Try at home challenge : Den building ,supports children’s independent learning skills.

Hello everyone 🙂

Everyone knows that Harry really likes ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar ” story. Last week, While listening the Very Hungry Caterpillar story and looking at the pictures Harry commented on which food on which food he really liked to eat.

This week, Harry felt inspired by listening to the next part of the story……
‘Now he wasn’t hungry any more ,and he wasn’t a little caterpillar any more.He was a big ,fat caterpillar. He built a small house ,called a cocoon .’

So Harry decided to build a small house / den, just like the caterpillar built its small house called the cocoon. Together with Miss Collins Harry built beautiful den using blankets and  sheets.

Try at home challenge ...
So do you also want to take the challenge, and how Harry build his own indoor or outdoor den /house ?

Building dens enable children to develop and strengthen their creative skills, deciding on not only structure but appearance too. You can  offer a range of materials and tools to support their decision making and creative thinking. This activity enables children the space and time to create something individual to themselves and spark their imagination. Resources such as blankets, sheets, wooden pegs, boxes or ribbon can be used to create dens. Building activities will support gross and fine motor skills, whilst developing good hand-eye coordination.
Please share your den building journey  with your nursery  friends by sending us photos, videos.

Good luck everyone 🙂
Nursery Team

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