Try at home challenge ” Roadside litter scavenger hunt ”

Hello everyone .
Did you know that 475 pieces of litter are dropped every minute in Scotland?  We are really good at putting our litter in the bin at BEYC as we know it is not safe or good for the environment.  Have you noticed any litter when on a walk with your family? We NEED YOU to help but not by picking up the litter but by taking part in a litter survey on your next walk.

All you need to do is either count all the pieces of litter you see and write them down as tally marks on a piece of paper.  Alternatively you can use the survey sheet attached to tick each time you see a certain type of litter.

KEEP SCOTLAND BEAUTIFUL say if we know how, where and what types of litter are causing a problem in our community, we then have a better idea of how to fix the problem.

Taking part in a litter survey is a great way for people of all ages to enjoy some exercise while making a real, visible difference to the environment at the same time. 

Make sure you’re following government guidelines on social distancing.   

You will need:

  • Survey sheets – print ours or make your own
  • Pen or pencil
  • Hand sanitiser

    Please share your results with us with
    hashtag #EcoSchoolsAtHome

  • Have fun everyone 🙂 
  • Nursery Team 

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