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Gardening and other Learning with Rannoch Class w.e 18.9.20

Rannoch Class had a really busy week in the garden, learning new gardening skills which included transporting soil using the wheelbarrow, raking the soil, sawing some wood, screwing nails into the fence slats using a cordless screwdriver, all skills they will need and sure will use when they have all grown up! They made bird feeders using lolly sticks and hung them up in the garden. So proud of our Class!

In this week’s Assembly, Habit 7 – ‘Sharpening the Saw’ was the focus. Rannoch Class learnt about how they should do more things for themselves – in our class we try and encourage and support each other  in every way possible so as they can do more things for themselves.

This week the class were doing a variety of learning activities in Maths – counting in 5s, some learning the addition of  HTU for the first time, others making stories of 10 using Cuisenaire Materials and they all played Maths games re-enforcing their learning.

Primary 7

What a super start to our year! We have been enjoying getting back into our routines and loving being back in school. A happy beginning to our P7 year where we have been focusing on Health and Well being learning about the Wellbeing Indicators whilst having lots of fun! Our class Motto is: Making Mistakes Is The Beginning of Learning.

First week of Primary 3

Wow it has been great to be back in school! Everyone has grown so much and lots of us have lost some teeth!

This week we have have been focusing on our Emotions. We have use the stories “The Colour Monster” and “The Colour Monster goes to School” to help us articulate how we are feeling about being back at school after such a long time at home. We have had some great discussions! We have had a good chat about keeping ourselves safe in school and how school looks a bit different but also recognising that there are lots of things that are still the same.

Please remember to bring a water bottle into school with you next drinking waterweek as we cannot use the water fountain.

PE will be on a Wednesday – we should come to school on a Wednesday in our PE kit ( we will not be getting changed in school).


Looking forward to a great week 2!

Primary 5 ‘s First Week.

Primary 5 are happy to be back at school.  We have missed our friends while we have been working from home.

We began the new term by learning all the new things that we would have to do to keep ourselves and others safe.  We also began to write a personal piece of writing about the feeling we have returning to school.  We were able to talk about anything that we were worried about.   We are getting used to our new routines and doing things a little differently.

We have signed up to follow the school values again and we have begun to design a new class charter.  We have chosen a minions theme and we have 7 rights that we will be focusing on this year.  We will show you when we are done.


Farewell Tay Class, Hello Summer Holidays!

We can’t believe we have come to the end of the school year, it feels so strange not to see you to wish you all a very:


Thank you to all of your parents who have kept you safe and helped you to keep learning in so many different ways!

It has been lovely to watch you grow and bloom in your time in Tay Class. We have missed you so very much and can’t wait to meet you again in August; to see for ourselves how tall you have grown and to hear all of your stories!

We don’t suppose any of us will be going very far this year but remember to switch off, relax and enjoy yourselves over the Summer break!

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun by Super Simple Songs

Summer Song for Kids by The Singing Walrus

God Bless, Stay Safe and Be Kind!

With love from:

Mrs. Hannah

Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. Donnelly

and Miss Jenkins

Uniform Swap Shop Appeal 2020-2021

As part of our School Improvement work, we are hoping to run more Uniform Swap Shops for families to use next session.

We are sure that many of your children will have outgrown uniforms that are in nearly-new condition! We would also like P.E. kit and other types of clothing, for future events, if possible.

Due to Fire Safety regulations, we are sorry not to be able to offer to store these in school, unless your child is in Primary 7 and moving on to High School (in which case please feel free to hand things in before they leave)!

If you are planning to try on and sort out clothing, we ask if you would very kindly store any items at home over the Summer holiday and send into school as early as possible in the new session.

We will let you know if there is a good response to this appeal and then figure out a safe way for families to access extra items. Please feel free to pass on suggestions or indeed requests.

Thank you, in anticipation, for your support.