P7 Happy Campers day 2…

April 24th, 2019

Against all the odds the whole class DID sleep last night. An early rise began a very active day. Many challenges and much success.

Breakfast was quickly followed by Mountain Biking for one of the groups. Over 5 miles through forest tracks whilst enjoying a break with breathtaking scenery at the side of a secluded loch. The group handled the terrain well. A big shout out to Logan, who learned to cycle AND mountain biked all within an hour and a half. We were very excited for him.

Whilst this group were cycling, the rest of us were Kayaking on the boating lake. The group did so well learning new skills and cooperating with each other. Keanan proved to be King of the Lake!

After our lunch, the morning cyclists were kayaking… Logan, Riley, Morgan and Destiny ruling the waves during this session. Everyone had a go and we couldn’t help be amazed at their attitude towards challenge. Well done John, Kaitlyn and Paige for showing such resilience in order to succeed.

As this was going on, the others were tree climbing and rope climbing. A special shout out to Kyran, Olivia and Jayden who made it right to the top of the tree. Keanan worked hard and overcame his fear of heights whilst Abbie, Mason, Summer and Chloe all had valiant attempts to make it to the top.

We are now heading into our evening activities, eagerly but much much wearily than we did yesterday. Many tired pupils here tonight looking forward to at least 10 hours sleep 😉

Finally, good to see Mrs Mason and Alicia enjoying themselves as well.

P7 Campers Day 1…

April 23rd, 2019

After an uneventful bus journey the adventure begins! Mountain Biking and Challenge Course were the first activities. Biking took part away from the camp in forests outside Castle Douglas. The group had fun learning new skills and eventually completed a 4 mile forest circuit.

Challenge Course was particularly challenging but, working together as a team, the instructor was very impressed by the groups ability to help and support each other.

Dinner of pasta, stir fry, salad and ice cream was very much enjoyed by all and we are now heading off to our evening activities.

Everyone is having a great time and we will have some sleepy heads later… hopefully 😉.

Tune in for regular updates…


Whole School Litter Pick in Courier!

April 22nd, 2019


Sensory Skills Group – 4th April

April 5th, 2019

This week the boys had a wee go at decorating Easter biscuits! They enjoyed the challenge of rolling and playing with the coloured fondant icing. They also made some white icing and used a knife to practice spreading the icing over the biscuit, which held the various toppings in place. The boys had a lot of fun placing the various toppings on their biscuits! They took their finished biscuits home.


Rannoch Class 1st -5th April

April 5th, 2019

Rannoch boys started their week with a great trip to the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, East Lothian.  The boys visited the airfield and explored the history of aviation from the First World War to the present day. They saw amazing aircraft, including Scotland’s Concorde. They had fun on interactive exhibitions, all within acres of green grass and fresh air.

This past week was a celebration of ‘National Autism Awareness Week.’ Rannoch boys contributed towards our Whole School Autism Assembly. Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.

Rannoch boys were busy making Easter cards for their families this week. Their cutting skills were very much needed for this activity!


The boys were learning how to make Easter biscuits this week. They made a really good job of decorating them with both rolled fondant icing and normal water icing. They used food writing pens for the finer detail!



We had our annual School Community litter Clean Up this past week and Rannoch boys were involved too! It’s a great way to get everyone involved in taking pride in our School and local area. We picked up lots of litter around the place. As a school, we try to counteract litterbugs by being litter pickers. Everyone is encouraged to pick up any rogue bits of litter when it’s seen, and pop it in the bin!

Primary 4 leading the Lenten Mass

April 5th, 2019

Primary 4 led the School Lenten Mass this morning.

They shared their Lenten Display too!

Everyone joined in with this week’s Lenten Prayer before Mass.

Pupils were invited to take a number and match it to one of the Lenten Promises. This is one of the activities that Primary 4 have been doing throughout Lent.

Primary 5 class Lenten Enterprise

April 5th, 2019

This week in Primary 5 we set ourselves a big challenge of completing a sponsor silence in class. Everyone did exceptionally well and we have so far raised a grand total of £133!
We worked collaboratively in class to decide what our class enterprise would be to raise money for the Lenten Charity, MISSIO. Once we decided on a sponsor event we spent a lot of time talking about what we do to get sponsors and how we should be appreciative of any money we get.
The class are amazed by the generosity of their families and friends in supporting them to complete this challenge. This has allowed us to reflect on how lucky we are to have special people in our lives that support us. We also reflected on living the way Jesus would want us to and how this money will help others in more need.

School Lenten Fun Day

April 5th, 2019

What a fun filled day we have had a St Mary’s!
Lots of fun had while raising money for our Lenten Charity MISSIO. Well done to all involved, the preparation, and manning stalls and to all the children for coming along to raise funds.
Special mention to our winners, Nathan in Primary 1 who managed to win not one but two prizes, Samantha in Primary 4 and Jayden in Primary 7.
Special mention to Mrs Watson – who did her magic in arranging the hall.

Primary 3 – End of term reflection

April 5th, 2019

Image result for time for reflection word

What a busy term this has been.  We have worked incredibly hard and made many different types of achievements.  Our teachers are very proud of each and every one of us.  We are looking forward to a relaxing and fun Easter holiday.  Here’s some of our thoughts:

Matilde – I got better at joining up my writing.

Shannon – I liked doing Science.  We learned about sound.

Murron – I am better at writing stories.

Natasza – I enjoyed doing Greyfriars Bobby.

Erin – I liked doing my class talk about Alexander Graham Bell.  He invented the first telephone.

Sam – I like playing Sumdog on the iPads.

Kourtney – I liked learning about Lent and doing our Lent assembly.

Mario – I liked doing Letterjoin and I am joining up my words.

James – I liked doing my reading at our class Mass.


Easter Cakes in Primary5

April 4th, 2019

Today in Primary 5 we did some Easter Baking.
We made chocolate rice crisp nests and topped them off with chocolate eggs!
Lots of skills we applied to this, science, maths, health and wellbeing, literacy and RE, lots of fun had while discussing how all of our prior learning ties in!
We also enjoyed eating them; I hope some made it home today!