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School Report and Drop In Session

You will have now received your child’s school report.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s report with their class teacher, please complete the slip included with the report and return it to the school.  The drop-in sessions are not compulsory.

P6a 19.5.17

P6 had a great day at the Science centre this week. We enjoyed exploring the activities on each floor and taking part in a human body workshop. Here are some of our reflections from the day:

Naomi: I enjoyed the hamster wheel; you needed to create enough energy by running to power lights.

Eva: I enjoyed the slanted room because it was really fun!

Lennox: I liked the human body show, my favourite part was the fire explosion at the end.

Tom: I enjoyed the planetarium. You could use the computer to zoom on space photos.

We have enjoyed working on our team working skills this week by playing board games. We have been working on listening to each other and problem solving.

We all enjoyed performing at celebrating success this week too! Well done to those who were awarded a certificate.


Special person: Cole

Pupil of the week: Brooklyn

Outdoor Learning

It has been a very busy week in Class G with lots of outdoor learning.  At the start of the week we went to Poundland to learn about money and how to use money.  We had a challenge to be responsible for our own money and pay for our item independently.  We had to buy an item which could go in our empty choose tray.  Miss Garland was so proud of us as we could all pay for our item on our own.  During outdoor classroom day we all went into the big playground for a range of activities. We had great fun building a den and reading stories inside.  We also had the opportunity to play skittle counting games, draw a chalk maze, do some construction and look for insects.  We also had great fun playing games with bubbles.  Here is what class G have to say about their outdoor experiences:

Gabriel – I liked making a tent.  I was able to catch the tennis balls so they didn’t roll away.

Charlie – I liked PE.  I really liked that I got to go to PE twice this week.

Jake – I liked playing poison bubbles.  We all popped evil bubbles.

Logan – I liked screaming “bubbles”.

Shea – I liked drawing the Pinky Ponk with the chalk.

Erin – I liked going to the shop.  I bought a doll.


Celebrating Success

This week we had a great time celebrating success with our friends and schoolmates.
Guy – It was fun to perform.
Jason – It made me feel jolly.
Elliot – I was amazed and happy to get the Headteacher’s award.
Jason – I was really shy when I got my award.
Elliot – I enjoyed doing my solo with my robot changing voice machine.
On Wednesday with Mrs Mackenzie we finished our arctic animals pictures. We had to make backgrounds for them which showed how they blend into their environment when the seasons change. Mrs Mackenzie was really impressed with them!

In maths with Mrs Collings we were doing data handling, looking at coins in a purse. We had to work out how many coins there were, how many silver ones, round ones and those worth more than 10p and less than 10p. It was pretty challenging!

For outdoor learning day on Thursday, we played playground games with the P1s. We had written instructions for them in language and then had to explain the games to them before we played. It was lots of fun and we hope our P1 friends enjoyed it too!

Pupil of the week – Dani for dealing with her diabetes in such a mature and responsible manner.

Table of the week – with 570 points


This week we have had lots of different things to do.
In literacy, we looked at writing a farmyard yarn. We have also taken notes to help us make posters for our farms.

In maths, we have been practising our times tables by playing lots of different games.

In topic, we have been very busy learning about farms and the purpose of buildings. We looked at the needs of different animals and also watched how to milk a cow by hand. We had to work out a problem that the farmer had – can you work it out?
A farmer has 32 cows, it takes 1/2 an hour to milk one cow. How long does it take to milk all the cows? Also, if the cows are milked twice a day, how long will it take the farmer? What problem does the farmer have?!

This week we also had our celebrating Success Assembly. We had great fun learning the song in French. You can watch it here:

It gives the English meaning along with the French words.

We also had outdoor learning day where each class went outside for an activity. We did an observational drawing of the flowers in the back playground. Luckily we got lots of warm sunshine! Mrs Aitken had to come back just before us because of hailstones!

Starting this term we will also be getting training from Xcite every week.

Have a great weekend!

