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Easter Holidays?

Today is the last day of Term 3. We would like to wish all of our Onthank Community a safe, healthy and happy holiday.  We will not be posting any new online learning / materials for the next two weeks. Thank you to all the staff for their super effort in putting all of your learning together.  You (parents and children ) all deserve a holiday too as you have been working so hard to complete the  tasks which have been set by your teachers. During the Easter Break we hope you have fun with your family.?
We will be back online on Monday 20 April with lots of exciting activities. Please keep in touch with each other during the holiday.?
There will be some staff available who are supervising The Hub for the children of key workers so if you need to get in touch please email: and we will get back to you.
Have a good holiday from

All at Onthank Primary School.

Hello Everyone – please complete our pupil survey

Good Afternoon,

Please complete our  pupil survey – staying connected.

We hope everyone is managing to stay safe, healthy and happy. We are delighted that so many of you are logging into your digital platforms and sharing your learning with us. We have enjoyed seeing your photos, your work, your crafts and seeing what fun activities you are also doing.  We are pleased you have found a balance between learning time and family time. Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice so that you can enjoy outdoors in your garden.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and we are here to provide any support that is needed. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us.

We are missing all of you and please keep posting your pictures on your Glow Blog or Teams.

Keep safe from All the Staff in Onthank Primary School.


Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 – Find Your Brave

Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 took place between 3rd – 9th February and this year the theme was ‘Find Your Brave’.

Mental Health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. Through our Health and Wellbeing programme in East Ayrshire we strive to support our pupils by offering many opportunities to share how they are feeling and to look at strategies to help them when they may be feeling sad, stressed or anxious. Pupils learn that their emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical wellbeing.

Last week, many classes looked at ‘What makes you feel brave?’ and encouraged pupils to try something new to build confidence and to feel good about themselves.

The main message always given is that there is always someone to talk in school whether it is a friend, the class teacher or another member of staff.

Gym Kits

Hi everyone

We are looking for some help.  Many of our pupils don’t have full gym kits which makes it harder for them to access the full curriculum correctly.

If you have any spare gym shoes or shorts that your children have outgrown would you be kind enough to send it to the school and we can have a bank of kits to help all pupils take P.E.?

Thanks in advance

First Minister’s Reading Challenge – Dyslexia Friendly Schools

Today our DFS ambassadors (P4K) have been busy organising the launch of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

It is believed that reading has the power to change lives and that developing a love of reading in childhood can have a huge impact on educational attainment and future wellbeing.

The First Minister’s Reading Challenge is open to every pupil in P1-P7 in Scotland. We know that reading journeys can be personal to every single child but, to encourage and motivate schools and pupils to get involved, a number of challenges have been set that we hope will inspire and develop a love of reading.

Find out more about taking part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge by clicking the link below:

Where will your reading journey take you?

Santa Dash – THANK YOU

Onthank Community,

We are thrilled to announce our Santa Dash raised a grand total of £1663.90 for Onthank Primary School! Well done!

Your generosity, encouragement and support is never taken for granted and nothing would be possible without it. Just look at what we achieved – together. Thank you!

Bring on our 2020 events!

#ouronthank #ourcommunity

Koala Protectors

As a RRS we have a duty to offer support where we can to other countries in need.

The pupils have been discussing the tragedy in Australia and have been asking how we can help.

We have made a donation to the WWF charity to become ‘Koala Protectors’. Our donation will help towards the care needed to help injured koalas and to help in the restoration phase after the fires.

We will also receive updates from WWF.

Our actions have helped towards the following Global Goals for Sustainable Development…

Lucy Pear Visits P4

Last year P1-4 enjoyed a visit from the author Chris Duke who wrote the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’. This is a delightful little book which is a stimulus for discussing emotions.

Lucy Pear has magical hair which changes colour depending on her emotions. Lucy is excited when her hair is purple, angry when it is red and blue when she feels sad.

She soon learns that it is #OkNotToBeOk and that these feelings will soon pass.

Violet in P4K was so excited to waken up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had brought her a Lucy doll. Lucy visited the ‘Rocks’ rotation group during Health and Wellbeing and she listened to the class checking in with their hair colour of the day.

