Aug 272015

Meet the House Captain Team (HCT):

Josh Cunningham - Head Boy

Josh – Head Boy

Eva Mackechnie

Eva – Head Girl






Ray Jamieson - Strachan House Captain

Ray – Strachan House Captain

Cameron Newall - Bruce House Captain

Cameron – Bruce House Captain






Eve Holgate - Macpherson House Captain

Eve – Macpherson House Captain

Rachel Quinn - Hardy House  Captain

Rachel – Hardy House






House points total:

Macpherson: 10,790

Hardy: 7,297

Bruce: 8870

Strachan: 5,565



We had our first Big Balbardie Blether of the session on Friday 6th November. We discussed Golden Time and Golden Club and came up with lots of ideas that could make them even more ‘Golden’.

Click on the link to read more:
BBB 1 Feedback



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Nov 232015

Our Assembly was on Friday 20th November we worked on it about France and the French are some photos of us !100_2825




IT’S NEARLY TIME100_2837 100_2839
















Thank you everyone for being a fabulous audience at our Assembly. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.100_2867 - Copy

From Mrs Aitken and P4/3


Nov 222015

We have busy learning lots in school these past couple of weeks.

In maths we have been learning all about money ready for the Christmas Fayre.  We have taken part in lots of different activities to help us to recognise the different coins.  We have also started counting it.  Next, we are going to learn to add different values of coins together.


We currently have a science lab in class.  We have been watching videos to learn about different topics like forces, both the visible ones like magnets and floating but also ones we can’t see, like gravity.  We have had lots of fun carrying out experiments.  Before we do an experiment we need to ask a question (what we want to find out) and saw what we think will happen.  We then carry out the experiment, making careful observations before finally sharing our conclusions.  These are photos from our sound experiments…

110_2535 110_2536

We learned that the different ammount of water changed the pitch of the sound.

At the moment we are learning about space.  The sun is made up of helium and hydrogen.  It is really big!

In Health and wellbeing we have been learning about the skills that make successful collaborative group work.  This week we each had our own job that we were responsible for but we all had to make sure that we helped to complete the challenge.  His week we were learning about getting everything you need quickly.

110_2551 110_2557

(this is us enjoying the results of our hard work :) )

Nov 202015

This week we have been learning about money. We have been learning about the different coins that we can use and we have been buying things from Mrs Collings’ fruit basket. We have also thought about the different ways we can make 10p using the smaller silver and bronze coins.

We continue to practice our Nativity songs and are learning about going on and off the stage.

In science we have been learning about how the earth moves around the sun and how it spins (but we don’t get dizzy – Jess). When the earth turns slowly, we get day and night time. Day time is when we are facing the sun. Night time is when we are not facing the sun.

In art we started decorating our candles for the Christmas fair. We are going to finish them off next week. With our buddies, we made posters for the Christmas fair.

We have also been talking about babies and the care that they need. We have thought about the things we need to have in the house when a new baby arrives. We also thought about questions that we have about babies.

Lots of children have been working hard to move up the Steps towards the Golden Club.

Our pupil of the week was Keira for being a kind and thoughtful member of P1c.

Article 28 – The Right to an Education.
(Pictures to follow)

Nov 202015

Ramsay’s highlight of the week was his audition for the primary six show.  It was Zoe’s highlight too.  We will know at 12.00 today what parts we have got – great excitement!

In drama we used our audition scripts and were designing costumes and the set for  our show.

In PE we are continuing our gymnastics work.  We focussed on balance, rotation and flight.  We did headstands and different gymnastic balances.

In LAC we completed science experiments on friction.  We made parachutes out of paper, string, paper clips and cellotape.  We had a competition to see which one was the slowest to land.  We have finished our owl pictures and we wrote our letters to Hogwarts accepting our positions.   We also completed our newspaper articles about Harry Potter.

In Maths we are focussing on time.  Ramsay enjoyed this work and found it easy!

