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Prada-ful P4W!

P4W rounded off their recent Context for Learning on Italy by learning about Italian fashion designers and creating our own designs! Miss Wozniak also bought us some Italian food to taste!

We found out about some famous Italian designers including Prada, Gucci and Versace. We then worked in a group to create an item of clothing using recyclable materials and some special sparkly items!

Millie’s group designed a dress.
Team Sheep!

We had a variety of dresses, tops, football strips, belts, handbags, shoes and even a hoodie!

Team MMC!
Presenting their design to the class.
Boyd, Megan & Neve designed and created a handbag using cardboard boxes and string.
Team HappyFace!
Max & Darren created a football strip along with a Karate Belt.
Darren & Max..
Cole & Lewis worked hard to create a boot out of cardboard boxes.
It was made to measure Cole’s foot!
Kieran & Liam made a shoe out of cardboard and paint.
Jack worked hard to create a cosy hoodie out of a bin bag!
Amber’s team even had a song to go with their dress!
Amber, Danielle, Lexi &; Evan

Once we presented our designs to our classmates, it was time to taste some Italian food! Miss Wozniak also brought in some of her favourite Italian foods from home including espresso coffee, amaretto biscuits, some different shapes of pasta and biscotti.

We tried lots of different foods. We had some ciabatta bread, breadsticks, two different types of salami, cheese (including mozzarella!) tomatoes and olives. Olives were not a popular choice!

P4W’s Italian feast!

Amber & Danielle loved tasting the different Italian cheeses.
Boyd LOVED salami. It was gone in a flash!!
Cole braved tasting the olives…. but wasn’t a fan!
Darren & Max enjoyed the Parma Ham!
Niamh C & Louisa enjoyed tasting new foods.
Millie liked the bread the best!
Miss Wozniak’s fancy Amaretti biscuits.

We loved learning all about Italy. Our favourite parts of this Context were learning some Italian words, learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and creating lots of fantastic artwork with Mr Gough and Miss Wozniak.

We can’t wait to find out what our new Context for Learning will be!