Primary 4 can …

Each week, we reflect on our learning. We think about what we have learned and what we can do now. We update our chart which we display on our door.

Here’s a taste of what we can do now…..

In Maths, we have been working on the 3x and 4x tables. We know that we can use repeated addition or multiplication to work out sums. We used the 100 square on the computer to look at the patterns that the tables make. The 3x table looks like stairs but the 4x table looks like checks.

We made arrays using our counters and we worked out answers by using the arrays or the written tables or the counters. We had good discussions about working with multiplication.

In Literacy, we revised alphabetical order. We arranged ourselves in alphabetical order in our groups. The tricky part is when your name starts with the same letter as your friend! Sometimes you need to look at the second letter or even the third!

Many of us are using Task Maps with our reading books. You can choose which tasks to do. You can choose to explore some more about the text or read and understand or infer what’s not there. If you wish, you can reflect and respond or create something great or even connect four, when you think about how you would be if you were in the story. These tasks help us to think about and understand the story more.

In French, we have been working on colour but we are also revising our personal information. We made posters describing the colour of objects. Every morning, we figure out the date in French and we talk about the weather. It is mostly Il fait gris.

Soon we’ll be learning about Christmas in France!

In RE, we have been learning about Advent and we have created a beautiful display of all our Advent activities!

Soon we’ll be learning about the visitors who came to worship the Baby Jesus!

In Science, we created electrical circuits and we learned about conductors and insulators. We will be carrying out experiments next week to identify conductors and insulators in our school!


Primary 3

In Primary 3 this week we had lots of fun finding out facts about St Andrew.

We managed to find out lots of facts using our research skills and whilst doing it we enjoyed a traditional Scottish treat of shortbread.

As this week brought the beginning of Advent we took some time to explore what that means in the Church and how we prepare for Christmas. This was finished off on Friday when we celebrated mass with Father Marcin and Primary 6.

Christmas time bring with it lots of fun and our class Elf has arrived to cause some mischief.

We have started some Christmas crafts that we hope you will enjoy when we bring them home! We have been very creative using different materials.

In science we have worked together to create a life size skeleton diagram.







We have spent some time talking about the wellbeing indicator Achieving and what that means to us. In class we are aiming to celebrate and achievement every day. We agreed that this does not need to be a sporting achievement or something we win a prize for it can be for doing something we thought we couldn’t or learning something new. If we come home with an Achievement sticker please ask me what I achieved today!

Have a lovely weekend!

Weekly – 3.12.21

This week we have been putting the finishing touches to our African wall display by creating Ndebele homes using paper mache and a lot of glue.

We marked the end of Catholic Education Week by creating a poster that represents us coming together as a community to celebrate.

We celebrated mass with Father Marcin.  Willow helped us to mark the beginning of advent by lighting the first candle of our Advent wreath.  A special well done to Matilde who read a bidding prayer which was way beyond her comfort zone!  You should be very proud of yourself Matilde!

A big happy birthday to our Willow who celebrates her 10th birthday on Sunday.

St Andrew’s Day In Lomond

Lot’s of fun in Lomond learning about St Andrew.                                        We found the following facts:

  • St Andrew was a fisherman before he gave it up to follow Jesus.
  • St Andrew was crucified on an ‘X’ shape cross as he felt he wasn’t good enough to be crucified on the same shape of cross as Jesus.
  • A ship carrying some of his bones was wrecked off the coast of Scotland near the town we now call St. Andrews.
  • A Scottish King once had a dream before a battle where St. Andrew appeared to him. He went on to win the battle.

We rounded it all off by making ‘Saltire Biscuits’ to celebrate Scotland’s Patron Saint. Well done to all the boys for their research and their biscuit designs.

Last week of Gardening Club

As the nights are drawing in we have simply run out of daylight to continue after school.

We have managed to get through lots of work in the garden: moving planters, filling planters and planting seeds, planting trees and maintaining the grass.

We have learned how to carry and use tools safely and how to work as an effective team.

This week we were indoors decorating stones that will be placed in the garden as decoration. The stones that we used were found in our garden when we were digging.


We hope everyone enjoyed the club and look forward to seeing everyone back at gardening club in the spring..

Busy learning week in Primary 3

Busy learning week in Primary 3

This week is Catholic Education week. In primary 3 we have discussed the different celebrations in the church callander. We recalled Lent, Advent, Easter and Christmas.

We discussed how we can praise God and how it feels after we have been singing or playing an instrument.

We have all enjoyed using the play area to explore praising God. Painting fish, building churches, and making a large St Ninian.


In maths we have moved on to mass and have enjoyed weighing out different items in the class – discussing heavier and lighter.


We managed to get out into the school garden this week and we have planted lots of trees round the perimeter of the new school garden. We had lots of fun using the materials and felt proud that we were helping the environment by planting new trees.


Looking at the wellbeing indicators and the new indicator characters- gave us the opportunity to discuss every indicator and how / when we feel: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. After discussing how we feel we then got creative with names for the characters, we found this fun and had a full class vote in the end to agree on the names we would like to have put forward.

Have a lovely weekend !


Catholic Education Week in Primary 2

This week is Catholic Education week. In primary 2 we thought about different celebrations in the church callander. We recalled Lent, Advent, Easter and Christmas.

We learned about how we can praise God. We made trumpets to sing and dance with in class.


We have enjoyed playing in the middle area which has been set up with different activities for us to play with.

“I liked finger painting the fish” – Zoe

“I liked playing with the blocks” – Grace

“I liked colouring in on the wall” – Charlie

“I like using the pasta” – Rosie

Primary 4 had another busy week!

Primary 4 have had another busy week!

We started a new Word Boost book! It is Wanted! The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong. It is all about a dog which keeps stealing food! Our Boost Words were burden, carcass, banished, exaggerating, unpredictable and immensely. We learned the meanings of the words and we thought a lot about them. We can use them confidently now!

We have been working on subtraction for the last few weeks and we have been concentrating on working on subtracting 3-digit numbers.

In French, we have been working on Colours! We will practise using French Colours in school and at home!

In RE, we were working on learning about Advent and learning about celebrating and worshipping. We have made some lovely pictures to add to the school display for Catholic Education Week.

Our Reflective Reading work is going well and we are enjoying our reading books. We are thinking about what we are reading and we are sharing our opinions.

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