In RME we are continuing to learn about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.  We now know the difference between a menorah and a hanukkiah.  We were set a challenge to find out the name of the middle candle, which is larger or smaller than the other eight. It is called the shamash.

In Health and Wellbeing we are focussing on learning about drugs awareness.  This week we were learning about how to say, ‘No’ if friends asked us to try them.  We said what we would rather do than take drugs.  We know that there are illegal and legal drugs.

Zoe Dunbar and Ramsay Horn


Nov 202015

Olivia, Millie and Keira: We enjoyed maths this week.

Demi, Brodie, Robbie and Isla: We enjoyed learning about Mary Queen of Scots this week!

Freya and Rachael: We enjoyed French and RME this week.

Daniel: I like finishing my story about recycling this week.

Eva and Breanna: We liked reading and spelling this week.

Lucy R, Kelsey, James and Aidan: We enjoyed P.E. this week.

Lucy M: I liked watching P4/3’s assembly on France.

Grace and Arran: We liked writing in our review jotters and reviewing our next steps.

Ava: I liked our shared Golden time this week with P4a and P4/3.




100_1927 100_1928

Nov 202015

Pupil of the week – Caitlin

Table of the week – Buzzers

This week we have been concentrating on verbs and adverbs. Lots of us have found adverbs very tricky! We did a fun activity where we had to all write a verb on the board and then we had to go around the class and each person had to choose a verb from the board and give an adverb to go with it. We all found this really useful and everyone now feels more confident.


We are planning a three stage imaginative story about an alien who visits Scotland. When we write up our story we will apply what we have learned about verbs and adverbs, nouns and adjectives. We will also use rely on what we have been learning about the Scottish landscape and climate to make our story more detailed and interesting.

In maths we have been learning about vertical multiplication. We have discussed what we have already learned about addition and subtraction that might help us with vertical multiplying. We revisited these concepts before starting the multiplication and it helped lots us to make connections about carrying and decomposition. This links with the work we are doing on metacognition and intelligence.

Chocolate geology!!!

We used an egg to show what the inside of the earth is like. The egg was hard boiled then cut in half. The yolk represented the core, the white represented the mantle and the egg shell represented the earth’s crust.


We cut into a crunchie and the inside reminded us of igneous rocks then we cut a slice from a caramel wafer and that represented sedimentary rocks with all its layers. Finally we placed a curly wurly into a sandwich bag and sat on it. After about quarter of an hour the heat and pressure from our bodies had changed the shape of the curly wurly and this represented metamorphic rocks which are rocks that are changed by heat and pressure. Here are some pictures –




Have a great weekend!

Nov 202015

This week in P5B we have enjoyed learning about lots of different things….

I enjoyed listening to the P3/4 assembly.  Colin & Jordan

I enjoyed doing the maths maze and practising the 3 times tables. Gary

I enjoyed art because we learned how to draw like Quentin Blake.  Katya

I liked art because I enjoyed drawing.  Mark

I enjoyed chocolate geology because we made mountains from Oreos. Cameron & Paige

I enjoyed doing the 3 times tables because I didn’t know them before but I have started to know it.  Harry

I learned to paint with water colours.  Stacey

I liked it when Mrs Davidson came in and learned how to draw using a shape. Aiden



Nov 202015

In our maths work this week we have been learning how to tell the time using oclock and half past the hour.  We have also been practising our mental maths tasks and counting forwards and backwards in 10’s up to 100.

In drama this week we had Mrs Gray taking our class and we made wonderful scary skeletons!

In our topic work we have been learning about a brave dog in WW1 calles Sgt Stubby.  He was a dog who would smell poisonous gas and alert the soldiers to danger.  We made super Sgt Stubby masks for our class display.

In P.E we now know how to travel safely (running, galloping, side-skipping, hopping and jogging) using our own space.

Achievements this week:

10 new step 5 people :-)

Ammie-Leigh, Farrah, Blaire, Donna, Ellis, Tamsyn, Erin, Maisie, Murray and Mia-Well done!!