Children's Mental Health Week 2020 will take place from 3rd February – 9th February 2020 and as always we will be supporting our pupils by offering opportunities to share experiences, emotions and we will have a focus on the theme ' Find Your Brave'. More information to follow.

RRS – Global Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change.

As we are now in 2020 there are only 10 years to achieve these goals for sustainable development.

Everyone can contribute to making sure the Global Goals are met.

As a Rights Respecting School we will be familiarising ourselves again with these goals and be considering how we can help to make a real difference.


P4 have been learning about the Global Goals during Health and Wellbeing time. Everyone is very motivated to play their part.



On our final day of term, Friday 20th December, and to celebrate Christmas Onthank style, our school will be raising funds in our very first ‘Santa Dash’!

Pupils are invited to dress up with a Santa accessory (Hat/beard/suit/full costume!) and each stage will walk/jog/run around the school building singing Christmas songs!

Pupils will stay with their class, teacher and be supervised by additional staff throughout our Santa Dash!

Family members are invited to join their young person on the Santa Dash – dressed up together! If you intend on participating, please arrive at the main office 15 minutes prior to the starting time.

P1 9.15am – 10.15am Main Entrance Once
P2 9.15am – 10.15am P1/2 Playground Once
P3 11.15am – 12.15pm Main Entrance Twice
P4 11.15am – 12.15pm P3/4 Playground Twice
P5 1.30pm – 2.15pm Main Entrance Three Times
P6 1.30pm – 2.15pm P1/2 Playground Three Times
P7 1.30pm – 2.15pm P3/4 Playground Four Times

 “I’m doing a Santa Dash to raise funds for my school, would you like to sponsor me?”

We invite our pupils, (and parents!) to complete the sponsorship form which pupils will be given tomorrow by asking family, friends and neighbours to sponsor their Santa Dash.

Please hand in your sponsorship form and all raised funds to Mrs Andrew in the office on Thursday 19th December.

This information will also be given in letter form to all young people tomorrow.

Thank you for a wonderful year of Community events and fundraising for our school and we look forward to sharing more memories together in 2020!

Merry Christmas!

See you at the Santa Dash starting line!

#ouronthank #SantaDash #HoHoHo


Athletics Champions ???

Fantastic achievement from our current athletics team – making us champions 3 years running! Huge amount of talent and team spirit was shown from all involved.

Thank you to Murrie for helping us train and to the supporters who endured the freezing cold arena! Brilliant to have some of our ex-athletes supporting us too! ?



Sportshall Athletics Final

The Athletics Final will take place at the Athletics Arena, Friday 8th November. The competition starts at 6.30pm and will finish approx 8.15pm.

The team should arrive at 6pm in black/dark leggings/shorts, athletics t-shirt and should bring a non-fizzy drink and snack. Please bring a warm jacket/jumper to wear when not competing as the hall is cold.  Seating is roughly calculated at 2 seats per child.

Let’s go Onthank!

Please complete the permission form below:


Love to Live. Live to Party! ZUMBA FITNESS IS BACK!

Onthank Families,

After welcoming over 70 members of community regularly to his classes, Mr Swan is back with Adult Zumba Fitness!

Day: Thursday

Time: 6pm – 6.45pm

Should I?: YES!

No registration or sign up required, just come along every week and be Beyoncé for 45 minutes!

Spread the word, bring friends and lets raise our spirits to the sky!

Ditch the workout and join the party at Onthank Primary School!

#OurOnthank #ZumbaFitness #Whynot?!

After School Gymnastics Reminder Information

Dear Families,

We jump excitedly into a new school term tomorrow and welcome Gymnastics to ‘Our Onthank’ after school activities thanks to our partners at Active Schools!

As per the letter issued last term, please be reminded of the pupils and dates for Gymnastics Group 1:



TIME: 3pm – 4pm

LOCATION: Onthank Primary Assembly Hall

Group 1 Register

P1B Sofia S
P1B Olivia B
P1B Zeryn C
P1B Millie Mc
P1B Patrick Mc
P1M Jack D
P1M Alfie B
P1M Poppy H
P2C Rebecca S
P2K Elise H
P2S Jessica M
P2S Emily G
P2S Olivia H
P2S Carter L
P2S Sophie M
P2S Sophie H
P2ST Hazel P
P2ST Mia C
P2ST Liam R

Pupils will have the opportunity to change into their PE kit at the end of the day.

