P6 Update

P6 have been creating a descriptive setting this week linked to our class novel, The Nowhere Emporium. We explored the use of figurative language and discovered how useful our senses can be when writing.  We also looked at the structure of our sentences and challenged ourselves to alter the order and extend them.

“My eyes wondered over to the table of food that was only a metre away.  I was astonished by the sheer amount of things to eat.  There was everything from chocolate strawberries to roast chicken.  The bright sunlight blinded me as I grabbed an apple from a nearby apple tree.  It crunched as I took a bite, the sweet juices flowing through my mouth like a river.”  Abbey.

“…there was an old-fashioned grey door.  It was hard to open.  After many tries, I finally succeeded and found myself in a forest not far from an ordinary medieval village.”  Karol.

“As I walked down a large, dim hallway, there it was, the door I was looking for…”  Aiava.

Have a lovely long weekend.


Primary 1 update

Primary 1 Parents are invited........ - Lochardil Primary School

Primary 1 have had another super week in school.  Our teachers are so proud of them!

Here are some of their thoughts…

Laila – I liked doing the jigsaws.  I did it all.  It’s a choo choo one.

David – I liked doing everything!

Connor – I made number 6.  I liked the story, Katie Morag.

Evie – We went outside with Mrs Gaffney.  I loved it.

Rosie – I like drawing on the board.  I can draw good number 2s.

Olivia – I played in the dolls house.

Michael – I played with the lego.

Grace – We learned ‘e’ (letter) egg starts with ‘e’.  I decorated Elmer.

Darren – I liked the story.  Kipper got a hair cut.  I did cutting out today.

Macey – I built a really, really, really tall tower.

Hope – I liked getting a sticker.  I liked writing.

Zoe – I drew a picture of my face.  I did a good picture,

Charlie – I made a big, big tower.

Rosie – We made patterns and I can do good ones with circles and triangles.




Primary 2 love reading!

We Love Books! Kids' writing competition on RTÉ Jr

Every day Primary 2 enjoy the opportunity to read a story in class.  We choose a book from our class library, and after reading it we swap books with the person sitting beside us,  This morning, Mrs Swanston was so impressed at how well we were doing with reading!  Some of us even got stickers for good reading!  Even though there might be some words we find tricky to read, we are trying to sound out the word or ask a friend for some help.  We love looking at the pictures too.

Kids Read Stock Illustrations – 8,563 Kids Read Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Louisa – Faith – I read a story about the fire station.

Jackson – My story was the earth.  I found out lots of things and I looked at the pictures.

Kornelia – I read a book about a tiger and crocodile.

JJ N – My book was about planets.

Sean – I like reading in the morning.

Harry – I liked reading about dinosaurs.

Bailley – I read a story about pigs.  It was a funny story.

Raeya – My story was about dragons and the little girl helped the dragon.  She wanted to be a knight.  I loved it so much.

Maya – I started to read “The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark”.  I liked the pictures and I tried some of the words.

Well done Primary 2 – you are all Building For Success!

Who is in the Box?

We had great fun with an empty cardboard box while we developed our vocabulary! We used it to help us learn about the other pupils in our class. We tried to guess who was hiding in it before they jumped up; we said their names when we recognised them.

Do try this at home (if you haven’t already done so)!

We then built another box with jumbo Lego bricks. We worked together to make it as high as it could be… every brick was used! Classroom objects were placed inside it and, to be able to see what was in the box, one pupil brought over the step stool from the sink and we all followed his lead and stood on it to look inside.

Can your child tell you what was in the box when they are shown these photographs?

Clues: an Elmer elephant toy, five forks… and a shoe!

Tay Class Wear Masks

We had fun wearing face masks in school. Tay Class pupils love dinosaurs, so where better to start? We cut around the templates and some of us managed to cut out holes for eyes. We stomped around the classrrom after we put them on. We even had a dinosaur who could count to 30! Can you recognise us?

Some of us have started to wear masks every day when travelling by taxi to and from school, how ‘dino-mite’ is that?

Tay Class Going on a Bear Hunt Photographs

This time, with photographs!

We found long, wavy grass in the school garden and walked through it, “Swishy, swashy!” Doesn’t it look like good fun? When we returned to the classroom, we painted grass effects, using grass stems.

We hope there are lots of puddles when we work with Mrs. Smith again… otherwise, how will we cross the river? Watch this space!

Rannoch Class w.e. 11.9.20

Rannoch Class were learning about the different ways of keeping clean for their project work on germs, and what the term  ‘personal hygiene’ means.

They were also in the garden, with the weather being a bit mixed this week, the boys were well kitted out for learning in all weathers! One of the boys was really keen to do some hammering in of the nails into the planters ready for the new season – good job!

Rannoch class are working at different levels at the addition of single and double digits in their maths/ numeracy work and also in more fun ways through maths / numeracy games.

Some of the class are making good progress with reading, managing to identify the title, author and the Illustrator, along with the main character in their book.

Busy Times in Ness Class

Ness class have been busy this week.  We’ve been enjoying some construction time with giant LEGO .  We’ve enjoyed some challenges to create LEGO people and the tallest of towers.


Ness class have been busy working on personal projects.  This involves some research and creativity to put together a power point on their chosen topic.  From extreme weather to favourite computer games and TV shows and special places in Scotland, we’re looking forward to sharing these with eachother.

Ness class have been busy exploring our outdoor areas.  This week, Ness class were creating bug hotels.  We’re hoping that we’ll get some guests staying soon.

Update from Primary 1

Glitter Star Cliparts - Cliparts ZoneToday we wrote super stories and drew pictures of our families.  After finishing writing our stories we read it back to the teacher and talked about our drawings.  We are starting to add lots of detail to our drawings!  Every one of us got a sticker for super work!  We enjoyed playing with our friends in the classroom and outside in the playground.  Friendship is one of our school values, and we are showing this every day in school.

Headstart Languages - Giving children a head start in languages and lifeWe met Camenbear again.  He is our friendly French teddy friend and he loves when we speak to him in French.  Today we all said “Bonjour” (hello) or “Salut” (hi) and “au revoir” (goodbye) to him and this made him so happy!  He comes from a country called France and we looked at some pictures of this country on the Smartboard.  Next week Camenbear  is going to teach us some colours in French.

Pictures of Number 1-10 | Free printable numbers, Printable numbers, Numbers  1 10 We liked playing Maths games today. We are working with numbers up to 10 and did some counting up to 20 and back to 0.

Dance Word Clipart , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey Music with Mrs Nichol was super fun today!  We were keeping a steady beat using instruments and joined in with fun music games.

Rabbit Class Blog We listened to a story about Kipper and his family, it was called “Getting Up”.  We are good at thinking about what might happen next and answering questions about the story.  We enjoyed today’s story and after listening to it we did a little reading activity.




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