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P1-3 Outdoor Learning Ideas feedback

In the next week or two, your child will be shown a PowerPoint in class and will discuss with their teacher the good examples of Outdoor Learning.

Please complete the relevant Form for your child by Friday 12th March. 

Many thanks!

P1 Form –

P2 Form -

P3 Form –

Centre Form –

Attendance @ Onthank

Good Afternoon Families,

As we come to end of another brilliant week at Onthank we would like to share information with you regarding the importance of attendance and ask for you help.

If your young person is absent from school we kindly remind you to contact our school office 01563 525477 in order for us to accurately record the reason for this absence.

If we do not hear from you, this is marked as an ‘Unauthorised Absence’ in line with Government and Council policy and will negatively impact your child’s attendance percentage.

Next week our clerical team and Home Link Worker will be contacting families who have any ‘Unauthorised Absences’ highlighted in order for us to find out the reason for the absence and hopefully update our system to increase percentages.

If we are unable to reach you, a letter will be send home for you to complete and return.

Finally, it is crucial for the safety of your young person that the school have your most up to date emergency contact details and we thank you in advance for informing us of any changes.

Thank you for your continued support in all aspects of school life, on this occasion, specifically supporting our absence protocols.

Have a lovely weekend!

Star Pupils for Week Beginning 17th August


Primary 1

1A – Whole Class – settling in well to P1

1C – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1

1F – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1

1M – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1


Primary 2

2A – Mia – following instructions and having lovely manners

2B  – Rule – for being polite, helpful and trying hard in class all week

2C – Holly – Excellent reading & writing skills

2D – George – always working hard in all areas of the curriculum


Primary 3

3A – Whole Class – fantastic  start to Primary 3

3B – Ashley – for super writing & fabulous work in the first week

3C – Sofia – for an amazing illustration


Primary 4

4A – Christina – wonderful neat artwork

4B – Rory – for regularly offering ideas during tasks

4C – Zoe – a super confident start to Primary 4


Primary 5

5A – Whole Class – great start to a new year

5B – Whole Class – for having a great week and fantastic start to P5

5C – Haleigh – giving 100% effort at all times

5D – Noa – lovely topic artwork


Primary 6

6A – Keir – fantastic contributing to Number Talk sessions

6B – Mason – superb spelling

6C – Whole Class – for settling in very well to P6


Primary 7

7B – Aiden – for Making an excellent start to P7

7C – Mia – work in numeracy

7D – Aimee – for being really helpful in class and hardworking


Special Award from Mrs Findlay  – Hannah Johnson 4A for having her hair cut and donating to it to The Little Princes Trust & raising £400!

Well done, we are all proud of you!





Star Pupils


Primary 1

1A – Whole Class – settling in well to P1

1C – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1

1F – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1

1M – Whole Class – Settling in well to P1


Primary 2

2A – Mia – following instructions and having lovely manners

2B  – Rule – for being polite, helpful and trying hard in class all week

2C – Holly – Excellent reading & writing skills

2D – George – always working hard in all areas of the curriculum


Primary 3

3A – Whole Class – fantastic  start to Primary 3

3B – Ashley – for super writing & fabulous work in the first week

3C – Sofia – for an amazing illustration


Primary 4

4A – Christina – wonderful neat artwork

4B – Rory – for regularly offering ideas during tasks

4C – Zoe – a super confident start to Primary 4


Primary 5

5A – Whole Class – great start to a new year

5B – Whole Class – for having a great week and fantastic start to P5

5C – Haleigh – giving 100% effort at all times

5D – Noa – lovely topic artwork


Primary 6

6A – Keir – fantastic contributing to Number Talk sessions

6B – Mason – superb spelling

6C – Whole Class – for settling in very well to P6


Primary 7

7B – Aiden – for Making an excellent start to P7

7C – Mia – work in numeracy

7D – Aimee – for being really helpful in class and hardworking


Special Award from Mrs Findlay  – Hannah Johnson 4A for having her hair cut and donating to it to The Little Princes Trust & raising £400!

