Attendance @ Onthank

Good Afternoon Families,

As we come to end of another brilliant week at Onthank we would like to share information with you regarding the importance of attendance and ask for you help.

If your young person is absent from school we kindly remind you to contact our school office 01563 525477 in order for us to accurately record the reason for this absence.

If we do not hear from you, this is marked as an ‘Unauthorised Absence’ in line with Government and Council policy and will negatively impact your child’s attendance percentage.

Next week our clerical team and Home Link Worker will be contacting families who have any ‘Unauthorised Absences’ highlighted in order for us to find out the reason for the absence and hopefully update our system to increase percentages.

If we are unable to reach you, a letter will be send home for you to complete and return.

Finally, it is crucial for the safety of your young person that the school have your most up to date emergency contact details and we thank you in advance for informing us of any changes.

Thank you for your continued support in all aspects of school life, on this occasion, specifically supporting our absence protocols.

Have a lovely weekend!

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