Young Art Talent Emerging in DGS

Corrie MacDonald, S2 pupil at Dunoon Grammar School proudly presents Head Teacher Mr. Mitchell with a piece of original artwork to hang outside his office. Corrie finds some aspects of the curriculum very challenging and does a lot of his learning in the learning centre. But, amongst other things, Corrie has a real talent for art.

He attends mainstream art with his S2 peers and he also attends a small group learning centre lesson with Mr. Shaw. It was within this small group setting that he was really able to excel and where he created this masterpiece. Following directions carefully, and without any help, he coloured an A3 piece of paper with pastels, covered this with ink and then removed the ink to create a multi-coloured fish. The picture took several weeks to finish and a lot of patience. This has been rewarded, though and it is a piece of work to be proud of which will brighten the corridor for years to come.

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