Well done, we are all proud of you!





Shadow Messages

P4 pupils were set a task to create a shadow message, perhaps for a loved one who they can’t visit just now or for their friends to see online.

We have been so impressed by the examples that we thought it would be a lovely idea for all pupils to be involved in.

Some teachers have been getting creative and sharing their messages too.

Here are some lovely examples…




We would love if you would join in the fun and create a positive message to keep us smiling although we can’t see each other just now.

You can email photos to

Can you please send them by Friday 24th April 2020, 5pm. There are a few really sunny days ahead to test out your messages.

Got a special message for your friends or for your school community?

In addition to our shadow messages, you can also email Mr McIlwraith a special message that you may have for a best friend or a group of friends! What are you most looking forward to when you get back to school? Who are you missing and why? Drop Mr McIlwraith a message and we will share it with our Onthank Community for your friends to see online! Please note that your name will appear on the video if you send us a message so make sure you get permission from an adult.

Looking forward to seeing them!

Mrs Williams 😉

Calling All Lucy Fans!

Chris Duke has written this story in the style of a free eBook to explain how Lucy is coping with being in Lockdown. Like many children, Lucy experiences many emotions during this time.

Her hair is blue but this time she knows why. She also knows that it is ok to sometimes have a blue day.

The link below takes you to the free download. Following the story there are some points for discussion.

If you would rather, you can watch it on the YouTube link below. Enjoy!

Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to all our pupils, parents and carers of Onthank Primary School.  We hope you have had a relaxing and safe Easter holiday.  We are so lucky that the weather has been good and the sunshine is set to continue this week.  Bailey certainly enjoys the sun and going for a walk!

Staff have be online again and it has been great to see so many of you logging on.  We will be online to chat to children and set them some tasks and activities for the week.  Along with keeping in touch digitally we have also made some phone calls to families.  We are unable to call everyone and will prioritise families who have been unable to connect online,  however if you wish to nominate someone for a call feel free to do so.

We are all missing the children and can’t wait to have them back in school.  But for now – stay home, stay safe and keep in touch.

We can do this together!!

Something for Everyone!?

Hope all of our Onthank families and friends are all safe and well.

We will be keeping the main blog page free for important information, however, we wanted to share a couple of ideas which might benefit all of our pupils.

Each morning, Joe Wicks will be providing online PE lessons at 9am. We have all enjoyed taking part in his sessions before.


When it gets closer to bedtime, why not log onto Facebook or YouTube  each night at 7pm and listen to Chris Duke, the author of ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ reading a chapter per night of his new book ‘Archie Unplugs the Internet’. A lovely routine to end the day. ?

Thinking of everyone at this difficult time.

P7 Home Learning Packs

We have put together a learning pack for your child. As we don’t know the duration of the closure, we have attempted to provide a range of activities which we would encourage your child to complete throughout the day, please use your own judgement as every child and situation is different.

With such short notice we have not been able to differentiate for all levels of ability and would advise that your child completes what they can from the tasks provided.

Please regularly check Teams, the P7 Blog, and Bug Club as we will keep this updated with daily tasks and activities for your child to complete.

The jotter provided can be used to complete any written activities or assignments that cannot be done within the class Teams page or through another online format.

We would ask that, where possible, you try to keep to a routine of learning to support our young people, academically, during these challenging times.

P7 teachers will be available to answer emails from you and your children during the usual school hours and will try to respond as soon as possible.


Miss McKelvey     P7McK

Mr McNichol        P7McN

Mrs Mills                P7M       




Onthank Home Learning

Onthank Young People & Families,

Our staff have been busy creating exciting and engaging home learning packs and digital learning activities for our young people.  

Activities, as always, will be active, fun and inclusive for all learners, regardless of ability.

