bug hotel

We made a bug hotel for out door learning so i’m going to tell you how to make it. You need dry wood and place it down in a nice corner and build it up and then get sticks at make a roof. Then get a smashed up plant  pot and place it any where.  In the hotel and and place thin sticks in the fence howl then find like plastic bottle’s bricks and diffrent type of sticks.Then you can add leaves.

Our wild life project!!!(frogs and toads)

We made a frog hotel

step 1: First dig a hole about                                                                                                             20 or 25 cm .

Step 2: Squeeze the  pot in to the hole.

Step 3: Then put the  wet mud on to the pot you might haved to do it a few times

Step 4: Then put leaves and sticks over and you are done.


out door learning

I made a frog pond. What you need is a big tub and water and stuff to eat. They will need to be able to get in and out. If you want to make a lader with a slide that will help them.                                                                                                                                 

Hibernaculum for frogs and toads

step 1 ; dig a big hole about half a meter deep

Step 2 :get  a pot and wet mud and mud and Water

step:3 you need: spades,pots,leaves,and mud


Step 4:  stick the pole into the mud and stick it with wet mud

Step 5: You need rocks to keep it down in the mud.

The frogs will jump  in the holes and be safe from predators.


We were doing wild life projects for outdoor learning. people were making hedgehog houses and dens so people could help wild life come back to our school. I cleaned and fixed the grass mat in the woods now nobody will trip and wild life wont get stuck and trapped. I loved out door learning we should do it more well i hope you liked this short bit of out door learning bye!

Bee Hotels

Hello it is James, Lewis, Reece  and kye . We have made Bee Hotels  . The materials you need to make a bee hotel are:

1. bamboo sticks

2. plastic bottle

3. saw.

4. screw driver

How to make a bee Hotel

First cut the top  of the bottle’s

Next cut the bamboo with the saw

After that put the screw driver in the soft part of the bamboo

Finally put the bamboo in the bottle’s and find a nice spot



Now watch out for wasps and hornets

How to make a Hedgehog House by Sam, Sevi and Tanith

Hey everyone !

This is how to make a hedgehog house there are 7 steps!

  1. Gather up some sticks.

  2. Get some string and scissors. 

  3. Then find a secret muddy peaceful place and put your sticks down on the floor. 

  4. get your scissors and string  and cut two  long piece of string.

  5. Then you need to get four of your sticks and put them in triangle.

  6. Tie your string and sticks together.

  7. After you have done that get the rest of your sticks the put half one side and the other half on the other side.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thats all see you next time!

our project

so basically we made a project. it was a bucket with holes in it and other things like pebbles and leaves and dirt. its called a beetle bucket. here is how to make it:

get a bucket with no holes

poke some holes

put in some bark chippings

also put in some rocks leaves and dirt

then dig a hole and put in the bucket

and then you’re done.

by noah and Caspian


Last week we went on something called Residential at Galloway activity centre! we did loads of things such as The big swing, dragon boat racing, slipping slide, paddle boarding ect. At first we had to set up our tents and eat our lunch then at 1:00 we split into groups and did Archery and Lazer tag The group I was in did Lazer tag first and then Archery. After that we went back to the camp site until our Dinner! For dinner we had Chicken nuggets and chips then berry cake for dessert. The second day we went for breakfast and then we split into groups again I did the big swing and then rock climbing  after that we had to split our group into 2 groups and then half of us went to do slipping slide then paddle boarding. after that we had dinner then played a massive game of hide and seek! Then the next day we went home



Residential !

Residential was amazing we done lots of amazing stuff and we slept in a tent . We done paddle boarding , water sliding , climbing , archery , lazier tag , rock climbing , big swing and big games .


The staff were amazing and so kind the dinner lady could have been nicer but its ok . The staff all made sure every one was safe and happy .








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