Jodie started Tae Kwon Do and is enjoying it

Farrah moved up to a Junior class in dancing

Blaire has started tap dancing lessons

Ruby has learned how to build lego cars

Charlie has moved up a skateboarding level

Well done to Luke for making a fantastic start to his new school

Pupil of the week:Blaire

Nov 202015

We have been learning about money in Primary 1a this week.

Lily – We have been taking away money and adding up money.
Kyle – That means we are learning to take away, add and use money all at once!
Orlaith – We have been learning about playing “money bingo”
Elena – You are not allowed to cheat at “money bingo”
Luis – You have to get all the money on the boards
Isla – We were learning about how to make the same amount of money using different coins
Tiana – We were using more than one coin




We are looking forward to learning more about money next week. We cannot wait to do some shopping in the classroom!!

Article 28: The right to learn and be educated

Nov 202015

Well we have been busy busy busy this week! First of all we were set challenges in maths by Tiny Tempah, Chipmonk and One Direction – and we certainly showed them!  We used a variety of strategies that we have been learning to solve the problems, and although Tiny Tempah had us thinking really hard, we certainly showed One Direction that maths is our direction, by solving their problems as a team!

In Technology this week we used iPads to help us design our 3D mythical creatures from our Writing.  We can’t wait to start sculpting our creatures to make our own scenes for Harry Potter.

This week also saw us auditioning for our school show, and by the time you read this we will know what parts we all have.

We also have  pupils in 6B on Step 4 and Step 5 in our Golden Club Challenge and as if that wasn’t enough we also got extra Golden Time for working super hard in class this week! Mrs Haddifon said everyone of us put in great effort and she is very proud of us all!

GO 6B!!

Nov 202015

In science we have been learning about batteries. We found out that it is a chemical reaction inside the battery that gives us the energy. We made our own fruit batteries using a lemon to light a bulb. The acid in the lemon reacts with the copper and zinc.

IMG_0736 IMG_0734

This week it was very windy outside and we had lots of fun with the leaves in the playground.


Adam: “It was really fun at playtime because the wind made a leaf tornado. The leaves went everywhere when it stopped!

Dylan: “In the playground there were lots of leaves. We played a game with the bucket blast buckets. The aim of the game was to stop Callum from taking your leaves. You had to run away from him. I liked the game. This week I created my own Didbook profile. I have my own email address and made me own password. When I log in to Didbook it says “Hello Dylan” I think this is good.


Joe: “Me and my friend from Armadale Primary were playing with the guitar and telling jokes. He made me laugh. We made decorations for the Christmas fayre for our writing. We had to write instructions on how to make a bauble. It was fun!”

Cary: “This week I have enjoyed making some shapes out of nets. I’ve made a 3D triangle and a 3D rectangle. I like cutting them out and trying to figure out how they go together.”

Nov 192015

009 (2)001





Wow! It’s been a busy week in Class O. As well as continuing on our Festival Fun learning journey by learning about Hinduism this week, we have now started to learn about Scotland a long time ago by researching Mary Queen of Scots. We have also been keen to learn about shapes, tiling and symmetry. Some of us have been working on our group work skills and using Maths games to help us learn how to use our Maths in different ways.

Callum “It was interesting to find out that Mary Queen of Scots became queen when she was just a baby. This was very unusual. To begin with, I thought I had made a mistake in my research but it is true. “

Cody “I enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and finding out why Diwali is called the festival of light. It translates as row of lights and this is how Rama helped finds his was home with Sita when he rescued her.”

Jamie “All beliefs have similar symbols. I created my own Hindu symbol.”

Cameron “Queen Mary was the queen of Scotland and the queen of France. I am looking forward t finding out more interesting things about her.”

Liam “Hindus give each other presents and sweets during Diwali…just like Christmas!”

Yolie “I was making patterns with the shapes. I was trying to see which ones tile and which ones don’t.”

