any other homework issued  should be returned each Monday.


P3 Enterprising Homework

As part of our ‘Dinosaurs’ topic, the children are being invited to:

  • Design and make a ‘Sockosaurus’

If they wish to take part in the challenge, they should complete the following:

  • Fill in the Sockosaurus planning page.
  • Use the ideas on their planning page to help them create their Sockosaurus.
  • Use a clean sock to make their Sockosaurus.
  • Their Sockosaurus can be lifelike or imaginative!
  • Try to create features to show a face.
  • Decorate their Sockosaurus using bright colours and interesting details.
  • Use a variety of materials, if possible.  Be as creative as you can!
  • Children should be prepared to share their Sockosaurus with the rest of the class.

Pupils should bring their Sockosaurus to class on Friday 5 October.

Have fun!!!

Maths Week Scotland Challenge

This week is Maths Week Scotland and to coincide with this we’re launching the use of our brand new maths resource, Heinemann Active Maths!

Active Maths proivdes our pupils with a range of activities and challenges to help develop their mathematical thinking and numeracy skills. There are board games and resources to use in class and online games to play at home.

Whole School Challenge –  To launch this resource we’re setting some classes a challenge to access at least one Heinemann Active Maths game which their teacher will have set the class. Pupils should log in to their Bug Club / Active Learn account to access any of the maths games allocated.


Enjoy playing the games – we’d love to hear what you think about our new resource.