Pupils will be collected from their class at 2.55pm by Gymnastics Instructor Shannon and taken to the assembly hall. Families will be invited into the hall at 4pm for collection and sign out from the main entrance.

If due to any circumstances your child can’t attend tomorrow, they are more than welcome next week.

Gymnastics Group 2 pupils will be reminded the week prior to the timetable change.

After Christmas, sign up will open up again for children who have not participated in Gymnastics this term in order to give everyone an opportunity.


Sign up is closed for this class and will reopen after Christmas.

Any questions, Mr Swan is happy to help, anytime.

#ouronthank #gymnasticsfun


Harvest Assembly : World Porridge Day

We celebrated World Porridge Day at our assemblies. We asked for “loose change” – a huge thank you to everyone who donated- we have a fantastic amount of £185.  We offered pupils a taste of Heather’s porridge and showed the film from Mary’s Meals: What a Difference a Meal Makes. We can feed a child in Malawi at school for £9.80 a year. We will be able to feed many children. Thank you.

We are in the finals!

Congratulations to our P7 Athletics Team who qualified for the East Ayrshire Sportshall Athletics Final! 🙂                      Image result for well done clipart

The final will take place at the arena Friday 8th November, time to be confirmed.

Training will take place at the arena Wednesday 30th October and Wednesday 6th November, 4 – 5pm.

Please complete the permission form below:



Sportshall Athletics Heat

Our P7 Athletics Team will be participating in their heat Wednesday 2 October at the Athletics Arena. The team will leave school at 11.45am and return at approx 2.45pm.

Children should wear sports clothes and athletics T-shirt to school that day. If possible, please bring a packed lunch. A packed lunch will be provided for anyone entitled to one. A non fizzy drink and healthy snack can be  taken to the competition.

At this stage of the competition, parents/careers are not required to attend.

Please note, there is no athletics  training next week. 


P4/5 After School Football Information – SIGN UP NOW!

P4/5 Families,

We are delighted to announce P4/5 After School Football starting on Monday 9 September 3pm – 4pm!

Training will run every Monday from now until Christmas, except school holidays.

Click on the After School Activities Blog Post below to sign up NOW!

Pupils are encouraged to bring a change of clothes for Football and be ready to ‘train in the rain’ with coach and staff member Kris.

Kris will collect signed up pupils from their class at 3pm and bring pupils to the office for collection at 4pm.

We look forward to welcoming our P4/5 Team on Monday!

#OurOnthank #Score #AchieveYourGoals

P7 Athletics Team

Our athletics team will be training weekly at the athletics arena, starting Wednesday 4 September, 4 – 5pm.

Children should wear sporty clothes and trainers. They should bring a non fizzy drink and any inhalers or medication they may need.

Car sharing has worked well in the past. Please let us know if your child needs to leave early for another commitment – that’s not a problem.

Please complete the form below if your child is in the team.

Onthank is Blooming!

Our school is in bloom.
Kale, broccoli parsnips, herbs, sage, radishes, potatoes, peas, runner beans and carrots



Over the summer the P6 Dig for Victory effort has produced an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Pupils will return to school next week and can enjoy some of the produce we gave to the kitchen to prepare. Well done everyone in last sessions P2, P3, and P6.

Chris Duke visited East Ayrshire today!

P1-4 pupils were excited today to meet Chris Duke, the author of the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’.

Chris travelled for 3 hours today to visit Galston Primary, Onthank and Hillhead Primary to share a very powerful message.

The day started with the Kilmarnock Standard photographer speaking to Brooke Hannah in P3W who shared her writing with Chris and he has used it on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Other pupils showed art work related to the various emotions shared in the story of Lucy with the magical colour changing hair.