Nov 172015

Class G have had a fantastic and busy week. Our favourite day was Children in Need on Friday as we all got to dress down or wear our onesies. Here are our comments for this week:


Jayden – On dress down day I was dressed up as a minion.


Lewis – On Friday it was dress down day. I was dressed as Pudsey. Mr Welsh has the same onesie as me. So did Mrs Mallin.


Gabriel – I had a Pikachu onesie on for dress down day. I liked wearing my onesie.

Logan – I had great fun with the micro machines. In context for Learning I got to make things with magnets.

Jake- I liked playing the Wii at choose. We used magnets and I made things.

David – On Friday I wore my black onesie for Children in Need.

Nov 132015

What we’ve been up to…


In our number work we have been practising adding 10 to a number and are finding this a little bit easier this week! We understand that the tens column changes when we add ten and have been playing lots of different games to help us learn this!

In practical maths we have been making bar graphs and are able to read information from these. We know how important it is for our graphs to have choices, a title and numbers at the side. We have also been learning about how to use tally marks to record information.


This week in literacy we have been reading for information. We have used fact books about World War 1 to write our new learning and have also been answering questions in our phonic detective stories.

We have practised tall letters in our handwriting this week.

Learning across the Curriculum

We are LOVING our new context for learning this term and are learning lots of new information about animals in world war one and the war itself! The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918. We learned that Sergeant Stubby won lots of medals for all his help in the war. He wagged his tail if the enemy was near to warn the soldiers that they were near. He also barked if there was someone hurt on the battlefield so the other soldiers knew to come and help. Sergeant Stubby also saved lots of soldier’s lives by barking when he smelled gas – this meant that the soldiers knew to put on their gas masks. Sergeant Stubby died in 1926.

Active Learning

We are super excited about trying new stations over the next few weeks in the class. We are going to have lots of different activities and games out to help us with our learning and can’t wait to get started.

Something for parents to note is that reading books will now be needed EVERY DAY for reading practice so please send these in with your child.

Thank you for all your help with our learning!!

Primary 2b.

Nov 132015

This week, in writing, we wrote a World War 2 poem. Our learning intention was to write a rhyming poem. For our plan we had to record relevant words that rhyme. E.g : Soldiers dying , bullets flying, trenches filled with mud, soldiers covered in Blood. We learned more about features of a poem such as capital letters at the beginning of each line and commas at the end of each line except the last in the verse etc.

This week we also did some art work. We used chalk to create flames on black card then used another piece of card to make a silhouette of a building, plane or something else to do with the blitz. We also considered perspective and how close the objects are in relation to each other.

Pupil of the week- Abby
Class dojo winner- Josh
Article 28- Right to an Education

Nov 132015

This week we have been learning more about World War 2. We have been learning about the main events during World War 2 and have been organising these in chronological order to create a timeline of the war. We are going to learn about some of these events in more detail by researching them in a small group. We are working with children from P7b to research a main event and we are going to create a powerpoint to present to the rest of the class. We need to share our knowledge with them and create an activity for them to do.

In writing we used our knowledge of the main events leading up to the outbreak of War to write a newspaper article. We had to include the main features of a newspaper report including headline, caption, orientation and reorientation (beginning and ending). In reading this week we were discussing the difference between fact and opinion and how they can be used to persuade the reader. We had to use opinions in our writing to persuade our audience to support their country and the decisions the Government made.

We had a memorial service on Wednesday led by the choir who did a fantastic job. We re-drafted our Remembrance poems to put on display to remind people to think about those who have died at war. Also, we have created battlefield pictures. We were learning how to use line and shade to create texture.

In buddy this time week we helped our buddies to decorate their tea light holders to sell at the Christmas Fayre.

Class Awards:

Pupil of the Week: Taylor

Class Dojo: Scott


Right to an Education: Article 28

Nov 132015

IMG_1365 IMG_1374 IMG_1378 IMG_1381 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1391 IMG_1392

What a great week we have had in P4b!

