Class Check-ins

We would like to inform you of an online check in available for your child to catch up with their class teacher(s) and peers. We will be using VScene, which is a platform that allows us to do this. Please note, the call may be recorded. The time slots available for each class are as follows:

Primary 2K – Wednesday 20th January – 11:15am and 1:30pm

Primary 2T – Thursday 21st January – 11:15am and 1:30pm

Primary 2B – Thursday 21st January – 11:15am and 1:30pm

Primary 2S – Friday 22nd January – 11:15am and 1:30pm

Below are answers to some questions you may have, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class teacher.

Do I have to download an app if I am using an iPad, laptop or computer?

If you are using an iPad, laptop or computer then no app is required, all you have to do is click on the link that you receive from your class teacher via email, type in your name and join.

Do I have to download an app if I am using a mobile device?

Yes, if you are using a mobile device you will be asked to download the free VScene app which is available on the App Store. The icon looks like this:

Once downloaded and you are ready to join your meeting, it will ask you to enter a ‘Room Key’ which is the 7-digit number included in your invite email or you can simply click the link and it will automatically fill in your Room Key. You then input your name and click connect. 

Does my parent/guardian have to speak?

Your parent/guardian should help to get you set up and we would ask that they remain present in the room but they don’t have to participate as this is a chance for you to catch up with others.

Do I have to attend both time slots?

No, you can choose the one that suits you and your family best.

Is this compulsory?

No, this is optional but we would encourage as many to join as possible so we can hear from you.

What if I can’t attend any of the time slots available?

Not to worry, your teacher is going to try and organise online check-ins weekly. You can also email to let your teacher know you can’t make it.

Do I have to have my camera on?

No, this is pupil choice. East Ayrshire’s guidance for remote learning does ask the following if you choose to have your camera on:

          • Be dressed suitably – no PJs – get dressed as you would be happy to be seen outside of your home.
          • Sit somewhere with your back towards the wall. This will reduce how much of your home is in the camera frame.
          • Turn the TV and other distractions off. Try to find a space which is quiet. Don’t worry – we know this might not always be easy for everyone to do.

Do I have to speak?

No, you can mute your mic if you do not wish to speak. It would be great to hear from you if you feel confident enough to do so. There is also an option to type in a chat box if you would prefer, you may need help from your parents/guardians for this. 

What if my child is attending the hub? 

Where possible, the staff member working in the hub will set up the meeting for your child to join their class meeting. 

What will we do on the call?

We will ask everyone how they are getting on and your teacher will have organised an activity such as playing a game together, a quiz or reading a story. This may change weekly.

Below is a link that Mr McIlwraith has kindly shared which is a quick start guide for VScene that you may find helpful:

This is a trial to test how successful it can be but don’t worry you might experience teething problems as we did as a staff but let’s give it a go! We can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Team P2 


The Primary Two teachers have been busy bees and working very hard all last week to try and get everyone logged into their Bug Club from home and finding all the home learning activities on Glow. It has been a huge task but you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve also been extra busy creating some personalised videos for you because we’ve got lots of ideas to show you and we missed talking with you.

🐝🐝 Now it’s your turn to show off your hard work! 🐝🐝

This week you’ll need:

  • Determination & Growth Mindset – when you’re asked to sit and do a job, get going and get it done. When it’s a little bit hard, take a short break then get stuck back in, ask for help if you need to.

    You’ve got this, we do it in class! 🏆

  • The internet 💻

  • Paper and something to write with 📝

  • Coloured pencils or pens 🖍️🖊️

  • Clothes/trainers for exercising in 👟👟

  • A big smile on your face 😄

If you need anything to write on or write with, then remember that there are supplies that you can collect in the school foyer during school hours. Take what you need from the Primary Two tray.


This week there are 12 activities to complete and you’ll learn about/revise:

  • The new joined phoneme sound “ay”

  • Writing about a famous Disney character

  • Place Value

  • Scottish story and language

  • Scottish poetry

  • Keeping healthy with exercise

  • Kindness and sharing


Have a think about all the work we have been doing in Primary 2. We’ve already learned and remembered a lot!

This week there will be a Learning Grid again. Links to the relevant work will be below the Learning Grid and are presented in an exciting new format!

