Rannoch Class w.e.15th November 2019

November 15th, 2019

Learning for Sustainability – Litter Rota

Rannoch Class & P5 were on the Litter-Rota this week for Litter-Picking around our school. What a load of litter we found around the main staff car park, and that’s not because the staff drop litter- it’s because it is right beside the Chip Shop! Is there anything we can do about this? The boys did a great job caring for our Environment by picking it all up.




Some of the younger boys in our class got their first ‘big boy jotter’ for Maths this week! They were learning how to add 2 digit numbers to two digit numbers, without ‘carrying’.  Lots of hard neat work was done – well done! The older boys were learning about H,T, U and partitioning digits, sometimes crossing the ten, which required a lot of focus and determination. They used concrete materials to help themselves when they needed it.  The boys are also coming along nicely with Mental  Maths skills, managing to answer the questions mentally with greater accuracy! The Maths this week ended with a Maths Lego  board Game, really good for helping the boys to learn to ‘turn-take’ and accept the fact that it is not always possible  to ‘win’ every game, demonstrating ‘good sportsmanship’. This skill is one that quite a few members of our class are still working on. It was absolutely lovely to witness the younger and older boys  working together  playing  an online Maths game called ‘Chrome Dino Runner’ during their choose time! It utilised their Mental Maths skills at different levels, and they helped each other score. Fabulous!




Rannoch boys also learned this week about ‘Acrostic Poems.’  Acrostic Poems are like word puzzles in which certain letters in each line form a word – the boys composed their poems about their favourite animal.


Health & Wellbeing (HWB)

Rannoch boys were learning more about ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ which was a focus for us as a class, as it was World Kindness Day through the week. They explored all the different acts of kindness that they could possibly display with people they respected and loved. Some of the boys said there were Acts of Kindness they definitely couldn’t do, but that there were lots they could definitely do!  Some said they could work hard on some of them for the future, which was great learning!

P6 Visit Rannoch Class

Rannoch boys got a visit from some P6 boys and girls this past week. They read out wonderful letters they had written to West Lothian Council about all the plastic waste that we have within our school, and what we should do about the disposing of it all. One of the ideas was they thought it would be a good  that we stop getting the small milk cartons for morning milk time, and instead be provided with cups that can be re-used time and time again. What a great idea! We in Rannoch Class hope this really happens!


Assembly and other Activities

We attend Assembly every Monday. Having had Remembrance Assembly led by P6 this past week, one of our younger members in class made a lovely ‘Poppy’ out of Lego! How creative is that!

Rannoch boys love ‘doodling’ and working together on small projects in their choose time, here is some of the stuff they come up with! Some have liked the West Lothian Sumdog Challenge this week on the computer. Some of the boys have hobbies they love doing at home for example, coin collecting, and taking it in to show us here in school!


Cooking – Rannoch boys made Scones! 

Rannoch boys were learning how to make Scones this week! One of the secret ingredients was an ingredient called ‘Buttermilk’ !  They got their hands all messy and gooey with the mixture. They were fun to make! They were yummy to eat!

Science in Rannoch Class!

Rannoch boys were learning about the Condensation, Evaporation within the Water Cycle. Mrs Smith does a lot of Science work with them. They made their own wee demonstration of this to observe! They look great!

Primary 2

November 15th, 2019

Primary two
In class this week our writing and health and wellbeing focus has been on World Kindness Day. There were some great discussions around how we can be kind to others and what might not be kind to others. We took this forward and produced lovely work on how we can be kind as well as thank you letters to people who have been kind to us.
We have also been thinking about Catholic Education week, this complemented World Kindness day where we reflected on the Beatitudes and the Gospel teachings. Lovey, well thought of work was produced.
Continuing to look at our Day and Night topic we were concentrating on Nocturnal and Diurnal animals, thinking about why they prefer day and night and what our favourite one is.
We finished the week of with some great class talks, lots of confidence from our speakers and great audience skills practiced.

Ness Class Busy Building Eco Warriors.

November 15th, 2019

Ness class have been busy being making use of scrap materials to create their own creations.  This was inspired by a book that Chloe and Kevin have been reading called ‘Scrapman’.  Chloe used materials from the recycling to create her very own ‘Scrapman’ and the class then worked in teams to build dens in the class using left over cardboard boxes.  They worked together and although this was sometimes tough they ended up with two great dens which they used when it came to choose time.  It will be interesting to see how long the dens last, we hope that we’ll have them to play in for a little while longer.


It was also a day to say goodbye to Mrs Stevenson who is now leaving to go on maternity leave.  We hope that she’ll come back soon to visit us and we can’t wait to meet the new baby.  We presented her with flowers and a special Loch Ness t-shirt for Baby Stevenson to wear when he finally arrives.  We enjoyed eating treats that she had brought in for our last day.  We wish you all the best Mrs Stevenson.

