Try at home ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar independent making fruit smoothie,snack ”

Good morning everyone !!!!

Please see  how busy Harry was this time. ,

Harry loves to listen to the story of ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” One of his favorite passage is when caterpillar eats delicious fruit, delicious apples, pears, plums , strawberries and  oranges ……
Yum Yum thought Harry, he loves fruit so much that  he decided that he would also be like a caterpillar and will make delicious fruit smoothies. Harry prepared his own ”  The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit smoothie recipe. He used ingredients such like : 1 yellow banana, 2 juicy big red apples , 3 small ice cubes , 4 red yummy strawberries and  1 glass of orange juice.   Carefully chopped all the fruits, put them in a blender, then added orange juice and ……… blend  everything together.
Harry and Miss Collins enjoyed the smoothie with 3 small ice cubes . Yummy Yummy in my tummy  ; said Miss Collins and Harry.

Try at home challenge for all of you 🙂 

So you too can be like a Hungry Caterpillar and like Harry make your own smoothie  or snack, using your own recipe. You can tell us what ingredients you used, how much you used, whether they were big or small, where hard or soft, what shape they were etc.

Please share your smoothies or snack  with your nursery  friends by sending us photos, videos.

Good luck everyone 🙂
And here is a special  song for you all 🙂

Try at home ” Syllable scavenger hunt with Harry ” Support early years literacy

Hello everyone 🙂
We have Thursday today, how are you?  🙂   🙂    🙂   🙂   🙂
Our little friend Harry would like to share with you a great syllable game ,to which he would also like to invite you  to play    🙂

Please see how to play  see  the  photo below 🙂


Now is time to see   what Harry  found  ……..
Harry found 6 different items such as  :   soup tin   , calculator , egg, battery ,       tulip, candle

    egg 1 syllable

     tu -lip     2 syllables

     bat-ter- y    3 syllables
   cal-cu-la-tor   4 syllables

Well done Harry great job !!!

And  what do you think  will find which has 1, 2,3,4, syllables. We can’t wait for your finds.  Please share photos ,videos  with your nursery friends 🙂

Good luck everyone !!!  🙂

”Healthy Eating Guidance at BEYC ” ”Together We Can Parents Info – Healthy Eating BEYC”

Dear Parent /  carer.
At Bathgate  Early Yeas Center  we are continually reviewing our practice and procedures in order to provide the best care and support for your children.
Each month we as a staff team review one of our procedures our guidance.  In May, we’d like to invite you to review the “Healthy Eating Guidelines at BEYC” and share ”Together We Can Parents Info – Healthy Eating BEYC” .  We really value your feedback, so we’d be delighted if you could give us your comments or suggestions by sending an email to the following email address

To access the  Healthy Eating Guidance and Together We Can
Enjoy Healthy Eating.
Please click on the links below.
Healthy Eating Guidance BEYC

Together We Can Parents Info – Healthy Eating BEYC

Many thanks

Nursery Team

Try at home ” Homemade play-dough ” Support Early Years Math’s .

Hello Everyone  🙂

We hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Everyone knows that Harry  likes to be busy trying new fantastic activities that support his learning.  Last night Harry came up with the idea of making homemade   play-dough.  Making and using  playdough was a great fun and developed Harry’s  understanding  of  a range of mathematical  concepts  including counting , measuring e.g. wight ,length  , shapes  ,developed problem solving and reasoning skills through trying out ideas ,and thinking about how to change them if they don’t work.  He would like to share with you all how to make a  play-dough.    

So your challenge is ” Make your own play-dough ”   

You can follow  Harry recipe 🙂

And if you want, you can add additional ingredients, e.g. paint or food coloring to the color palydough, scents  essence. And when your play dough is ready, you can make a nice playdough model by adding things that can be found in the garden or kitchen cabinet, e.g. stick, leaves, flowers, pebbles, rice, lentils, pasta, herbs, etc.

You will need ingredients such as  : flour , salt ,water  .
You will also need: a spoon, a large bowl, a cup.


And  follow Harry’s recipe ….
Put into a large bowl ;
2 cups of flour 

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water 


And mix it all together   until all ingredients turn into a  play-dough.       When Harry’s play dough was ready, he decided to stick 3 sticks he found in the garden, then took the pasta out of the cupboard, and put it one at a time on each stick … guess how many pasta he put .. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 !!! Yes ”15” pieces of pasta well done 🙂

Please share your playdough  making experience and  your amazing playdough  models with your nursery  friends by sending us photos, videos.

