St. Joseph’s STEM Engineers!

St Josephs S.T.E.M 002Engineering was big on the agenda at St. Joseph’s this year with Mrs McLean leading developments in Technologies throughout the school. The children loved the creative aspect of engineering and were enthralled by the visits of many parents who are engineers giving presentations to the children about their jobs. Mrs McLean then took on the challenge of affording every pupil in the school the opportunity to apply for the STEM leadership award.

This was no mean feat but one worth doing as St. Joseph’s is proud to report that of the 145 children who entered, 25 gained Certificates of Distinction. In addition, the work of 14 of our children was short listed for a prize! The great news is that the work of all the short listed candidates will be on display on 06 and 07 June at Strathclyde University.

Mrs McLean has great plans for the future of Technologies at St. Joseph’s and we are all hoping these are as successful as the plans for this session!

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  1. Congratulations on all concerned with this wonderful initiative and result! We are looking forward to hearing more about the projects. Will they be on your school website? All the best for your further endeavours from P6/7 in Tobermory, Isle of Mull.

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