French Phrase of the Fortnight – Late November

November 15th, 2019

This time our French Phrase of the Fortnight is

Mon anniversaire est le 21 Novembre.

It means …… My birthday is the 21st November.

This isn’t Pierre’s actual birthday as he hatched in the Spring, but maybe you know someone who can say Mon anniversaire est le 21 Novembre? Or maybe you can learn how to say when your birthday is? Bon chance!

Here are some photos of the class pets in Primary 4. They are practising the French Phrase of the Fortnight!

Can you hear us? Making Sound in P3.

November 14th, 2019

The current class topic in P3 is sound. We are exploring how sound is made and how it travels. This week we designed and made our own paper cup telephones.

A paper cup telephone works by sending sound vibrations along a tightly pulled string. We used the paper cups as both a microphone and a speaker. To make our telephones we used string, paper cups and a paper clip to hold the string in place. We had a lot of fun working together to create our phones and then communicate with each other through the telephones.


Primary 4 is Getting Ready to Celebrate Catholic Education Week

November 13th, 2019

Next week is Catholic Education Week and everyone in Primary 4 has been working hard to get ready to mark this important time.

We researched three saints: St Margaret of Scotland, St Columba and St Martin of Tours. St Martin is Father Marcin’s favourite saint.

We used books and the Internet to find out information and we had a special book to research the symbols of our saints.

We have also been learning about St Peter and we will be learning about St Ignatius soon.

Why are we learning about saints? Saints promoted the Gospel Values and that is the theme of this year’s Catholic Education Week. Saints also set us a good example of how to live our lives so that we eventually become saints too.

The Church says, ‘Here are the models for you to imitate. If you do what they did and if you listen to their counsel, you can achieve what they achieved.’

The  Catholic Catechism


P.1 Update 12.11.19

November 11th, 2019

Another busy start to the week.  This week we are learning the letters k and ck and we enjoyed learning the Jolly Phonics songs for these letters.  We  have been practicing the correct letter formation in our workbooks and we made kites up in the clouds.

We are continuing with our IDL topic of ‘where food comes from.’ We created our own vegetable farm in the sand tray.  We planted broccoli, onions, brussel sprouts and carrots.  It was great fun planting them in rows to look like a real field.  We sketched some fruit and vegetables that begin with k and c, carrots, kiwi and corn.

We are making good progress in our reading too.  We are getting good at pointing to individual words when we read them.  We enjoy the stories all about Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy.


Ness Class Busy with Litter Picking and Careers Fair.

November 11th, 2019

Ness class were on the rota this week to carry out litter picks around the school grounds as part of our ECO schools campaign.  Between rain showers we were able to pop out to take our turn.  The pupils enjoyed working in teams and we were pleased to see that there was only a little litter for us to collect.

Ness class joined P1 – P4 in the hall on Friday for our annual careers fair.  Mr Elliot and Mrs Saunders have been busy organising this behind the scenes for some time and it was great to have such a wide range of careers represented.  Pupils enjoyed visiting the firefighters at their table and having a chance to look at the equipment that they use as part of their job.  They also enjoyed meeting a computer programmer and having a chance to try out the equipment of a Paralympic skier.  It was great to see the visitors from the community gardens in Polbeth too and a visiting entrepreneur shared his invention to improve the sound quality of a guitar which Ness pupils enjoyed having a strum at.

November 10th, 2019

Well done to our fantastic three!
Representing St Mary’s as well as their respective swimming clubs Cara, Aiden and Isla participated in the West Lothian Schools Heats meet on Sunday the 10th of November.
Some fantastic swimming, good PB’s and great team spirit shown throughout the competition. A credit to the school.
All three swimmers participated in the 50free race, Aiden and Isla also participated in the 50 back race and Cara completed the 50 breast race.
Well done!

Eco Committee 8.11.19

November 8th, 2019

During the Eco Committee time today,  pupils did some work on Food & the Environment topic. It is one of 3 main topics planned for this session across the whole school. The other two are Litter, which is compulsory in every action Plan, and Global Citizenship. All classes have their litter rotas and making fantastic progress litter picking around the school. The School is also to focus on ‘Climate Action,’ one of the Global Sustainable Goals where ever they can through planning and different activities. This Global Goal was chosen by the pupils because of the current and ongoing Environmental crisis we have in our world.

Food & Environment Activity

The pupils worked in groups to brainstorm what kind of food they would like to cook and experience within the school curriculum,  bearing in mind our culture, sustainability and being practical and realistic about recipes. There was lots of discussion. We looked through some recipe books from for some ideas. We managed to make a list from all 4 groups. This will be collated and presented at the next meeting.