The teachers have been working very hard to learn new skills so that we can help you to learn from home. If we can we’d like to get the chance to actually speak to you. More details to follow.



You’ll also notice that for some activities there’s a bit of a spicy challenge! In school it’s called the Chilli Challenge. Just like real chilli peppers, some taste fine because they’re MILD to eat, some are a little bit hotter because they’re SPICY to eat so you need to take your time and think about what you’re doing and finally when you’re good at eating MILD and SPICY chillies and you think you can take a HOT chilli then that means you’re up for a bit of a challenge. You may need a bit of help but this is the trickiest chilli pepper to eat. Try each of the chilli activity suggestions if you think you can manage them. You don’t need to do the HOT chilli activities but if you think you might like a challenge then give it a go! 💪😃

Links that will take you to files and pages on the internet you need will be written BELOW THE LEARNING GRID on the MAIN PAGE so just keep scrolling down and click on the ones you need.

Please do your activities at any point of the week, in any order and be sure to send your teacher an email with photographs of your efforts.

We loved reading your emails kids! Keep them coming!

Learning Grid WB 18.01.21

PDF LINK format: Will open on any machine.

CLICK HERE:  Learning Grid WB18.01.21

MS PowerPoint LINK format:

CLICK HERE:  Learning Grid WB18.01.21


Grid Links

LINK 1 LITERACY – Sway Presentation – Mrs Easter

Go to this Sway


LINK 2 LITERACY – Sway Presentation – Miss Baillie

Go to this Sway

LINK 3 NUMERACY – Sway Presentation – Mrs Kidd

Go to this Sway

LINK 4 NUMERACY – ICT Games website – Mrs Kidd

LINK 5 TOPIC/IDL – Sway Presentation – Mrs Saxelby

Go to this Sway

LINK 6 TOPIC/IDL – Sway Presentation – Mrs Saxelby

Go to this Sway

LINK 7 HEALTH & WELLBEING – Sway Presentation – Miss Telford

Go to this Sway


Mr McIlwraith has uploaded the Our Onthank Online Challenge of the week.

Please email your photos from the following activity to Miss Muir in the office.

All emails should be sent to Miss Muir by
12pm on Friday 22nd January 2021.


Remember to email us your Learning Grid work. We can’t wait to see lots of great effort from you all!


More nice surprises are in store through the week so check your emails and look back on the Blog for more information.

Have a good week with your families! 

Miss Baillie, Mrs Banks, Mrs Easter, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Saxelby, Miss Telford & Mrs Wright. 😃

Team P2

Bug Club Advice


Below is a video that has been created to help with logging onto Bug Club. It also contains some troubleshooting information about why it may look to your teacher that you haven’t completed the reading activity from the Learning Grid.

Click on the following link to watch the video.

11.01.2021_15.07.04_REC (

If you have a specific query then the relevant parts of the video are as follows:

0.00   Getting online   

0.48   Logging into Bug Club    

2.14    The treasure chest

2.33   Where do I find my work?

4.45   How to answer the bugs

5.44   Why is my book not closing?

6.44   Closing your book

7.46   Troubleshooting

Please email your child’s teacher if you’re still having problems with Bug Club and they will try to help resolve any issues. 

Team P2


We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the positive feedback, the emails letting us know how you’re getting on setting up your new work routine and all the excellent work sent to your teachers so far!

Be proud in these unprecedented time families!

All the teachers in Primary 2 are delighted with the work you’ve sent to us today despite all the IT and internet issues that the whole country has experienced, so thank you all for working so hard!

Please don’t worry if you’ve not had a chance to get stuck into the learning grid or if you’ve still to send us photos of your work. The beginning of this week is a “soft start” and a chance for your teachers to check that everyone is able to access the accounts we’re asking you to work with, but also it’s giving us a chance to learn lots of new things on the computer too.

We already have exciting activities in mind for next week and the teachers are working very hard to put together activities that will feel more like being at school. These will give you the opportunity to show off everything you remember from before the holidays as well as learn lots of new things.

Check back later this week for a sneak peak at what we have been working on.

If you find that you’ve done your work and are eager to try more tasks then please check out the USEFUL WEBSITES tab at the top of the Primary 2 main blog page. We’ve put together a list of websites that you may find interesting to practise spelling, number or topic work from before Christmas.  These are not mandatory but we’ll try to add to our list to offer more games and activities that you can try. It’s also important that you don’t sit on your computer or iPad too long each day. If it’s dry, try to get out with your family for a walk in the fresh air, tidy your room or play with others you live with. It is very important to work to stay calm and happy too!