Here is a summary for each stage –

Primary 1 – Pack with parent letter,  logins and passwords, jotter,  pencil, worksheets,  materials and ideas for cross- curricular activities, Information on P1 class blog

Primary 2– Pack with parent letter,  logins and passwords,  worksheets,  materials and ideas for cross- curricular activities, Information on P2 class blog

Primary 3  – Pack with parent letter ( logins and passwords sent with report),  jotter and P 3 class blog with a page for each teacher.

Primary 4 – Pack with a parental letter giving instructions on P4 blog,  range of worksheets, literacy, numeracy, jotter with Glow log ins.  

Primary 5– Teams page for communication, lessons, folders with maths and numeracy, literacy and french. 

Primary 6 – Teams page for communication, lessons, packs made up for individual children

Primary 7– Teams page for communication, ON-LINE lessons  posted daily,  folder with assessments, jotters etc

At Onthank we are very proud of the level of digital learning and ownership our young people have already achieved. All learners in Primary 5, 6 & 7 have been using Teams and communication between teacher and learner has already begun!

Click here for – Microsoft Teams Guidance for Parents

We will issue guidance on the amount of communication you can expect from teaching staff in the coming week. This will vary between stages due to the different activities planned by staff.

Learning Packs will be available today and tomorrow and will be given to pupils to bring home if they are attending school. Other resources such as sanitary items, toothbrushes and toothpaste are free to anyone who needs them. 

We are aware that some families are already self-isolating, therefore the school will get Learning Packs to you.  Please fill in the form below to let us know how you wish to receive yours. This form only needs to be filled in if your child has been absent from school in the last week.

You might be inclined to create  a minute by minute schedule for your child, however, like many of us,  they have never experienced anything like this before and will share the same worries and fears.

It is equally important at this time to comfort, care for each other and consider transferable life skills which can be learned at home. Why not take a break from Learning Packs and play board games, bake cookies, or to do a science experiment together?

Please also remember it will take time for all of us to adjust to this ‘new normality’.

Sincere thanks from Onthank Primary SLT and Staff for your understanding, cooperation and support in these unprecedented times. The offers of help and acts of kindness from our community is an outstanding display of your passion and genuine care for our young people.

We will miss our young people greatly, however remain encouraged Onthank Primary Community will reflect and learn from this and come back creating a stronger future for all.

Please continue to reach out to us during these times. We are all in this together.



Stay Connected

We would like to make sure we have the correct email address for all parents.  In these uncertain circumstances we will be contacting you at home via email.

Please ensure the school has an up to date email address by completing form below if you would like to give us an update:

Onthank Parent Feedback

Yesterday we distributed pupil reports. We do know that many children have not received them yet. To help us plan can all parents/carers please complete our online form.  Parents can pick up the school report if they are able to.  Reports which are not picked up will be posted.

Please click here to access the form

277 have been completed.

Answers to frequently asked questions-

  • Children are being re- issued with their log ins and passwords.
  • Online tutorials will be added to our School blog
  • Staff will be posting on each stage’s blog
  • We will make sure parents can access support
  • Our school Bugclub code is kg9j

This Week’s Star Pupil

Primary 3

Nathan – talking about his Scottish project to the class

Max – working well with his peers

Mya – super instruction writing

Primary 4

Imogen – always trying to brighten up a situation

Lennon – making an effort to improve handwriting

All of P4K – getting to grips with GLOW blogs

Primary 7

Kerr – Cycling

Robert – making excellent use of our Class Teams page

Luke – an Amazing contribution to our Shape Lessons.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award

Sophie – being a kind and helpful pupil



How To Access Bug Club At Home

If schools close in the coming days or weeks we would like the children to access Bug Club at home if possible. We have put together a step by step guide as to how to access it. In the meantime  can you please make sure your child is able to log on?

Thank you for your continued support.

  1. Google              Bug Club

  2. The top search says ActiveLearn:Login  –  click on that link.

  3. That should take you to the password page.

  4. Insert your personal login details.

  5. The photos below show what to do. The “child”  we have used to demonstrate  this does not exist and is made up purely as an example.