We enjoyed doing maths: Rachael,Olivia,Cameron

Demi enjoyed poppy day

I enjoyed reading this week: Eva

We enjoyed recycling. We made a leaflet to encourage others to recycle: Grace,Isla,Arran,James,Breanna and Emma

We enjoyed children in need day: Lucy r,Aidan,Keira,Robbie

We enjoyed doing P.E.: Daniel, Kelsey and Millie

We enjoyed maths this week: Olivia, Rachael and Cameron

I enjoyed RME and French: Ava

We enjoyed dressing up/down for children in need!: Keira, Robbie, Lucy R, Lucy M and Aidan

I enjoyed going to my new nurture group during break and lunch times: Karys

This week’s blog was written by Demi, Millie, Grace and Rachael.



Nov 132015

Gemma’s highlight of the week was our Choirs’ Remembrance Assembly.  She found it interesting to think about two thousand schools our size being the number of service personnel killed in the First World War.

Keira H’s highlight of the week was getting our audition scripts for ‘The Rocky Monster Show’.  The auditions are next Wednesday, and there is great excitement about who will get what part.

When Pamela Logan was in last Friday we continued to learn our ‘Time Warp’ dance and began working on the dance for ‘Evolution’.   Hard work, but fabulous!

In maths the pentagons and hexagons continued learning about quantities of fractions and are now learning more about time.  The triangles continued learning about the four and five times table and are learning about time.

In language work we were writing our acceptance letters to be part of the Hogwarts School of Science.   We are looking forward to beginning our science experiments.

Art work this week involved us creating our own owls to carry our letters back to Hogwarts.  Some of us prepared the house crests for our display wall. We have added our photographed faces to our witches drawings/paintings.

With Mr Jeffries we made human pyramids.  This meant we had to think carefully about team work, as well as balance.  We had to have ‘lifters, flyers and helpers’.


Keira Haggerty and Gemma Bolton

Nov 132015

This week we have been learning about sound; where it comes from, how it is made and how we can see it!

We watched rice jumping on a drum when we banged it. The vibrations of the drum made the rice jump. We played a lot of different instruments to see how they make sound. We made instruments using junk modelling. We made guitars, shakers and a violin. We found out that if we put balloon to our ear and someone talks, the balloon makes their voice louder. We used some glass bottles with some water in. We found out that the sound they made was different depending on how much water they had. If there was less water, there was more space for the sound waves to vibrate.



We have been talking about babies and what we need to look after them properly.

On Wednesday we went to a lovely assembly for Remembrance Day. We thought about all the soldiers who had died fighting for our country. The junior and senior choirs sang some lovely songs to help us to remember.

Jess won MVP – most valuable player for P.E. for P1.


Evie was pupil of the week for super investigation in science.


All these children moved onto Step 3.

Nina and Harris were our dojo winners this week.

Article 28 – the right to an education

Nov 132015

We are proud of our learning in p3/2.

The problem solving strategy we have been practicing is “try a simpler model”. This helped us. “I wonder if we could use what we know to try a more difficult model,” so we tried and it did.

We discovered that when we linked our understanding of place value and our knowledge of number bonds we could do really impressive sums like 42 + 39. The part we found tricky was to remember to include the exchange 10 in our answer. We discovered that when practiced adding numbers that had an exchange 10 this helped us get better at remembering to include the exchange 10. We also got faster too the more we practiced. Soon we were able to subtract larger numbers too.  IMG_0975


This is a page from Niamh’s jotter. Top Tip: Neat work is a great help. It stops us muddling up ones with tens.

A challenge group were able to add larger numbers like 375 + 146.

We are preparing to present some of our learning about biological science at assembly on 4th December.

Our class novel, The big bad blackout, has been very popular. We think it has humor and good word choice. We have identified  lots of technique the author has used. We are thinking about including some of the techniques in our own writing. We like how the author gives clues to what is going to happen. We like how the author makes us want to read more.

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