BGE Mathematics

Numbers and number processes

Whole numbers Number problems using +/-/÷/x

Place value

Multiplying/dividing by 10, 100, 1000

Decimals (linked with place value)

Estimating & rounding with whole numbers, tens and up to 2 decimal places

Powers and square roots


Using a calculator

Negative numbers

4 quadrant coordinates


Naming angles

Classifying angles

Drawing angles.

Using angle facts to calculate their sizes

Including quad = 360


Continuing sequences

Square + triangular numbers

Simple linear patterns

Expressions – collecting like terms


Forming expressions + equations


Decimals, Fractions + Percentages

Fractions/Decimals Percentages relationship

Calculations involving Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Convert between Whole Number and mixed Fractions

Measurement – 2D shapes

Units of length conversions

Perimeters including compound shapes

Areas of – rectangles, composite shapes and

Right-angled triangles

Drawing 2D shapes


Data & Analysis and Probability

Means, Medians, Mode and Range

Frequency tables and Mean from frequency tables

Line Graphs, Bar Graphs

Stem and Leaf graphs

Pie Charts- reading and drawing

Scatter graphs and Line of Best fit

Probability and calculating probabilities

Surveys and bias

Spreadsheets and Databases


12 – 24 hour clock conversions

Time intervals


Time zones

Speed Distance and Time calculations

Symmetry and Properties of 2D shapes

Identifying lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

Complete diagrams and patterns so that they are symmetrical.

Use symmetry to identify and then use the properties of a range of 2D shapes.

Rotational symmetry

Nets and Volumes of 3D Shapes

Drawing Nets of 3D shapes

Working out surface areas of 3D shapes

Working out volumes of 3D composite shapes

Scale Drawing

Interpreting scales

Making scale drawings (including with protractors)

Compass points and Three Figure Bearings

Scale enlargement and reduction

Ratio and Proportion

Understanding Ratios

Simplifying Ratios

Ratio Calculations

Sharing out using a ratio

Direct Proportion

Direct Proportion graphs

Inverse Proportion

Money and Money Products

Money Products

Money in real life/research into real money situations, buying, selling etc.

Managing Money


The names for different parts of circle

The link between radius and diameter

The link between Circumference and Diameter and using C= 3.14*D

Work with semi circles and quarter circles.

The link between area and radius and using A = 3.14 r^2

Multiple, Primes and Factors

Multiples (including Least Common Multiple)

Factors (including Highest Common Factor)

Prime Numbers

Removing a Common Factor

Simple Factorisation

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