6 . If you see a “bug” you click on it and your child will have a task to perform.

Remember you can access maths activities on Bug Club too.


Coronavirus and Onthank Primary’s plans

Thank you for your continued support as we,  like the rest of the country, respond to the situation in relation to Coronavirus.  I am very grateful for the measured, appropriate and cooperative response of parents/carers in helping us to manage this situation.

I am sure that you will appreciate that it is difficult to predict what the impact on schools might be in the future in what is clearly a rapidly changing picture. Please be assured that we continue to collaborate with, and act upon the advice of, the relevant organisations and are taking steps to plan for the future.  Like all East Ayrshire schools, we will use our school app to get information to you.
At the moment,  our priority is to maintain a calm learning environment for our young people. Whilst not wanting to be dismissive of the potential effects on the wider population, we want our pupils to understand that in the majority of cases the effects of the virus can be relatively mild.  Additionally, we will continue to reiterate through class lessons and assemblies, important messages about hygiene. Thank you for your support in reinforcing these messages too.
 Please click on the link for further information.

Following a Headteacher meeting on Friday which focused on the impact of the Conorovirus,  schools were asked to look at Digital solutions to keep in touch which staff and children who are self-isolating,

As a  digital school, pupils at Onthank already use digital technology in a variety of ways such as Bug Club, Active Maths and children’s individual blogs.  We plan to continue and extend our use of Digital technology.  At this time we have created a Microsoft Team for each class from Primary 5 to 7.  We will be giving tutorials to classes over the next few days.  Children in these classes have been assigned a survey to complete.

Parents can support this by making sure that your child, where possible, can access their schoolwork via a home tablet, laptop, PC or smartphone.  If it is not possible to have access to the internet we will look for alternative solutions.


Seasons for Growth – Session 1

We had our first session on Monday and it was lovely to see the children engaging with the discussion and the activities. All the children in the group were given a letter to take home to parents/ carers, explaining what we had talked about and asking if they could bring in either a photo, a toy or an item of clothing that they had when they were a baby for our second session on Tuesday 17th March (IF POSSIBLE!) so please check school bags.

I also still need permission slips returned from some of our group members.


Sustrans Mile Post Competition

Please vote for Onthank’s entry which has been designed by Erin in P4K.  MULTICOLOURED OPTION 2. 

Four designs from different schools will go to a Twitter poll to select the winning design . The winner will be invited along to help paint the milepost.

Voting is now live until Friday 13th March at   :


Cyber safe

We are keen to support parents to ensure all young people are Cyber safe, especially with the growing use of a wide range of Apps and online forms of communication (WhatsApp/TikTok/Instagram/Snapchat etc). As part of our continued commitment, we are delighted to promote our new ‘Safer Schools’ App. This App is a reliable source of advice on all things Cyber. It gives empowering, current and informative information on all current digital platforms/tools/apps in an accessible manner. We have a range of tailored user accesses (pupil, staff and parents/carers). To access your parent platform please:
-Go to your app store or Google Play and search for ‘Safer School’
-In school field type ‘East Ayrshire Council’
-The code for primary parents is: 7440
We would recommend that you discuss with your child about which apps and social media platforms they currently use/access. This will help ensure they know how to stay safe online – using the app to start these types of conversations is great.