Good luck everyone 🙂





”Harry the Hedgehog wishes everyone a Happy Easter ”

                                                    Good Morning Everyone 🙂
We hope  everyone is doing well 🙂

 Are you excited  about  Easter ?  …………………Harry is very excited !!!
 And because  Harry  is so  excited that he came up with the idea of  creating  his own Easter bonnet. He asked Miss Collins to help him, together they looked for things that they could use for Harry’s Easter bonnet ,they searched and searched and they still couldn’t decide what to use .   Suddenly Miss Collins remembered that  in one of her drawers she  should still have collage that  she  used the last time . 
 She took out different colour of shreds paper  , paints and Easter crafts, showed it to Harry, and then asked: “Harry, do you think this is suitable for your Easter bonnet ?” ”
Harry jumped excitedly and shouted: “It’s beautiful, that’s what I was looking for to make my Easter bonnet.”  Harry sat down to work and made his own Easter bonnet of green and yellow paper, carrots, Easter eggs, ladybugs, a flower and a small rabbit on the front his Easter bonnet .Then with a big smile on his face, he put it on his little head and said “Now I’m ready for Easter
Then he added  ” I wish you all a happy Easter.”

If you want to share your excitement with your nursery friends about Easter, please send us photos and videos  🙂

Try at home with Harry the Hedgehog Make your own homemade game or props to explore numbers ,match and sort .

Hello everyone 🙂

We hope everyone is doing well !!!
As you already know Harry is a nice hedgehog who likes learn  new things all the time …


Last night Harry wanted to play  a math  game e.g. count, sort and match .So together with Miss Collins , they designed a  math game to support Harry in learning how to count ,match ,sort ,and recognize numbers .
They drew 8 houses, wrote the number on each of them, and then cut out the squares on which they wrote the number and  drew various shapes corresponding to the number on the house.

When the game was ready, Harry and Miss Collins played the game for a long time , counting ,matching and sorting  .  …. because …. “” It was great fun, “said Harry and Miss Collins.

So everyone… Try at home challenge is  .   Create your own homemade  math game that will support the development  of  at least one or all of the following skills e.g.   counting, matching, sorting and recognition of numbers. Use your creativity and use everything that you like e.g. you can draw,  cut out, use household items, toys etc.

Please  share  your ideas with nursery friends  by sending photos ,videos 🙂

Good luck everyone !!!


Try at home :Can you draw a picture of a colorful bear? Can you tell and show us your favorite toy? :)


Hello everyone 🙂

It’s Wednesday . How are you today ? .

This morning, Miss Collins and Harry noticed something out of the window, something was  lying on the grass leaning  against the tree. Because they were very curious about what it could be, they went outside to see what it was. As they approached, they saw a beautiful picture of a colorful bear. On which it says: “Well done, you found me on a Bear Hunt”
– How exciting !!! thought Miss Collins and Harry the Hedgehog 🙂

Try at home challenge  ; Here is a small task for all of you.  Can you draw a picture of a colorful bear?
Maybe you have a cuddly toy or any toy that you like very much and want to show and tell us about it?

Please share your  fantastic  pictures , and  your favorite toy  with our nursery friends and send any photos and videos.

Try at home challenge with the hedgehog Harry ” You can also be an engineer and build a tower?” Support early years math’s.”



Hello Everyone 🙂 It’s Tuesday today .

How are you today? Let me share with you what our little friend Harry the Hedgehog  did?

Harry decided to help in the spring cleaning. He started by cleaning kitchen cupboards.
During  cleaning Harry  came up with a great idea? …
He thought, “I want to be like an engineer and build and create various structures.”
So Harry started building, putting one can on top of another, Harry built a tower.
 ”WOW” he said I built a tower with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 tins , which he found in the kitchen cupboards. 
So today your Try at home challenge is … Can you build a tower  like Harry did?

You can use blocks  ,Lego,  cardboard  boxes ,tins  or anything else you can find  in your house .

We would love to know, how many objects did you used ?
How tall is your tower ?

Please share your tower 🙂  with our nursery friends and send any photos and videos .

Achieving Allan says  You too can be an engineer and  build  your own tower .

                                      Good luck everyone 🙂

Home challenge is … ”You can be an explorer” .  Support heath and physical development .

Hello everyone  🙂

It’s Monday , we hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  Today you can be an explorer .Explore nature in your garden to see what you can find ?
Maybe you will find :

  • Some minibeasts?
  • Icy winy spider  who climb  up the water spout , or his web ?
  • Or maybe some more signs of spring?

What do you think  you’ll  find ? We look forward to hear from you 🙂

Please share your findings  with our nursery friends and send any photos and videos.



Try at home challenge ” Mathematical adventure in your home or garden ” Support early years maths.

Everyday experiences can become mathematical adventures !!!
Mathematical adventure offer opportunities for children to develop their understanding of range of mathematical concepts e.g. numbers ,counting, space ,measuring ,shapes and patterns ,sorting and matching .

Try at home challenge is …  Have the adventure in your home ,garden and see if you can try to do at least one thing from the list below? 

  1.  Can you find 2 things that match together?
  2. Can you find 1 big ,medium, small object?
  3. Can find one or two items with numbers on it?
  4.  Can you spot different shapes ?

Please let us know how your mathematical adventure went through sharing photos and video with us.

Good luck  everyone !!!!!