Primary 4 Update!

Primary 4 have had another busy week!

We have been learning about perpendicular lines and parallel lines in Maths. We can spot different lines in the classroom and in shapes.

We worked really well in Literacy when we were learning about pronouns. We completed an Easter listening task too!

We have been using Languagenut to practise our French! It’s good fun!

In PE, we were playing football and dodge ball.

In Spanish, we were learning Easter vocabulary.

In Art, we made Easter characters from paper.

We have also been learning all about the Easter Story!

Have a lovely Easter, Everyone!

Wow! – Our New Garden Site at St Mary’s!

We are so excited that the new garden area is under construction – what great progress there has been.  Along with our Outdoor Storage container, this is also a fantastic investment into the future of Sustainable Education at St Mary’s Primary. This will keep our garden very safe as it develops on this new site, and will enable further investment as time goes on knowing it will be a much safer space to leave things to grow naturally and harvest and develop when required. What a great new safe learning area to our school.

The current garden space is being planted for this year, but it will be the last – it has provided us with lots of learning opportunities, lovely vegetables we’ve been able to harvest and cook over the last 2 years. The planters and raised beds will be transported to the new area in good time for the planting season next year.

Eco-Committee Bubble


Autism Awareness Week 29th March-2nd April 2021

Celebrating Autism Awareness Week, Rannoch Class decided to make their thoughts on Autism their own individual ones. They made posters to show how Autism affects them and the things other boys and girls should look out for in order to help someone with Autism.

Autism is a condition which means a person’s brain works differently to other people’s and affects the way they experience the world around them.

Some boys and girls with Autism may have problems with communication, (some boys and girls do not speak until they’re older, some may not speak at all, while others will not say too much but can talk) social interaction (like sitting eating with others can be an ordeal, going to a concert full of people can be a highly anxious time ) and flexibility of thought (often children with Autism will not ‘get’ a joke, or can be fixated with things that really interest them so nothing else matters). All of this can affect how children make sense of the world around them and relate to other people.

Our boys and girls are very lucky at St Mary’s that we have an ‘Autism’ Resource within our mainstream primary school. We have lots of opportunities to do different things, although right now there are restrictions in place because of Covid -19 so cannot access classes the way we are used to doing, but hope these restrictions will be over soon.

Mrs MacDonald, Mrs Hilson, Miss De



Primary 3 29-03-21

We have been investigating life cycles of cress seeds. When we planted the seeds we used three control pots:

*one pot to keep in a dark place, one we did not give any water and one we gave too much water to.

After a week we have been able to have the discussions around why our three control did not grow. This generated a lot of discussion around not only what plants need to grow but what we need to grow.

Our writing this week has been based on our scientific experiment and we have created a recount of planting the seeds as well as posters to represent the growth cycle of the cress seeds.

We have also enjoyed or time outdoor learning this week. We looked at the life cycle of different bugs and animals and enjoyed  using wooden disks to document these life cycles. We also had fun using magnifying glasses to see if we could find things.

While outside we took the opportunity to spend some time reading in nature. The class have really enjoyed reading outside.

In maths we have been working on times tables, next week we are going to try applying our knowledge of times tables to dividing. To help us we have made posters for our working wall to remind us of our times tables.

Goodbye Miss Lawton, from Primary 1

Farewell Good Luck Clipart A Big Well Done Good Bye And | Goodbye and good  luck, Luck, Good luck

We would all like to say a great big St. Mary’s THANK YOU to Miss Lawton who has been working in Primary 1 for the past 4 weeks.  This is her last day and we have all thoroughly enjoyed having her in our class; she has been amazing!  She has planned lots of really fun lessons and activities for us and we will really miss her.  We wish Miss Lawton all the very best as she starts her teaching career in August.  Thank you Miss Lawton!

Olivia – Miss Lawton is so kind.

Cai – I liked all the stories.

Macey – I liked doing Maths with Miss Lawton.

Zoe – Miss Lawton is always nice to us.

Charlie – Bye Miss Lawton.  You’re great!

Hope – I’m going to miss her.

Emma-Leigh – Miss Lawton did my words with me.

Rosie – I liked doing electricity (led by Miss Lawton).

Maisie – I liked playing in the bakery (Miss Lawton set this area up).



Primary 4 have been working hard!

Primary 4 have had another good week back in Actual St Mary’s!

We worked really well learning about quarter-turns, half-turns, three-quarter turns and full turns. We turned anti-clockwise and clockwise. We were very good at predicting where we would be! It’s good fun learning about turns out in the playground or inside in the classroom!

We learned more about clothes in French and we learned about how Easter is celebrated in France. We learned lots of Easter vocabulary!

We worked hard in RE because we need to be ready for Holy Week, which is next week! We learned what each day in Holy Week is called and what happened on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Our display looks very good. Next week, we will join in with the Stations of the Cross at Assembly.

We continued to write our plays and we went outside to practise them. We also wrote a secret story! Shhhh!


Outdoor Learning – Primary 2

Outdoors clipart outdoor learning, Picture #3035370 outdoors clipart  outdoor learning

Primary 2 enjoyed some Outdoor Learning this morning.  It was so good to take our learning outside and explore the great outdoors!

April – I liked colouring in the small bit of wood.

Curtis – (it was fun) when we make dens for birds.

Tyler – I liked doing the lady bird hunt.

Harry – (it was fun) when we pretended to be a ladybird.

Zuzanna – I liked to go on the hunt for the ladybirds because I like to explore.

Daniel – It was good when we did ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

Maya – I liked closing my eyes and listening to birds in the woods.

Isabel – I liked playing the games and being outside.

Zak – I liked looking at the branches.


Rannoch Class in the Garden w.e. 19.3.21

It’s that time of year again – planting! How much the boys looked forward to this after last year when it was all cancelled due to lockdown! They were learning how to plant  beetroot & carrot seeds in the school garden. What a good job they did!  They also learnt more about recycling from a presentation led by P5 in their whole school assembly which was held in virtual Teams across the school. Rannoch Class continued their learning about famous painters, except this time focusing on one of the 4 Scottish Colourists, who lived around the late 1800s. These painters used bold bright colours in their artwork and loved to paint landscapes from the Scottish Islands, especially the Isle of Iona.  The boys finished their learning for now about money, by playing some money bingo and some money pairing games. They also learned a bit about St Partick the Patron Saint of Ireland and made a split pin leprechauns as a fun activity. Health and wellbeing continues to be a big focus for us – the boys learned more about coping strategies (what that means) and how they can use them when they are in the ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ zone with their feelings and emotions. It was a good busy week and the weather was great!

Mrs MacDonald

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