This Week’s Star Pupils


Primary 1

Noah – a super mixed up fairtytale

Macie – writing super sentences

Starla – using string to make our new phoneme – ch

George – being the best and ‘Smartest Giant in Town’


Primary 2

Alfie – Using your ‘sounding out’ skills to write words

Colin – trying extra hard to write in sentences

Cherelle – Fantastic daily writing

Primary 3

Lucy – showing super numeracy skills in Number Talks

Abbi – helping promote International Women’s Day

Zoe – linking division with multiplication

All of P3S – fantastic ‘Scotland’ projects


Primary 4

Evan – improving his writing and producing a great book blurb

Charlie – demonstrating super shooting skills in basketball

Shae – increased focus and attention

Tulisa – super progress &  motivation in writing

Primary 5

Tyler – making good progress in maths

Robbie – well presented literacy work in jotters

Lewys – being a confident performer in Literacy activities


Primary 6

Emily – showing a determined approach to new learning

Danyal – Showing maturity

Alex – consistent great effort and beautiful presentation

Lewis – participating well in the editing process during writing

Primary 7

All of 7m – being superstars at Inverclyde

Cameron – showing great sportsmanship at Inverclyde

Leon – has done some great work in Inverclyde

Deputy Headteacher’s award

Morgan – being very helpful in P1

Parents’ Afternoon / Evening – Thursday 19 March 2020

In preparation for Parents’ Afternoon / Evening we would like to organise time slots.  Appointments will be available on Thursday 19 March from 3.10 pm – 8.30 pm.  Please indicate below if you wish an appointment.

This Week’s Star Pupils



Primary 1

Andrew – trying hard and challenging himself

Harper – super gymnastics at P.E. and teaching her friends

Abie – trying hard with her writing – Jenny & the Bear

Amelia – being a helpful buddy to the nursery pupils

Primary 2

Bonnie – Outstanding story writing!

Maisy- helping  Mrs Findlay to set up the Tea Dance

Amelia – being an active member of the class and always smiling

Lexie – A great improvement in her writing – well done!

Primary 3

All of 3C – working so hard on Monday

All of 3H – outstanding creative writing by everyone

Derren – designing an amazing bike and explaining how it works.

Charlotte – super ‘thistle’ art work

Primary 4

James – demonstrating fantastic multiplication skills

Jack – more confidence when answering in class

Macie – super effort in writing

Primary 5

Molly – super comprehension work

Sarah – trying her best in Numeracy with fractions work

Rhona-Mae – great work in ICT and helping her peers

Primary 6

Gabriella – a mature approach to her learning

Reece – excellent writing

Derryl – taking part fully in school and after school activities

Logan – Excellent effort during writing lessons.

 Mrs Findlay’s Special Award

Finlay – Being a Responsible Citizen. Finlay has settled in very well to Breakfast Club this  week. He has been a great help.?


World Thinking Day 2020

World Thinking Day 2020 is embracing the theme of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. World Thinking Day is celebrated on 22nd February every year. It is celebrated around the world by organisations such as Girl Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Rainbows, Beavers, Boys Brigade and Anchor Boys.

We invited our pupils to wear their organisation uniforms to school today.

Everyone looks so proud to belong to their club.

P6 ‘Lifeboat’

P6 are visiting the Palace Theatre to see ‘Lifeboat’ (World War II Drama) on Monday 2 March 2020.  The bus will leave school around 12.15 pm and return by 3.00 pm.  The children will have an early lunch on this day.

The cost of this outing is £7.50 per pupil to be paid through ParentPay – if you would like to pay via Paypoint please call the school for a Barcode Letter.

Athletics Team

The Athletics Team will train at the Athletics Arena, Queens Drive, Kilmarnock on Wednesday 26 February from 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

Please complete form below:

The Athletics Team are taking part in the Athletics Regional Final on Friday 28 February. They will be leaving school just after 9.00 am and returning around 2.00 pm.  The competition is on from 10.45 am – 12.45 pm.  All parents welcome to attend and support the Team.

This Week’s Star Pupils





Primary 1

Shane – Working hard with French numbers.

Oscar – Working hard at all times in class.

Starla – Contributing to a class discussion about interesting sentences.

Emily – Fabulous Phonics, well done!


Primary 2

Ava – Outstanding effort and writing

Connor – using spelling strategies to write larger words.

Euan  – Fantastic writing


Primary 3

Blaine – Super spelling

Charli – trying hard with her Scottish poem

Shanai – settling in well to her new school! Lovely girl!

