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Scripture Union workshops in P7

P7 were visited by Gavin who worked with us on the value of tolerance through a Scripture Union workshop. We discussed what tolerance means to us and how it is a value that is important both at school, at home and in the wider community. We also explored how this value is found in the Bible through looking at some Christian stories. We worked together to share our ideas and listen to those of others. We are really looking forward to the Primary 5 assembly on this value!

Primary 7’s Wonderful World War 2 Projects!

For the last month P7 have been carrying out research at home and working hard to create a personal project. All P7 pupils got to choose what topic they wanted their project to be based on. We were also given time to work on it in class and share our progress with our peers. As part of our project work we created presentations to share our findings with the rest of the class. We have been sharing why we chose certain topics and we have really enjoyed hearing about how some of our families were involved during World War 2. We have been given the opportunity to give each other some feedback about our presentations and we are finding this very useful. Miss Brown is really looking forward to reading all of our projects, although we know it might take some time to get through all 28 of them! There will also be time for us to look at each others’ projects, appreciate how individual they all are and celebrate the hard work we have put into them.

P6 and 7 Carol Concert

On Thursday the 18th of December a school carol concert took place at Williamston Primary School. Lots of music was played by our wind band. They played six songs in total and there were a few solos and duets. The choir sang beautifully just like angels! There were two trios and a duet from P7 and a song by the P6 girls. The boys from both year groups sang Walking in the Air and it was fantastic!!! The P7 woodwind girls played two wonderful songs together and one song in their instrumental groups. A HUGE thanks to Mrs Poynter, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Annan for taking time to teach all these festive songs.


All the boys and girls have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of the UNCRC. We have been exploring the ‘Brightest Right in our Lives’ and presenting it in a variety of ways. We have been discussing why the UNCRC is so important. The Rights Respecting Schools group are looking forward to creating a beautiful display to showcase our work. Keep an eye out for us on Pinterest – watch this space!

Miss Hao visits P7!

It has been an exciting morning in P7! We are very lucky to have Miss Hao working with us on our cluster transition topic, Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed learning about the Chinese language, especially how to pronounce our names correctly. It is very interesting to learn about the different dialects and the 56 multi-cultures within China. We are looking forward to progressing with this and showcasing what we have been learning at our launch in February.