Our Achievements At The Mod

On Sunday 16th October the Port Ellen Primary Gaelic Choir flew off on an aeroplane to Stornoway.  It took us 40 minutes to get there and it was 20 minutes less than what it normally is.  The next day was Monday 17th October that was the day of the mod, the people that were doing poems and solos had to get up quite early to go and do them.  I got a 4th for my poem and for my solo I got a score of 178.  My choir did really well, we won all of our songs that is our 2 unisons, 2 two parts and our Puirt a beul.

By Maisie Logan

The Death Bird

A bird with the cold blood splatter on its wing tips
The blood of million men, the greatest warriors, slaughtered,
Still people battle the ancient beast,
It speaks with many voices,
But it always speaks of death.

A Viking Poem By Oliver P4


On Wednesday afternoon P4 to P7 played netball.   I really enjoyed playing netball.  Orsay scored 21 goals, Texa scored 20 goals Nave scored 19 goals.  I am in Texa I came in second place.

By David

The Mod

The mod is good because we all have fun and we won.  It’s too bad that the big girls and boy are leaving.  I learned that singing is fun but singing in Gaelic is AMAZING!!!!!!!
By Elizabeth.

P4/5 science.

Hi my name is Ciara and yesterday we were doing science in class in the afternoon. This is what we did, we got a bowl and put plastic over it and put sugar on and banged a drum loud and the sound made the sugar move. We learned
that sound is faster in water and if someone bangs the wall quietly you can hear it far away.  We did three other experiments.



Yesterday we where learning about science.  One of the things we learned was if you put your ear to something metal and get your friend to hit something hard on it you will hear it faster than through the air.  If you put your ear to the wall and get a friend to hit it round the corner you can hear.


Science And Experiments

We did some experiments on sound today.  We learned that sound travels 15 times faster through metal and bricks than air.  In the ear there is a little bone that sends signals to the brain, it tells it if it’s a high sound or low, loud or quiet and the bone is above the ear drum. Sound is shock wave of vibration. We did an experiment on making something move without touching it.  First you get a bowl and wrap it in cling film, second put sugar on it and then get an instrument and bang it and the sugar moves.

By Abbie


Hello, my name is Jodie, and our new Topic is sound.   It is interesting because we did an experiment. You get a
musical instrument and and a drum and put salt on it and bang the instrument and the salt should move and I learned when you speak sound waves come out.

By Jodie

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