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Life of a butterfly

As part of our Scottish wildlife challenge, we have been exploring the wonderful life of the butterfly. We have been able to watch our caterpillars grow and grow and are watching out for them making their cocoon. In our group time we watched a video on the lifecycle and tried to remember lots of facts to put into a book. We shared our ideas, drew our own symmetrical butterflies and decided on a design for our page. We have also read ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We saw the caterpillar munch through lots of food so it can grow big and strong to turn into a butterfly.image



P4 visit the Wild About Scotland Bus

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A very special bus came today from the Royal Zoological Society. Children from both P4 classes, as well as the Eco Group, had the opportunity to go on board the bus and learn about Scottish Wildcats and Beavers.

On the first floor their was a variety of activities aimed at learning about the plight of wildcats. There are only about 400 left in the wild.

On the top floor, the children learnt all about the trial release of beavers in Scotland and the pro’s and con’s of having them. They had a variety of challenges to complete about them include footprint identification and dam building.


P4 and P5 at the woodland naming ceremony

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The name of the woods next to school has finally been revealed. The two year groups came up with lots of ideas and the Woodland Trust team picked ‘Wonderful Williamston Woods’. You can now see the new sign at the woods.

We all got to have celebratory snacks and ‘champagne’ afterwards. We also got to carry out an art activity, creating a colour pallete from items we found in the woods. A fantastic morning in all. A big thank you to the Woodland Trust team for organising these events for us.

P4 Trout Release

Primary 4 bid a fond farewell to their Brown Trout friends! We had successfully reared them from eggs to fry over the last few weeks and they were ready to swim free in the big, wide world. The trout fry were released into the Murieston Water, near the Co-op. We also had the opportunity to observe the river life and we found many interesting little bugs that will provide food for our trout. This project was supported by Forth Fisheries, Murieston Environmental Group and Dedridge Environment Ecology Project – many thanks to all involved!

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