Lord of the Flies C4 Questions

1 What were the smaller boys known as?
2 Who are the littluns in modern society?
3 What is the conch linked with?
4 Who is Henry?
5 What do Maurice and Roger do to the castles?
6 Why does Maurice run away?
7 Why does Henry get exited when he is in control of living things?
8 Why does Roger throw the stones near the littleun instead of directly at him?
9 Jack compares hunting to war. Are these things comparable?
10 What will Jack’s painted face allow him to do?
11 What does Piggy’s hair do?
12 What is the boy’s response when they see the smoke in the distance?
13 Why does the boys plan for rescue fail?
14 What caused the hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, to neglect it?
15 Even if the boys hate Piggy, why do they still need him?
16 How frustrated would you be if you were Ralph?
17 What are Jack and his hunters chanting?
18 What does Jack have memories of?
19 What is more important: did the boys need meat or did Jack need to hunt?
20 What does Jack do when Piggy confronts him?
21 What does this reveal about Jack?
22 Does Ralph surrender to Jack by eating the meat?
23 Is Simon more “pure” than Ralph? Is this important?
24 How does Ralph restore order on the island?

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