Kirn’s ELCC Head Outdoors

Kirn ELCC 1Over the past three weeks, we have been meeting each Friday morning at Scabby Knowe, near to Kirn School for Outdoor Learning with some of our parents and also some of the Childcare students from Dunoon Grammar School. Each week we planned what we would do when we arrived next time.

When we got there we checked to see whether the bulbs we had planted last November had come up and they had! Now they were beautiful daffodils! The bird feeders we had made in November had all been eaten up by hungry birds over the winter – we’re sure they were glad we had made them.

Kirn ELCC 2

We made rain catchers and took them to our outdoor classroom at Scabby Knowe and checked them each week. We planted flowers, looked for minibeasts, did some drawings of the flowers and plants we could see. For our final morning we decided we would like to have a bonfire and cook tasty sausages then marshmallows on it!

Kirn ELCC 3

Simon was in charge of the bonfire but we all helped to collect sticks for it first. The sausages and marshmallows were delicious!

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