Khayri – super 2 x table work


Primary 4

Jack – always trying hard and always smiling

Olivia – being very helpful in class

Asmaa – writing super sentences about the Titanic

Esa – reciting her poem beautifully


Primary 5

Ryan – Progress in  maths

Lewis – Good comprehension answers for All about Castles

Amy – fantastic work in writing


Primary 6

Liam – Learning his poem

Chloe – A fantastic Scottish Burns recital poem – The Puddock

Daniel – Being an excellent contribution during class discussions


Primary 7

Katie – Motivation to learn even when facing challenges

Andrew – has done some great work in currency conversion in Numeracy

P7S – being a pleasure to teach. Good Luck!

Mr Simpson’s Leaving Pizza Party


We are having a Leaving Pizza Party for Mr Simpson on Thursday 6 February in our Dining Hall for pupils.

Our menu on this day is:

Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Chicken & Sweetcorn Pizza

All Pizza served with Fries & Salad

Chocolate Muffins or Ice-cream

Milk, Milkshake, Juice or Water

The cost of this is £2.15 (to be paid through ParentPay) or free if your child is in P1-P3 or entitled to a free school meal.

This Week’s Star Pupils

Primary 1

Ruby – Super Subtraction!

Zak – An outstanding recount of The Three Little Pig’s Story

Cara – Excellent Subtraction Work

Ava – Writing a super sentence on her own

Tyler – making his own book


Primary 2

Callum – Super answering in class and at group times

Sonny – Becoming an independent worker in literacy and numeracy

Baylee – Amazing sentences


Primary 3

Brandon – Excellent phonics

Georgie – Super imaginative story

Hannah – having such a bubbly friendly personalty and a caring heart!

Aidynn – Super attempt at joined handwriting


Primary 4

Amy – super subtraction of a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number.

Jaxon – A positive attitude to all learning in class

Lennon – being a ‘Titanic’ expert

Primary 5

Erin – for her great ideas for her story writing

Emma – displaying a very hardworking and respectful attitude in P5


Primary 6

P6A – fantastic poetry recitals

Kerr – always working hard in class

Aimee – great commitment and pleasant manners at all times

Charlotte – writing an excellent report on Britain Prepares for War


Primary 7

Brandon – understanding and calculating percentages


Gym Kits

Hi everyone

We are looking for some help.  Many of our pupils don’t have full gym kits which makes it harder for them to access the full curriculum correctly.

If you have any spare gym shoes or shorts that your children have outgrown would you be kind enough to send it to the school and we can have a bank of kits to help all pupils take P.E.?

Thanks in advance

This Week’s Star Pupils


Primary 1

Zac  – Super reading

Calvin  – Excellent reading skills when decoding his words

Liam  – trying very hard to blend words

Rebecca  – writing an interesting letter to the friendly dragon

Primary 2

Olivia  – excellent effort in completing tasks

Emily – writing in sentences and using joining words

Abigail  – amazing poetry recital

Primary 3

Hannah  – beautiful handwriting

Josh  – being a super sorter of sounds

Jessica – fantastic improvement in maths! WOW

Dylan – behaving very well during ‘Massage’ with Mrs Haining

Primary 4

Molly  – fantastic writing using adjectives and similes

Riley – working hard in class tasks

Lewis  – best boat design which held 96 cubes!

Leighann – best boat design which held 96 cubes

Tulisa  – reciting her 4x table perfectly

Primary 5

Rowan  – super shield homework

P5I – fantastic poetry recitals

Oliver – great story writing!

Lyla  – her positive attitude and excellence in PE

Primary 6

Melody – great participation in class discussions

Mia – fantastic fractions

Mia – working well in maths

Aran  – super use of division strategies!

Primary 7

Bailey – always having a very positive work ethic

Leyton  – trying hard to learn his poem for our Scottish Assembly

P7S – being tremendous buddies to P1B


Changes to BugClub

Firstly, a huge thank you to all parents and carers who were able to make us aware of the changes and difficulties that were occurring when logging in to BugClub recently. Having investigated this, it appears logging in to BugClub has changed.

