Landscapes and sunsets

February 19th, 2019


February 19th, 2019

Outdoor Learning Storage Container!

February 17th, 2019

Our Outdoor Learning storage container is just about ready for all the classes in the school to use! Teachers will be able to show their classes this week where everything is, and can start using it! New shelving has gone up all the way down one side. There is still a little more shelving to go up on the other side, just above the wheeled boxes. We hope that this will happen this week. The container is organised in a way that will make it easy for classes to find where things are. One really important rule for it to become a successful asset in supporting our Outdoor Learning is that we keep it very tidy after every learning opportunity!



Rannoch Class 11th -15th February

February 17th, 2019

This week Rannoch boys have busy learning how to play the ‘Skye Boat Song’ on the Xylophone! It was a lot of fun, but not easy! We still have a little more work to do and looking forward to it again next week with Mrs Nichol.

Our model Anderson Shelter is coming along nicely for our War time project. This week we did a bit more work on it, creating the ground work around it to give it an appearance of being ‘half underground’. We learned that Anderson Shelters were built half sunken into the ground to give them, and their occupants more protection during enemy air raids.

This week we learned how to make yummy Strawberry Jam and Apricot Tarts. They were fun to make with pastry. The tricky bit was placing the cross bits on the top!

The boys also made some lovely Valentine Cards for their Mums!


At our Whole School Sharing Assembly, we presented our class work on ‘Our Worry Clouds’. When we did the classwork, we were learning about each other’s worries and discussed how we might fix them. It was good to talk about the things that worry us.

Primary One Learning w.b.11.2.19

February 15th, 2019

Primary One have had a busy week, keep reading to find out everything we have been learning!

  • Maths- This week we have been continuing to focus on counting forwards and backwards to 30. We are also becoming more confident in knowing what numbers come before and after a given number. We have been using the Numberblocks to help us revisit our number bonds to 10.
  • Literacy- We have learned two new sounds this week (y and z). We have been doing lots of play based activities to practice these sounds in class. We also completed a reading task based on our books this week too to check our understanding of the stories. We also worked with our P7 reading Buddies too.
  • Social Studies- This week we have been working on our new topic ‘My Town’. We have been teaching Miss McCormack all about the places to see and things to do in Polbeth.
  • RE- We were very excited to find out that we were getting a visit from Archbishop Cushley soon and wanted to find out more about him. We learned that we should call him Your Grace when we meet him and drew a picture of him wearing his mitre and crook.
  • French- This week we sang Frere Jacques to Camembear and practiced saying hello, my name is and goodbye.

Amour de primary cinq

February 15th, 2019

This week we embraced Valentine’s Day making cards in French. Nous avons adoré faire des cartes de Saint Valentin. #scotlandloveslanguages

We also received our first letters from our Pen Pals all the way from Canada ! Hopefully we might be able to use some of our French with our new friends. We enjoyed reading about school life in Canada and writing back telling them all about our school.

Fish update: we are happy to report that we have been able to maintain the correct temperature for our fish and we now have a tank of Alvins.

Class talks have started and the quality of the work and effort has been fantastic! Well done everyone who has completed their talk so far.

French Phrase of the Fortnight – Late February

February 15th, 2019

Our new French Phrase of the Fortnight is J’ai soif and it means I am thirsty.

As you know, frogs don’t really drink in the same way that we do. They absorb water through their skin but Pierre realises that there are times when we feel thirsty so we need to know what to say.


Primary 4 and Rannoch have been working on Gymnastics!

February 15th, 2019

Primary 4 and Rannoch have been working on Gymnastics this term!

We have been learning to perform sequences on mats and on the equipment.

We can perform rolls, jumps and balances. We can also travel in interesting ways.

Here we are enjoying using the equipment!

P3 – Making French Valentine’s Day cards!

February 14th, 2019

Image result for valentines day french

Today Primary 3 made beautiful VALENTINE’S DAY cards.  We are going to take them home for our families.  Aren’t they beautiful?!



Primary 3 Update

February 13th, 2019

We have had another busy couple of weeks in P3.  In maths we have been focusing on shape, particularly 3D shapes.  We can name shapes, talk about their properties and categorise shapes.  We had time to label different shapes and   we even made some structures using 3D shapes.

We all impressed our teachers with our amazing personal talks.  We had to choose a famous Scottish person from the past and then prepare and deliver a talk.  We made amazing posters to aid us in our talks.  We presented talks on Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming, Mary Queen of Scots, Robert Burns, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Selkirk and Andy Murray.

In drama we created freeze frames to tell the story of Greyfriars Bobby.  A freeze frame, we learned, is like pausing the TV.  We thought of the 3 main events in The wee dogs life and created a ‘paused scene’ to show each event.

To end our Scottish IDL topic we had a tasting afternoon.  We wanted to try some traditional Scottish food.  We tasted Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Shortbread and Irn-Bru.  We then gave each food a star rating and wrote what we thought of each taste and texture.  We then decided which one was our favourite and wrote why it was our favourite.