Lord of the Flies C5 Questions

1What does Ralph need to think about at the start of the chapter?
2What must the meeting not be?
3Describe the assembly place.
4What was the trouble with being chief?
5What is Piggy better at than Ralph?
6What did they decide about the water?
7Why can’t they deviate from the plan?
8Why is one of the shelters not built as strongly as the others?
9What is the most important thing on the island to Ralph?
10Compare Jack and Piggy’s percetions of the beast
11What does Maurice trying to make the littluns laugh reveal about him?
12Where do the littluns think the beast comes from?
13What does Simon think about the beast?
14Why had Ralph’s careful planning of the meeting break up?
15Why doesn’t Jack think Ralph is a good chief?
16What is Ralph’s reasoning for him being chief?
17What would happen if Jack were chief?
18Why can’t Jack hurt Ralph?
19Do grown-ups always act civilised?
20What if adults landed on the island instead of children, how would the book have been different?

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