Logging into Glow and uploading to your own Glow page.

In Primary Two we will be using Glow more frequently to communicate information and homework each week. Please check regularly through the week and every MONDAY for homework updates.



Watch the video below to help you log into your child’s own Glow page. Once logged in you will be able to upload photos of work and write posts for your teacher.





Watch this video to see how to upload work or make a post to share with your child’s teacher.


If you have an issues or queries then send us an email and we will try our best to help.

Team P2

Miss Baillie, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Saxelby & Miss Telford


Dear parents and carers,

Click on the Homework menu at the top of the page and select Homework Week Beginning 28.9.20. There are suggested activities for Literacy, Numeracy & Maths and Other Curricular Areas. Homework will be added again next week and you can access it from the same menu. If you need assistance please contact the class teacher via email (See “What you need to know about P2” menu).


We have asked that you send us your child’s work so that we can provide feedback. Please check back on the Primary 2 Glow page tomorrow, Tuesday 29th September, for a “Watch this video” to help you access your child’s own personal Glow page.




Primary 2 Homework


We have been working hard to get everyone settled into Primary 2 building strong and happy relationships with each other after having been away from school for so long. We feel it’s now time to begin thinking about how to support learning in class at home with some homework activities.

We are awaiting a delivery of new homework jotters that we can issue to you to write ideas down. Hopefully, this will allow us to send them home at the beginning of next week. Due to the current circumstances these jotters will be KEPT AT HOME and the class teacher will NOT collect them or mark them in the traditional way. If you wish to share your child’s work you can email them or upload a photograph directly to your child’s personal Glow page. More information on how to do this will follow.

In the meantime, we would like to share that the classes are revising the following:-


– alphabet sounds and the joined phonemes sh, ch, th, ng.

– handwriting formation with a focus on joining sh, ch, th, ng.

– using phonic knowledge and sounding out unfamiliar words in reading activities.

– writing sentences and remembering the core targets: use a capital letter, finger spaces between words and a full stop.


– Watch this video.

– Read these words, remember to sound them out if you’re unsure

         shop        chip          that           ring

        shark         church          thinking        string




– counting in 1s and 2s up and down to 20 and beyond.

– identifying patterns in shapes/colours and in numbers.

– identifying if a number is odd or even and linking this to number doubles (1 + 1, 2 + 2 etc)


– Watch this video.

– Count up and down in 1s and 2s to 20 and beyond if you can.


Other curricular areas

– All about me

– Class charter and rules/routines in class

– Art, painting/collage/detailed drawing


– Tell your homework buddy your top 3 class rules that help you to learn, stay safe or be the best that you can be.


We will update our Primary 2 Glow Page with the homework for each week every MONDAY so please check in WEEKLY. Additional ideas for working with your child is provided in the menu tabs along the top of the page.

Good luck – final assembly🏆👏🏻🌈

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. It’s nearly the end of your Primary 1 at Onthank . We are so proud of you all. Keep safe during the holidays and we are looking forward to seeing you back in school in August. Have a great summer☀️👏🏻.
Miss you all from Miss Adam  Mrs Cree. Mrs McKie  and Mrs Findlay   ❤️💙💚💛
Here is a link to the last assembly of the year. Enjoy.



An email from Dee

Rrrroooaarrr! Hi Primary 1

I have some very exciting news; I am going to have some babies!!!!!!! I am busy looking after my eggs, keeping them warm with my breath and making sure they are tucked up safely in the nest until they hatch. When they hatch I will carry them carefully to Dragon Island, where mummy dragons and her babies go to grow up safely.
Unfortunately there is no internet on Dragon Island for me to get your emails, and I will be soooo busy trying to look after my babies that I won’t be able to write to you anymore 🙁 I have loved hearing all your stories and we are all thankful for your help in rebuilding Fairyland!
Keep reading Fairy stories and working super hard!

Lots of Love Dee your Friendly Dragon (and all the other Fairyland characters!) xxxx

Are you ready to be our P2 Crew?

Hello everyone!

This is Mrs Kidd from Primary 2 writing you a little welcome message from all of the teachers you’ll be seeing after the holidays.

We made you some videos because we’ve not managed to see everyone like we normally would for Bump-Up Day.

Mrs Saxelby and I made a video to show you all of the places you need to know about for coming up into Primary 2. Have a look for a special colour we keep seeing.

Did you notice the special colour that we could see as we moved though the infant department? The Primary 2 colour is going to be ORANGE. If you see an ORANGE heart on a door, it means you’re allowed to use that door. You’ll see RED doors too but those are for the new Primary 1 classes and we’re not allowed to use those so, let’s keep our eyes peeled once we come back to school.

We’ve been very busy trying to get everything organised for you coming back to school to see us in August. Mrs Saxelby and I really wondered who was going to help us to look after you and we are delighted to say that Miss Telford is moving from Primary 5 to be with Mrs McKie’s class and a new teacher called Miss Baillie will be taking Mrs Cree’s class! We’re already making a good team and have lots of lovely ideas to get you busy learning in P2.


Who is who in P2?

Have a look at your own class video but you might also like to watch the other ones too so that you can see all the teachers who will help to look after you in P2.


P1A – Miss Adam going to Mrs Kidd


P1F -Mrs Findlay going to Mrs Saxelby


P1M – Mrs McKie going to Miss Telford


P1C Mrs Cree going to Miss Baillie

We hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of your classrooms and seeing your new teacher. If you or your parents/carers have any questions, add a comment to this post because everyone might be wondering the same as you and we’ll try to answer it as best as we can.

The Primary 2 teachers are all really looking forward to meeting you after the summer holidays. The videos will stay here on the Primary 1 page until we come back to school, so if you feel like you need to see our faces or listen to our voices again then you can come back and watch them here at any time.

Have a great holiday everyone and we’ll see you in August!

Team P2



School Trip!

Well Primary 1, it’s the last week of Primary 1 and we are all so proud of everyone! 🥰🤩 You have worked hard at home and kept safe. We have missed seeing you all everyday at school, but have loved hearing about all the lovely, exciting things you have been doing at home 😊
We thought a nice way to finish the year would be to have a virtual School Trip! So grab your favourite teddy and have lots of fun! 🐻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼


We would also like to thank all the adults at home who have been supporting you and keeping you safe at home, and wish you all a lovely relaxing summer when it comes 😎☀️🥰

From all your P1 Teachers 😁

Final Countdown🌈🏆

It’s hard to believe  this is the final week  for all of you  in Primary 1. We have had a very busy year  and you have all worked so hard. The last term was very different , but you have  all  made us really proud of how you have managed your work  and tried hard .
Poster Competition :we would like you to design a poster or a banner which welcomes our visitors to school. Your poster should include our school values: Confidence, Happiness, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility. The poster should include drawings of pupils in their school uniform and be bright and welcoming.
Email entries to by Friday 26 June eadavid.mcilwraith1@glow.sch.uk

Let’s have a fun final week❤️💛💙💚

Miss Adam Mrs Cree Mrs McKie Mrs Findlay