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Learning for Sustainability in P6 & Ness Class

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Even in amongst our busy Festive activities, P6 & Ness Class had a wee visit from Mrs MacDonald this week, where they were learning about ‘Sustainability’ . They learned that ‘Sustainability’ is not just ‘another subject to be taught’ like Mathematics or Literacy, but must be something that becomes ‘a way of life‘ and is embedded through every subject area in school, and lifestyle learning that they can take to their homes to shout out loud about. It is something they will need to know about for when they grow a little older when important lifestyle decisions will have to be made. The strong message was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where one can,  in just about every aspect of everyday living, and making sure that the correct sustainable choices are made so as we do not continue use up our beautiful Earth’s natural resources before it’s too late and there’s nothing left for the generations of people to come. Serious stuff and some great learning went on – thanks to the classes, got some  serious chatting going along with some thought provoking discussions!

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Waw! What a performance. Well done to all pupils in primary 1, 2 and 3 for their amazing performance in the Nativity this morning.  Everyone remembered their lines, their cues and sang their hearts out.  You have some extremely proud teachers and I’m sure all family members who were there are so proud of them too.  We couldn’t have asked for more.


French Phrase of the Fortnight – Late December

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Guess which phrase Pierre chose for us this time, everyone?

Yes! You’re right!

The French Phrase of the fortnight is:

Joyeux Noël !                         

It means Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noël, tout le monde!


School Christmas Lunch

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

St. Mary’s enjoyed their Christmas Lunch today and loved dressing up in Christmas jumpers for the occasion. Thanks to the P7s who served all the meals and also to the catering staff who are amazing.

Eco Committee December 2019

Friday, December 6th, 2019

The Eco Committee met to discuss the 2 main items on the Agenda.

Food & Environment

There was a display up for all the committee to see of what was discussed (‘pupil voice’)and pulled together from work done at the last committee meeting in relation to Food Technology across the school this session. The Pupils were invited to ask questions or suggest edits. They were also excited about the programme discussed. It was decided that this Food Technology plan will now be shared with teachers for the last two terms this session in the hope that a whole School push in Food Technology goes ahead as a vital part of the curriculum which supports Learning for Sustainability.


All the pupils went to garden and a general tidy up was done. Weeds were placed in the compost pile. Residual Litter was picked around the garden area and disposed accordingly. A Garden Plan will be made for classes, and addressed more for next meeting.

Date of Next meeting is 31st January 2020.

Anyone of our parents/ carers willing to come along to any of our meetings, lend a hand in the garden etc,  please just contact the school. You will be made most welcome!

Learning for Sustainability in St Mary’s!

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Four classes across the school (P3,4,5,&7) received some support from Mrs MacDonald-Spence (Rannoch Class) in learning more about Sustainability. St Mary’s is a Green Flag achieving School, something we are very proud of, and must keep up! ‘Climate Action’ is the Sustainable Development Goal chosen by our school as part of our Sustainable Education Action Plan (Eco-schools Scotland) across the school. Having this as a focus will help us achieve the renewal of our Green Flag, which is due at the end of this Session.

We need to constantly strive to continue to progress and improve Learning for Sustainability across our School’s Curriculum. The classes discussed what Sustainability means in relation to us and our Earth’s natural resources.  They discussed why we should be looking after this.  P4,5,7  learned about ‘renewable’ and ‘non-renewable’ resources, and how the use of both impacts our everyday lives, and in turn how that impacts on our Earth and the Global crisis we now have surrounding climate change. P4 pupils managed to go outside to pick their garden patch for Spring time in between showers! Pupils worked collaboratively in some classes, reporting back their findings on what informed lifestyle choices they can make now at home and in school, that will make a difference to our Environment, They made a list of how they can lead more sustainable lives themselves into the future.

The P3s, already having planned the research, were busy learning how to make musical instruments out of recycled materials collected. First of all they learned about the word ‘Sustainability’ and came up with a simple way of trying to remember it, using one word – ‘re-use,’ discussing what that meant, and why we were going to ‘re-use’ the recycled materials collected for making the instruments. After that lovely talk, they were so excited about getting started. Mrs MacDonald-Spence showed them an example of a 3D item made in her own class.  The pupils then went onto work collaboratively discussing shapes, sizes, problem-solving, trying different things out and gluing together. What a busy hive of activity, and the wonderful creative skills demonstrated by pupils was just so good! Well done P3!  Mrs MacDonald-Spence can’t wait to see the finished instruments! The message was strong across all the classes – try and lead sustainable lives, making great choices, not wasting things, and to always remember – ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ where one can! That message certainly goes for adults too!

The other classes not seen on this occasion will get an opportunity to experience this next term.

Primary 2

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Primary 2 have been getting into the festive spirit.
We have enjoyed working in our Christmas Post Office, wrapping and measuring parcels as well as making envelopes and stamps so we can send Christmas messages.
We have completed our Christmas craft enterprise activities and are very excited about coming to the Christmas fayre on Saturday, hope we see you there.
The Advent season is upon us and we have enjoyed re visiting the story of the birth of Jesus as well as celebrating Mass on Friday. We have took a moment of reflection each day to think about the
We have also worked hard to create an illustration of the hymn Angels we have heard on High. We had lots of fun turning ourselves into Angels on High; we hope you enjoy our artwork which is now on display in the hall.
In maths this week we have been looking at number patterns and how to extend them. Working out if the pattern is getting bigger or smaller as well as ordering numbers and items, biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest and learning the different language we can use for this. One of our practical tasks was getting ourselves in order from tallest to shortest…..without talking. We found this fun but challenging.

High Quality Questions- Maths P7

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

As we aspire to achieve the P7 Mathematics Benchmarks, we have to use our skills across different contexts linked to real life. We are using High Quality Questions to test our ability- these questions, if answered correctly, show us whether we are achieving the Second Level or not. Today we worked on a Problem linked to the popular sweets, Wine Gums. The question really had us thinking and we decided to use a range of concrete-pictorial-abstract methods.

Below, you can see how hard we are working in order to achieve success



A fabby week in P3!

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Primary three have had a very busy and exciting week.

Preparations for the Christmas Fayre are underway and we are all creating some beautiful crafts.

On Tuesday we had a drama workshop with Kat from Imaginate Theatre. She brought loads of cool props with her and we acted to some really funky music  We all worked together well and produced some amazing pieces of drama. We loved having Lewis from Lomond take part with us too.

This week we were also litter picking with Tay class. Take a look at the pictures of us keeping our playground beautiful.

We are very busy with nativity rehearsals! We spent some time in the playground spelling out our common words.


Primary 2

Friday, November 29th, 2019

In Primary 2 this week we have been very busy learning about the patron saint of Scotland, St Andrew. We have created beautiful work to honor St Andrews Day, the 30th of November.
We have also been spending some time on stage getting ready for our Nativity. It would be great to practice our lines at home.
With our school fayre coming up we have started to make beautiful items that will be available to buy on the day.
Lots of boys and girls have been forgetting their reading books, it is very important to bring our reading books into school every day.
PS we can’t share too many picture this week or it will give our craft ideas away!