P1 – The Doctor will see you now!

September 17th, 2019

I am looking forward to the observe the learning which will develop through our new Doctor’s Surgery!  There is doctor and nurse costumes for role play.  Lots of opportunities to ‘have a go writing’, with prescriptions to be written, appointments to be made and patient details to be updated.  The doctor can take your blood pressure and even give an injection.  The nurses can wrap up swollen wrists and ankles using the rolls of bandages and supports.


Making Beetroot in Rannoch Class! w.e. 13/9/19

September 14th, 2019

Rannoch boys cooked, chopped, sliced and pickled the beetroot grown from our School garden. What fun they had! It is all ready for eating now! It was messy work, but their hands were well protected from the red beetroot juice! Some of the boys liked the taste but others didn’t at all! Maybe parents can try some next week at ‘Meet the Teacher’!

In Health & Wellbeing, Rannoch boys were learning about making friendships with new pupils into the class. They discussed what they would say and do with a new pupil into the class and drew pictures, which was  presented at our whole school assembly.

The boys were all doing some independent fact finding on their project using computer technology which involved learning and researching about different types of transport from countries around the world. They presented their work for a wall presentation.

Happy Half Term from P6

September 14th, 2019

We have been enjoying a new novel called the Nowhere Emporium and are intrigued by the magic and mystery.  We’ve added a little bit of sparkle to our own literacy work.

Our first maths topic has come to an end we feel confident when discussing six and seven digit numbers.

Have a lovely September break. 🍂

13.09.19 Tay Class Facing Up to Hard Work

September 13th, 2019

Tay Class pupils have been working very hard to get all of our tasks finished before the September holiday weekend. We played a game called, ‘Who do you see in the box?’ There was a mirror at the bottom and we had to draw the face we could see in it. You’ll not be surprised to find out that everyone’s face was very different. We used black pens to create line drawings of our features and could recall the vocabulary accurately.

We think you will be impressed!

Our Food Technology session was making ‘veggie faces’ which were no-bake vegetable wraps. We studied various web pages to get ideas before we started to wash and prepare the vegetables. If we wanted to use any of these we had to remember their name, colour and also name the part of the face they represented. So we had many more opportunities to practise and extend our use of language.

We hope you enjoyed eating them at home, with Tay Class pupils telling us that ranged from ‘Daddy’ to ‘the dog’!

P5 say Fair well to Mrs Toner.

September 13th, 2019

This week we have been preparing to say good bye to Mrs Toner.  We have written our favourite memories of her and collected them together with the rest of the school and presented them to her in a book.  From this we were able to write a poem about Mrs Toner that we performed at her special assembly.

Mrs Toner

Mrs Toner, We’re so sad its time to say ‘Goodbye’.

We’ll find it hard to find the words but we will have a try.

We’d like to share some memories that we have of you.

To remember the best of times, we hope you like them too.

Like back in P1 when you sang twinkle twinkle little star.

And helping me to do my bloods, how wonderful you are.

You helped us in the gardening club and we wanted you to know

That we appreciate your kindness, in helping US to grow.

We all have fond memories of when you’d sing a cheery song.

But still have time when we‘d need help to put our jackets on.

You’d gather us together and put us on the bus

And each day in the playground you’d be looking out for us.

We bought a little gift for you – a plant in a wee pot.

A little token to say thanks, we’ll miss you quite a lot.

You taught some of us to crochet, so there is love in every thread.

It’s too sad to say goodbye so we’ll say ‘see you soon’ instead.



We bought Mrs Toner a plant and made a little plant pot cover.  We all learned to crochet and wove them all together to make a little design.

Primary 4 have been having an Arty Week!

September 12th, 2019

Primary 4 have been having a very Arty Week!

On Tuesday, we completed our wonderful geometric design with Miss Mackie. We used colour, line and shape to form 3D images. We used primary colours, opposite colours, cool colours and hot colours. We used vertical and diagonal lines.

On Thursday, we learned how to paint using watercolours. We were inspired by the work of the French painter, Claude Monet.

French Phrase of the Fortnight – Late September

September 12th, 2019

Do you know what these Classroom Objects are?

une poubelle                  un cahier

un stylo                         un crayon de couleur

un sac                           un taille-crayon

une gomme                    un crayon

un tableau blanc             une règle

une trousse                    un ordinateur

un livre                           un feutre

Our new French Phrase of the Fortnight should help you with one of the words because Pierre is saying, ‘I have a red felt tip.’

Look out for the phrase around the school when you come back from the September holiday!


Primary 3 R.E. – Forgiveness

September 12th, 2019

Image result for forgiveness clipart

For our R.E. lesson today we focused on the important theme of forgiveness.  We thought about times when we maybe did or said something hurtful to someone else.  We said that it can be difficult to forgive someone, but if the person is truly sorry for hurting you, then it is important to accept their apology and move forward as friends.  Jesus always forgives.

Elise – Sometimes people say sorry, but it isn’t a true sorry.  You should always mean it when you say sorry.

Darcy – Sometimes sorry isn’t enough and the person could make a card to show how sorry they are.

Maisy – I think you should always be kind when you say sorry.

Daniel – Jesus watches all the time so you should try and be good.

Codi – You should always be kind and always forgive people.

Carly – You should always have good friendships.

Phillip – Be friends always.

Coffee Morning

September 11th, 2019

Just to make you aware that Alicia (Family Support Practitioner) will be serving up teas and coffees every Friday morning in the school.  She has a wealth of knowledge and can give advice and support over a cuppa!  It is a great chance to get to know other parents and strengthen home/school partnership working, with a view to improving outcomes for our learners.  Please come along!  #buildingforsuccess

Family Fun and Food

September 11th, 2019

Thank you to all who attended the Family Fun and Food event last night.  The Larder Cook School served a delicious Chicken Curry and Cottage Pie…followed by a range of sweet treats…with no cost to our families.  Thanks to Errin at Polbeth Hub for supporting this event and enabling the use of the hall.