When searching for BugClub in your internet search engine, please type in ‘Active Learn BugClub login’.

This should take you to this page:

Click on the top link:


You should now get to here:

Click on the ‘Log In’ button to take you to the new login page on the ‘Pearson’ website where you enter your BugClub login as normal:

A reminder that our school code is kg9j.

Staffing Update

An opportunity has arisen to support another school in our local authority and Mrs Findlay has agreed to the request made by the Head of Education to support Sorn Primary for a short period of time.  She will maintain close links with Onthank and this will allow the Onthank management team to expand their remits during this time and experience additional responsibility.  This temporary transfer will begin as of Monday, January 13th.   On Monday Miss Cook will be available to support Infant registration.  Throughout the week other Principal teachers will be asked to carry out aspects of Mrs Findlay’s remit.

Primary 7 parents are aware that Mr Simpson is leaving and we now know he will continue at Onthank until the February holiday this will gives us plenty of time to plan a smooth transition.

If parents have any questions please contact the school on 01563 525477.


This Week’s Star Pupils

Primary 1

Corey – making sensible choices and trying hard

Emma – writing super sentences

Riley – trying really hard to make positive choices

Hannah – achieving a personal goal

Primary 2

Sofia – super Numeracy work – well done!

Kyle – using various movement skills well during PE

Tehya – learning lots of letters in our alphabet

Kerr – always being helpful in class

Primary 3

Jay – super subtracting

Amelia – fab Christmas news writing

Logan – super subtraction skills

Mylie – always being well behaved and mannerly

Primary 4

Ross – working hard on his maths even though he found it very hard!

Maddison – supporting her classmate during an ICT task

All of P4K – working super hard on addition with carrying

Alfie – displaying lovely manners

Primary 5

Luke – well considered answers

James – always displaying a responsible attitude

All of P5T – their hard work and enthusiasm in numeracy

Primary 6

Nathan – super participation in discussion & having a great attitude to his learning.

Jennifer – always working hard

Tom – great improvement in literacy assessments

Jay – Excellent effort in all curricular areas

Primary 7

Jamie – enthusiasm for all learning

Brandon – returning to school with a positive mental attitude

James – his tremendous performance during mastermind

Lucy Pear Visits P4

Last year P1-4 enjoyed a visit from the author Chris Duke who wrote the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’. This is a delightful little book which is a stimulus for discussing emotions.

Lucy Pear has magical hair which changes colour depending on her emotions. Lucy is excited when her hair is purple, angry when it is red and blue when she feels sad.

She soon learns that it is #OkNotToBeOk and that these feelings will soon pass.

Violet in P4K was so excited to waken up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had brought her a Lucy doll. Lucy visited the ‘Rocks’ rotation group during Health and Wellbeing and she listened to the class checking in with their hair colour of the day.

Children's Mental Health Week 2020 will take place from 3rd February – 9th February 2020 and as always we will be supporting our pupils by offering opportunities to share experiences, emotions and we will have a focus on the theme ' Find Your Brave'. More information to follow.

A reminder of changes to entry and exits due to Early Childhood Centre expansion

As we welcome our children back to school tomorrow, work is starting in the Primary 1 and 2 playground to expand Onthank Early Childhood Centre. Construction work means the gate nearest the NUKLEUS community centre will close.

The middle gate will be re- opened along with all other gates. To avoid congestion we would like to change entry and exits for Primary 2, 3 and 4 children. Primary 2 children will enter and exit the building from the doors that were previously used by Primary 3 and 4. Primary 3 and 4 will enter and exit school from the P5, 6 and 7 playground. Staff explained this to pupils before we stopped and we will also be available on the first day back to help direct all pupils to the correct entry point. We were able to discuss this at our Parent Council meetings and thank parents for their input.

