Poetry – My Grandmother’s Houses by Jackie Kay

Who is speaking?
What are they talking about?
Why do you think the grandmother keeps the newspapers in verse 2?
Are the presents put to use?
What does the girl spend lots of time doing in verse 2?
What is the letter about at the start of verse 3?
What is the pun in ‘chewing for ages’ in verse 3?
Are the parcels really in an ‘air raid shelter’?
Why does Jackie find the church air strange and think there are ghosts?
What technique is used in ‘flock of women’ and how is it effective?
Why are they described as missionaries?
What about the alliteration on ‘God grabs me in Glasgow with Gran’?
Why does she comment that the ‘hall is huge’?
What technique is used in ‘like octopus arms’ and how is it effective?
Why describe the piano as a ‘one-winged creature’?
Why mention the cemetery, coffins and the ambulances?

Next copy these annotations up:
My Grandmothers’s Houses Annotations

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