P1 and P2 then met Chris and also Mary MacInnes who has been selling handmade products to raise money to donate a copy of the book to all schools in East Ayrshire. Mary is a local girl who attended Loanhead Primary School. She wants to spread the message to the community that ‘It is ok not to be ok’ and that blue days will pass.

Some p1 pupils showed their super work!

Chris and Mary complimented the P1-P2 audience!

P3 and P4 also listened well and asked some super questions at the end of the session.

Look out for the article and photos in the Kilmarnock Standard.

Copies of the book can be bought online at A version suitable for older children is available to pre order. (P+P not included – discount code is invalid now)

Lucy’s Blue Day – Author Visit

More classes have become familiar with the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ which explores emotions and explains that it is ‘Ok to be not ok’ and that there are people we can talk to when we are feeling a little blue.

Lucy’s hair changes colour depending on her emotions.

This delightful book has led to great class discussions, super stories and fab artwork in various classes.

Brooke Hannah in P3 shared a story with the author and he used it on a film reel at the ‘This Morning Live’ roadshow. Brooke was excited to hear that Dr Ranj, Rylan, Rochelle and Holly and Phil had seen her story!!?

Chris Duke, the author of the book is visiting Onthank on Tuesday 25th June and he will visit Galston Primary and Hillhead Primary too.

Chris has offered us a discount code to use online for buying a copy of the book shown. Our code is ONTHANK and the book can be bought at
The discount removes postage and packing. Chris will have the orders with him when he visits and he will sign books too if you wish.

The upper school version of the book can be pre ordered and will be released in August. A fab book with a powerful message.

Beautiful Inside and Out. Tonight- Thursday 23 May 7pm ❤️

Pauline Moriarty , founder of Beautiful Inside and Out (Scio) will be in school to inform us of the background , aims and expanding services of the charity with an emphasis on some of the things we can all do to promote the wellbeing of our young people. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion , how to access support of Beautiful Inside and Out(Scio) for anyone of any age.

Pupils can attend this event with adult support. Parents, carers and friends please come along.

Positive Choices Week ??Week beginning Mon 20 May??‍♂️

Next week it is Positive Choices Week in school. All pupils will be involved in a variety of activities: eg judo, boxing, fruit tasting, Fitness activities, football, tennis, hand washing ,gardening, hygiene talks, cyber bullying talks,Tai kwon do,  curling ? and a spring Clean.  Pupils will be timetabled during the week to be involved in some of the activities.

RSHP Letter

Dear Parent / Carer

In line with East Ayrshire Council guidance, we are contacting you to inform you that this term as part of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum our children will be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP). The topic is fully in line with Curriculum for Excellence which is set down by the Scottish Education Department.

Our local authority is committed to the provision of quality teaching in Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood education in accordance with National Guidelines. It forms a key element of personal, social and health education in schools and is an important part of children’s preparations for adult life. The purpose of RSHP is to provide the learners with an understanding of how to maintain positive relationships. In addition pupils are encouraged to consider how thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs can influence decisions about relationships.

It is very important that taking into account the age and stage of the child that we take steps to use a common vocabulary to describe our emotions, feelings and body parts.

Here are links to parent leaflets

RSHP Early level Parent Leaflet

RSHP First level Parent leaflet

RSHP Second level leaflet

If you wish your child to be withdrawn from RSHP lessons please contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mrs G Findlay

Depute Head Teacher


Sharing the Online Safety Message

P3W were excited to take ownership of counting and distributing leaflets to all stages today.

All pupils have been given a ‘Digital Parenting’ leaflet to take home. This leaflet contains some very valuable information about keeping up to speed with the latest digital technology and wellbeing issues so that families can get the most out of the online world.

Primary 5 pupils visited Brownings the Bakers?.

Five Primary 5 pupils were invited to Brownings the Bakers to take part in a Bake Off with pupils from Galston Primary . They decorated empire biscuits, made cream donuts, filled strawberry tarts, decorated and filled yum yums. They were shown how to decorate cup cakes by a very famous cake Queen: Mich Turner MBE. Everyone had a great time and got to take their cakes home. They also received a goody bag. Thank you to John Gall of Brownings the Bakers for inviting us.