Remember that this week you’ve to ensure that you log into Bug Club and finish your book. For your book to appear as complete, please check you have answered all of the bugs. Some people are used to having more books in their account however we have only allocated one at the moment. If you love reading or want to practise more then cosy up after you’ve done all your jobs and enjoy a book, either by yourself or with someone special.

Keep up the hard work P2!

Miss Baillie, Mrs Banks, Mrs Easter, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Saxelby & Miss Telford.

P2 Team


Welcome back!

We hope everyone has had a good Christmas and New Year! As you know we can’t be back in school together just yet so Mrs Wright has asked us to give you some work to do while you are at home.

Here in Primary Two we say, do what you can, when you can! To help you, we’ve made a grid of activities for the week. Any additional information you need for your activities will be included below so scroll down. You can do the jobs in any order and on whichever days you like.

Mrs Wright wants you to log into Bug Club and complete the book we allocate EVERY WEEK. If you have any problems logging on or completing your work please let your teacher know as soon as possible. 

We can’t wait to see your home learning so be sure to email your teacher every week!

Lots of your jobs will be interactive and need very little, however, if you need to write anything down then please use your homework jotter and photograph what you’ve done to send to us.

If you need any resources such as jotters, pencils, glue sticks, highlighters and crayons then these have been made AVAILABLE in the school foyer.  Just come and pick them up for you and any family members.


Before you get settled to your work routine today, have a look at this welcome back video. 2021, let’s go!

Click on this link.


GRID 1 – 11.01.21

Click the document below to find the learning grid with this week’s suggested activities.

Primary 2 Learning Grid 11.01.21 (word)

Primary-2-Learning-Grid-11.01.21-3 (PDF



Click the links below to access the suggested online activities.




We can’t wait until we are able to see you again everyone! Have a good week, if you need us, email us, but have fun! Remember to take breaks, give yourself some “Golden Time” for playing if you think you’ve done a good job and send us your work.

Miss Baillie, Mrs Banks, Mrs Easter, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Saxelby and Miss Telford (P2 Team)

Christmas reminder

Just a little reminder that Friday is Christmas jumper day and donations can be brought in a bag or made through parent pay .


Friday is also the last day for Christmas fayre  purchases. Money can be sent via parent pay or sent to school in a bag to quarantine. 

If your child has written Christmas cards for their friends could we remind you that tomorrow (Friday) is the last day for these to be submitted due to us ensuring a period of quarantine.



Christmas Cards

We have all been incredibly busy in class with various Christmas activities and we will continue this to get into the Christmas spirit and to spread Christmas cheer.

It is often at this time of year that we are asked for class lists so that some of our pupils can write Christmas cards for their friends. This is not a mandatory activity and we would discourage you from going to buy cards now. However, if your child has cards and would like to send them to their friends, we would ask that they write them and place all the cards into a single bag for posting in our Primary 2 post box in school. 

Include the following on the envelope:

  • friend’s name

  • class

Mrs Kidd – P2K

Mrs Saxelby – P2S

Miss Telford – P2T

Miss Baillie – P2B

Due to the circumstances the cards will need to be quarantined, therefore we would ask for all cards to arrive before:


They will be delivered during the last two days of term. 

Merry Christmas!

Primary Two Team 🙂

Virtual Christmas Card

All Primary 2 classes have been working hard to learn how to sign the Christmas Alphabet using Makaton. Unfortunately, due to restrictions we have been unable to go across to Crossgates as initially planned, so instead we have put together this video as our virtual Christmas card for all to see.

We have also been busy decorating our class windows to spread some Christmas cheer, we hope you like them.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Christmas Virtual Assembly, as we will feature alongside other classes who have been learning Sign Language to a range of Christmas songs.

Stay safe.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Team P2 🙂

Christmas Jumpers


Christmas jumpers should be worn each Friday of December however, Primary two would request that pupils try to wear their Christmas jumpers/dresses/decorations again where possible on Monday 7th December as we are trying to film a special message to be shared this week.

Thank you

Primary 2 Team