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Enrolment Transition Website

Please follow the link to find our P1 Transition Website. We are updating the website as we move closer to transition.


Newsletters are no longer published on our website as they contain photographs of our children. Instead, we directly email our Sway newsletters to our families.

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Our School Staff 2019/20

Here is a list of staff-

Head Teacher:

Mrs. McElroy

Principal Teacher:

Miss. MacDonald

Parish Priest:

Fr. Mike

Class Teachers:

Miss Renwick P2/1

Mr Buck P3

Miss Macleod P4

Miss Crawford P5

Mrs Morgan P6

Miss Glencross P7/6

Classroom Assistants:

Mrs Watson

Mrs Caproni

Miss Wright

Mrs. Smith

Mrs Mackie

Support for Learning:

Mrs. Hamilton

Inclusion Support:

Mrs Cassidy


P.E. Teacher:

Miss Conlan



Mrs. Pitcairn

Dinner Ladies:

Miss. Scott is the Cook



Stevie and Sandra

Science Centre

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 our school went to the Glasgow Science Centre. We went to the lunch hall first to drop off our lunches. Then we went to the first floor. There were lots of inventions that were very fascinating and cool. On the second floor it was mostly computers and more inventions. On the third floor there were mostly things about weight and robotic body parts like arms and legs. Then it was lunch and after lunch we had to go to the store and bought some stuff. Then we went to see an IMAX movie and then we went back to the school.

By James KT,  Kenzie and Conor

Participatory Budgeting

Our school St. Bernadette’s did  a participatory budgeting event  on the 3rd of May.  Participatory budgeting is when we have to think of a idea  then we researched the costs and presented our ideas to the school and the families. They voted for the best idea.

Each house had a saint’s name, our house is  called St Andrews , our idea was to buy new sports kits for the school! We chose this idea because our old one got lost. There were 5 other groups who were doing this we were all very exited to compete.

SCIAF / Lent


Since St.Bernadette’s Primary School is Catholic we give money to support SCIAF. SCIAF supports children who don’t have what they need to survive. SCIAF stands for Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. Over many years we have made lots of money for SCIAF by doing Coffee mornings, Odd shoe day, World book day, Sponsored walk, Back to front uniform day. Soon we will be doing world book day but this is slightly different, instead of dressing up as a character we are dressing up as an adjective like for example pink, blue, sparkly, dotted, striped. Also we will be doing crazy hair day, Coffee morning, Family Movie Afternoon and our favourite dress down day.


In school we are preparing for Easter. For Lent  we are doing promises to give up something or to do something. For example you could help around the house more often, give up junk food or sweets or maybe being kinder to others. Some people give food or toys to charity to help others.

Sports Relief

 This year on Friday 23rd of March it is Sports Relief Day and our school is organising lots of different special events.

We are going to enjoy a whole day of sports by taking part in different activities and some will be outside.

Scotland Topic

 During January our school had a whole school topic about Scotland, here is what each class was learning about Scotland.

  • P1- History of Scotland

  • P2- Famous Scottish Inventors

  • P3- Mary Queen of Scots

  • P4- Jacobites

  • P5/6- Glasgow

  • P6/7- Dundee

The  teachers picked out some children and they read out their classes Scots poem to the school.

Here are some pictures of the work that was completed throughout the school…

After school clubs

After School Clubs are made so your child can have fun after school. Many people like to go to them. After school clubs are good because children of all ages get to have fun and have exercise. The child is expected to follow all rules and bring P.E. kit. Here are some of the ones coming up.




After school clubs Spring Term

  1. Multi Sports

Dates : 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Mar

Day : Monday

Age group : p1-3

Times  : 12:30-1:15pm

Total Cost : £2:40


Day : Tuesday

Dates : 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Mar

Age group : p 3-7

Times :12:30-1:15pm

Total Cost : £4:80

  1. Extreme Dodge-ball

Day : Thursday

Dates : 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Mar

Age group : p 4-7

Times : 3:00-4:00pm

Total Cost : £4:80