Dyslexia Friendly Pupil Group


We are the DFS pupil group for Onthank Primary School. We organise events like the DFS workshop and whole school assembly. We invited  all pupils and parents/carers to come to the DFS workshop. There were lots of fun activities for everyone to do.

We have already achieved  our Bronze Award and are currently working towards our Silver accreditation.

Our DFS school mascot is Dom the DFS Diamond. Keep an eye out for him around the school!

Four of our good friends have made a movie called DFS A Wider World using  IMovie trailer. You will be able to check it out at a later date by scanning a QR code.

Written by Lucy, Emily, Thomas and Stuart P6K

Primary 6 and PACE Theatre

Our Primary 6 classes worked with PACE Theatre yesterday morning to produce a short anti bullying play which was performed to the P5 year group and our P6 parents.

The children worked extremely hard in the morning to learn actions, lines and stage directions.  The show delivered a strong anti bullying message and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Thank you to all the adults who were able to join us for the performance. It was great to see so many people there. We’d love to hear your comments about the show below.

Thank you to Mrs Williams for organising this excellent experience. ?

Click below to see a short video from the performance.


Primary 6 and PACE Theatre

On Thursday 17th January, our P6 classes will be working with the PACE Theatre group to perform a short (approx 25mins) anti-bullying show called ‘Being Me’.

P6 Parents/Carers are welcome to join us to watch the performance at 11.40am with tea and coffee being served in the dinner hall from 11.25am.

Please complete the form below if you would like to attend our short performance by Monday 14th January.

See our P6 blog for more information.


Children In Need 2018 Friday 16 November

We are asking pupils to be SPOTACULAR– DO YOUR OWN THING! Dress to impress in your spotty outfits or wear Pudsey clothes. We would appreciate a small donation towards this charity. We have Children In Need wristbands for sale £1. Please buy from the office.

We have invited Pudsey to visit Onthank Primary School?


RRS Article: Your right to become the best you can be.

Super total raised for STV Children’s Appeal!

A big thank you to all pupils and parents who donated and participated in our ‘Onthank Danceathon’.

We all enjoyed sessions led by the dance coach Claire Adam who has appeared on the reality TV programme “Got to Dance”.

We raised an amazing total of £469.42 for the STV Children’s Appeal 2018!!

No Pens Day Wednesday

Today as part of our Dyslexia Friendly Schools journey, the whole school was involved in NO PENS DAY WEDNESDAY.  This is a national speaking and listening event which  encourages exciting classroom discussion.  Check out the blog for class photos.

P3 Growth Mindset Challenges

All P3 pupils have been participating in ‘Growth Mindset’ challenges. Pupils showed great determination as they tackled five different challenges which can often be difficult or frustrating.

P5 pupils assisted at the ‘tying shoelaces’ challenge and many P3 pupils were successful.

Some groups managed to build very tall towers with plastic cups! We needed to have steady hands!

‘Beat the Buzzer’ was really tricky but we had lots of fun and plenty of laughs.

We tried drawing pictures and writing with our opposite hand. Some people discovered that they can do this very well and others decided that they would need to keep trying to get better at it.

We had fun playing ‘Jenga’. Again, we had to concentrate and take our time so that we were successful.

We now know that having a ‘Growth Mindset’ makes learning more fun!

When we learn something new we are happy, motivated and determined.

Katie and Erin were so happy to now be able to tie their shoe laces. They made a new ‘pathway’ and they can now help others!

This Week’s Star Pupils

 Primary 1

Sophie Henderson, Mason Paterson, Hazel Paterson.

 Primary 2

Ella O’Neil, Lucy McLean, Rachel McTaggart, Leo Massantini.

 Primary 3

Dylan Graham, Mya Stebbings, Elle Barclay.

 Primary 4

Calum Cairns, Kal McGonigale, Ryan Ritchie.

 Primary 5

Faye Armstrong, Callum Milligan, Emily Thomson.

 Primary 6

Shannon MacLeod, Stuart Anderson, Jamie Salisbury.

 Primary 7

Rebecca Forrest, Liam Armstrong.

 Special Award

P7 Athletics Team.

