DGS pupil Shannon Brings Sunshine to Kirn Nursery

One of the four focuses (or capacities) of The Curriculum for Excellence is to encourage pupils to become effective contributors to their communities. What better way to do this than to volunteer some time to help out at a local nursery school. This is what Shannon Lyon, S5 pupil at Dunoon Grammar School and full time pupil in the learning centre, has been doing since August 2013.

Every week Shannon has made her way to Kirn Nursery where she has worked with small groups of children on a number of activities. Whilst Shannon requires a lot of support, the initial ideas for these activities have come from her. She has then been supported to apply these ideas and turn them into fun learning experiences for 3 year olds.

Her latest project has featured sunflowers. Not only have the children planted their own sunflower plants and measured and observed them as they grow, but have also made these giant sunflowers that you can see in the photo.

Nursery practitioner, Maxine Wade says, “We all enjoyed the sunflower activities and have enjoyed watching them grow. We think it is beneficial for both our pupils and staff to form a good partnership with the pupils of the learning centre at DGS. This has worked well in previous years and we hope to continue in this positive partnership in the future.”

Liz Miller, learning centre teacher has watched Shannon develop in confidence during her placement and seen how proud she has been of her achievements. “It is clear to me that all four of The Curriculum for Excellence’s capacities – confident individual, successful learner and responsible citizenship aswell as being an effective contributor – are being met by this placement. It is a real asset to have such a good working relationship with a local nursery school especially one with such a good understanding of our pupil’s needs.”

There are several pupils within the learning centre who would also benefit greatly from a weekly work placement within the community. This placement will be closely supported by Grammar School staff and will be well matched to learning centre pupil’s strengths and interests, to start in August 2014. Liz Miller will be contacting local employers who might be able to offer a placement in the near future. If you are a local employer and think you may be able to offer a work placement for a pupil with severe and complex needs please leave a message with Dunoon Grammar School office staff and Liz will get back to you.

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