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P7 have their day in court!

P7’s day in court finally arrived as we took part in Mock Court Junior Trials. After a lovely treat of pizza and chips in the hall, we boarded the coach and headed to CBC House in Edinburgh City Centre.
One half of the class formed the Pursuers team, and the other the Defenders, and we had to compete against other P7 classes from different schools to try and win our court case!

In our team were two lawyers, a researcher, court artist, journalist, gown designers and three witnesses. We have been working for months to familiarise ourselves with the court case including writing a legal writ, preparing questions, productions and designing our gowns.

In the Pursuers court room, Advocate Mr Markie said that he was inclined towards our team to sustain the plea in law (which means we won) and awarded us £4,000! In the Defenders court room, our team ensured the competing Pursuers from the other primary school were denied any damages at all! They cross examined the other school’s witnesses so skilfully that the judge had no option but to award us a complete victory! In other words both our teams completely smashed it!

We have since been writing about our Mock Court trip in class and have been discussing how it enabled us to find out more about the world of work and what it might be like to work in court or as a lawyer.

The project is not over yet! We are now preparing our court artistry and newspaper front pages and will wait to hear how we’ve been marked, and if we will progress to the national finals! We hope to see you in court again soon!


P7 get ready to go to court!

P7 have been practising all week for their Junior Trials of their Mock Court project, which take place today in Edinburgh city centre!

This afternoon’s trials will be livestreamed to parents (details via groupcall email) and will see pupils take on another school in the court room as they debate the case of Apple Byte and Sam Sim and who caused all the damage at the unauthorised party! Pupils have been working as two teams – the Pursuers and the Defence team and have been practising their questioning and cross examinations for a number of weeks!

It has been a fascinating project and we’ve learned so much about the world of work and court of law! Look out for another post soon about our Mock Court experience as we head for our day in court!

Festive fun in Primary 3

Primary 3 have enjoyed lots of festive fun in with our learning this week.

We have watched a Pantomime, recorded the Nativity, made Christmas trees, made Christmas cards, watched a Christmas movie, had Christmas lunch and planned our Party for Monday! Phew

As well as all the fun we also finished our information reports by typing them up on the laptops. We also continued to practice our sounds every day.

In maths we have finished off our temperature topic and are ready to move on to a new topic in January. We all have our maths books home with us and there is a “review” section that can be completed at home.

We are all looking forward to our class party on Monday.

Maya  – I enjoyed making the Christmas trees.

Isabel –  I enjoyed watching the Christmas movie.

Harry – I enjoyed working on maths.

Zuzanna, Jackson, JJ and Kornelia – we enjoyed recording the Nativity.

Leo – I enjoyed making Christmas cards.

Have a lovely weekend

Primary 7’s experiment and how we are getting ready for Christmas!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Primary 7! We have been learning about energy and how it cannot be created or destroyed; but it can be transformed from one form to another. We conducted an experiment to test this and found that we could create some simple energy transformations in class.

We have also been getting ready for Christmas and have been doing some Christmas writing, drama, and making some beautiful craft from wood and felt.

And we have been rehearsing and filming the whole school Christmas Sway which we are sure you will enjoy! Here is a picture of our soloists singing a beautiful Christmas Carol.

St Andrew’s Day In Lomond

Lot’s of fun in Lomond learning about St Andrew.                                        We found the following facts:

  • St Andrew was a fisherman before he gave it up to follow Jesus.
  • St Andrew was crucified on an ‘X’ shape cross as he felt he wasn’t good enough to be crucified on the same shape of cross as Jesus.
  • A ship carrying some of his bones was wrecked off the coast of Scotland near the town we now call St. Andrews.
  • A Scottish King once had a dream before a battle where St. Andrew appeared to him. He went on to win the battle.

We rounded it all off by making ‘Saltire Biscuits’ to celebrate Scotland’s Patron Saint. Well done to all the boys for their research and their biscuit designs.

P7’s catholic education week and preparing for Mock Court

This week for catholic education week P7 created a whole class image of Jesus as the Shepherd, reflecting the beautiful message of Psalm 23. The whole class worked as a team to create this striking image, with pupils cutting and measuring paper, making sheep, using material to fashion hair, robes and cape, and making a shepherd’s crook out of brown paper. This lovely collage will soon be on display in the school.

Also this week very exciting news as we have a trial date for Mock Court in a few weeks time! P7 will now be very busy over the coming days with their roles of gown designers, wig makers, witnesses, solicitors, researchers, court artists and more! There’s lots to do and P7’s recent drama lessons have certainly helped them think about how to get into character, how to be a confident speaker and how to be convincing! All rise! P7 are about to go to court!