Athletics Final

For P7 Athletics Team Members Only

The Athletics Final takes place at the Athletics Arena, Friday 28th September. The children have to arrive at the arena at 6pm sharp and the competition should run from 6.30-8.30pm.

The children should wear black or dark coloured shorts/leggings and their athletics t-shirt. The children should also bring water and healthy snack.  Warm clothing is also encouraged as the arena can be cold at this time of year.

Parents are welcome to attend this event to cheer the team on! Seating is roughly calculated at one adult per child but if two adults attend or brothers and sisters need to come for childcare purposes I’m sure it’ll be ok.

Please complete this form in advance of the competition.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday night! Let’s go Onthank!

Miss Anderson and Mrs Klein

Litter Pick / Walking Bus on Thursday 20 September

Older class to collect younger class.  Collect bibs, pickers, gloves and bags at the back car park door.

9.15 am – P3S+P4E – Front of school grassy area

9.30 am – P2H+P6M – Front of school grassy area at side of hall

9.50 am – P2ST+P5I – Back car park area / garden

10.00 am – P3W+P4F+P4M – Front of school garden

10.10 am – P3C+P5M – Back path along P3/4 playground

10.20 am – P2K+P6A – P3/4 playground

11.10 am – P1M+P7B – P1/2 playground

11.10 am – P1C+P6K – Path round side of ECC

11.20 am – P1A+P7M – Grassy area at school entrance and path

11.30 am – P1W+P7S – Centre playground

11.40 am – P3K+P5B – Back path towards garages

11.50 am – P2S+P5E – Back path towards Southcraigs


As a school we have registered with Keep Scotland Beautiful and signed the pledge.

‘I pledge to do my bit to Clean Up Scotland’


Athletics Arena Permission

For Primary 7 Athletics Team only. These children know who they are and have spoken to Miss Anderson about completing this form:

Permission for training at the Athletics Arena on Thursday 20th and 17th September, 4-5pm.


P7 Athletics Team are off to a flying start!

Our P7 Athletics team participated in their heat of the Sportshall Athletics and competed against James Hamilton Primary, Whatriggs Primary and Crosshouse Primary. The team performed incredibly well and comfortably won the heat. They will find out next week if they have qualified for the final at the end of September.

Well done to all involved! Go Team Onthank!

P3 Pupils have a ‘Growth Mindset’

Our P3 pupils have had a visit from ‘Try’atops the Growth Mindset dinosaur.

Tryatops has been encouraging the pupils to develop a positive attitude towards learning and to understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Pupils are learning the importance of the word ‘YET’. Instead of saying “I can’t do it” we should say “I can’t do it YET”.

We want all pupils to feel comfortable and happy in their learning environment.

Over the next few weeks during our Health and Wellbeing lessons we will be facing some challenges and showing how determined we are to succeed.

P3W pupils chose a motivational phrase to write on the classroom pencils.

World of Work

We have all been enjoying learning about ‘Our World of Work’.

We have shared ideas of careers which we think we might enjoy in the future and we have been considering what steps we would need to take to be able to do certain jobs.

Importantly, we have been discussing the strengths and talents we have already and how we can continue to develop these.

We have had lots of fun playing games, participating in roleplay and some of us have even tried to fill in application forms for our dream jobs.

P6K worked with Miss Smith to create a ‘World of Work’ Assembly. Through drama, music and dance they demonstrated that if you are determined and work hard you can achieve your dreams.

The whole school enjoyed the assembly on Monday and today we welcomed parents and relatives to watch.

Well done P6K!

P6 John Muir Award Celebration

P6 had a great turnout for Onthank’s first ever John Muir Award Celebration this afternoon. Our P6s have been learning that John Muir was a Scottish born conservationalist, who lived in the late 1800s and later moved to America to found of some of their National Parks.

The award encourages children to explore natural areas near the school and over time develop and conserve them. You may have noticed that trees have been planted at the front of the school and a wide selection of vegetables have been planted near the nursery.

Congratulations to our P6 pupils, you have worked extremely hard! Thanks to all who came along to help us celebrate. We hope you had a good time and learned something new!

Please contact the office if you would be able to help us water and care for the plants over the summer holidays.