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Achahoish report from Auchindrain museum

We went to Auchindrain Museum to see the houses and how people lived in the olden days because our school topic is Our Heritage.
We saw the new house which is already about 75years old! The owner of Auchindrain is called Catty Cat and he looks after Auchindrain. (He is a cat)
We had a look at the Wise woman’s house – she made people better by using herbs and some poisonous plants, but by using a little bit of them it made people better.
The word for Wise woman and old lady is the same in Gaelic and it means witch.
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Rugby with Furnace and Achahoish.

On Tuesday March 13th Minard school teamed up with Furnace and Achahois Primary schools for a joint rugby training session at Achahoish school with Allan. The pupils continued their introduction to the skill of rugby started at a similar session in the autumn at Furnace with tag rugby. The children all enjoyed the day especially the lunch J

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