Please see the map below for entries and exits:

Christmas spirit in the wider community

During our Buddying time, P1B and P7S designed Christmas cards to give to our friends at Onthank ECC and Crossgates Care Home. We delivered these cards today where they were received with great thanks by children and adults alike.


We even joined in singing Christmas carols with our friends at Crossgates:


P1B Little Elves

Merry Christmas?

P1B Christmas Elves ?‍♂️


Christmas Lunch – Thursday 12 December

Christmas Lunch is on Thursday 12 December – all P1-P3 pupils receive free school meals so no cost.  P4-P7 cost £2.15 (pay through ParentPay) except for children in receipt of free meals.

Main Meal

Roast Turkey with Trimmings / Steak Pie / Celebration Roast

Meals served with Roast/Mash Potatoes & Peas / Carrots / Brussels


Scottish Trifle / Strawberry Cheesecake / Strawberry Ice-Cream

Juice, Milk or Milkshake provided with all meals

Please complete form below if your child will be having a Christmas Lunch and also stating what they would like for their Main Meal.


P6 Panto Choir

Primary 6 parents/carers,

Please indicate below which evening performance(s) your child can attend.

Children should arrive at school at 6.30pm for the evening performances wearing their Christmas attire.

Thank you!

Thank you is enough!

With Christmas fast approaching we are all more mindful than ever of the effects of poverty on the lives of many of the families we work with and the pressure many families feel to show their appreciation to staff in the school through gifts and tokens of appreciation.

Last year the BBC ran a feature about this with the simple message that thank you is enough. We want to share this message with you again this year to reassure any parents that are worried about affording a gift for a teacher in the run up to the Christmas break.

We also want to reassure you that there is no ban on bringing gifts to teachers, but that a thank you, a card and even just the thought behind these small gestures, is more than enough for us as a staff.

Wishing you all the best this festive season.

P6 Panto Choir

Primary 6 parents/carers,

Please indicate below which evening performance(s) your child can attend.

Children should arrive at school at 6.30pm for the evening performances wearing their Christmas attire.

Thank you!

P1 Homework WB 2nd Dec

Week Beginning 2nd December

Remember to bring your homework bags back on Friday. This is the last week of Homework until 2020.

Task 1– Have a look at your new book, can you spot familiar letters? Talk about the pictures. Can you retell the story?

Task 2 – Alphabet Rainbow words.

let log lock lots let lid lad glad silk milk

Task 3 – Log in to Bug club. Remember to answer the bugs!

Task 4 – Log into Google Santa Tracker and have a go at the games.

Count down to Christmas by checking out some of the games and stories on the Cbeebies website.

Check the Blog and app for important dates throughout December.

P1-P4 McCoo Author Visit

On Friday 29 November 2019, we have arranged a visit for all P1-P4 pupils from Harris McCoo and the author and illustrator of the books, Shirley Husband & Maurice Hynds. During the visit they will be reading their new book, “Angus McCoo and the Starry Night”. The new book links to astronomy, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Van Gough and the Vikings.
If you would like to purchase books from the The McCoo Family series, you can get a special, discounted book which will be personalised and signed by the author and illustrator.
Orders can be submitted via ParentPay.  Please select which books from the series you would like to purchase or you can order a full set for a discounted price.  All orders must be submitted by Thursday 28 November 2019.
We hope your child enjoys the visit – the author and other visitors are excited to be coming to Onthank!

P1 Homework WB 25th Nov

Week Beginning 25th November

Remember to bring your homework bags back on Friday.

Task 1– Have a look at your new book, can you spot familiar letters? Talk about the pictures. Can you retell the story?

Task 2 – Phoneme challenge – These are the phonemes we have learnt so far:

s a t p i n m d c k o r e g

What words can you make? Make a list!

Task 3 – Log in to Bug club. Remember to answer the bugs!

Task 4 – Play this monster addition game.

Practise add 1 and add 2.