A sunny week in P1a……

A sunny week in P1a

During outdoor day the P4s taught me how to play Slam. Aileigh

We played the pass the gem during outdoor day. Aaron & Amber

We got to take our bean stalks and bean diaries home. Ada

We were listening for sounds we could hear outside. Alex

The P4s taught us how to play Corners. Jack

The P4s played Piggy in the Middle with us. James

In maths we were weighing different objects. Carley

We were learning numbers to 100 and played Monster Splat! Oliver

P4s taught us how to play dodge ball. Ellis

We learned ‘qu’ in phonics. ‘qu’ is for quarry.  River

We were learning to tell the difference between ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘d’. Mac

We painted our favourite books for the float with our buddies.   Emily

We practised out numbers to 20. Jude

We were making flowers out of tissue paper. Max

We learned how to play football with P4s. Shannon

We learned the sound ‘ew’ in phonics.   Mia

I enjoyed playing corners. Olivia S

P4 wrote instructions on how to play games and taught us how to play fun games in the playground.


Well done to everyone in P1a for a fantastic performance at our Celebrating Success assembly.

Well done to Jude, Mac, Holly, Ellis and Aaron who all received certificates.


Our busy week in P3/2

It was a busy week in school.

We took part in Celebrating Success on Tuesday. We were all excited to share our song Every body. We sang and played a variety of instruments. We had a huge clap afterwards from the other classes and the parents and friends who came to see it. We were a quality audience for all the other classes too.

This week was also Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday. We always go outside for Outdoor PE on a Thursday afternoon so it was different as we did art aswell as PE. We used equipment and we drew each other holding either a ball,hula hoop or quoit and we had time to explore them to with a partner.

Here are our comments this week:

Nina- I liked our Celebrating Success Assembly this week and I got a certificate for “Being kind helpful and caring in class and in the playground.” My mum said well done !

Jess- I enjoyed Celebrating Success.Our song was “Every body”

Zara- I liked getting my certificate for Excellence in the Performing Arts. When I went home we had a special dinner and the day after I had a sweetie for snack as a special treat.

Ross- I enjoyed getting Head teacher’s Award for being great in all areas of the Curriculum.

Dylan – I got a certificate for my reading.

Isla-I liked Outdoor Learning. I drew Nina using a quoit(rubber ring).

Sophie S.- I enjoyed the P3 song ” We’re all in this together!”

Eden- I liked my cousin’s song ” Arc en ciel”.

Ellie-I liked playing the djembe in our Celebrating Success Assembly.

Niamh- I liked in Outdoor Learning drawing Sophie. She was using a hula hoop.

Kaycee-We also played the eggs(shakers) in our Celebrating Success Assembly. I played  maracas.

Harris-I liked sketching my partner Ellie in Outdoor Learning. She was using a hula hoop.

Archie- I liked Outdoor Learning. I had a spiky quoit. I drew Luis then he drew me.

Max- I liked Outdoor Learning joined with PE. I drew Rory. He was using the quoit.

Katie-I liked drawing Zara. She was holding a hula hoop then she drew me. We had to come back inside because it started hailstones.

Sophie M.-I was drawing Florence in Outdoor Learning. She was holding a hula hoop, then she drew me.

Grace- I loved getting my certificate at Celebrating Success. I got mine for a high standard of work across all areas of the Curriculum.

Florence-I liked drawing Sophie at Outdoor Learning and she was holding the quoit then she drew me. We used chalk to draw each other.

Eva- I liked doing Outdoor Learning with Kaycee. We both held the quoit and then we decided to hold a tortoise from the ball box and we drew each other again.

Lily- I liked going out for Outdoor PE.My partner was Grace. We drew each other then we had  time to use the equipment.

Luis- I liked being Archie’s partner for Outdoor Learning. We used the hula hoops. We drew with chalk.

Rory- I liked Celebrating Success. I liked P2b’s Performance.

Date for your diary:

Tuesday Shared Start 9am in upper hall then 9.10 in classroom.We look forward to seeing you then if you can manage!

Have a super weekend….it is nearly Procession time….Have you got your outfit organised yet?






This week in P2A we have been practising our area and looking at perimeter.

We made some seagulls and jazzy boats that Mr Grinling would see out of his lighthouse window.  We are planning to add these to our class display along with our lighthouses we have been busy making for homelearning.  Reminder these are due in on Tuesday 23rd of May.

We had fun yesterday going outside for Outdoor Classroom Day and we acted out the story of Hansel and Gretel in our groups and presented it to the class.

Achievements this week

Pupil of the week-Akasha

Celebrating Success Awards-Hollie, Luke, Lexi and Jude 🙂

Kyle has got his red stripe in Tae Kwon Do

Daniel has got his first green stripe on his green belt in Tae Kwon Do

Elena won the float competition


Happy Friday from P3a!

This week has been filled with lots of exciting learning.  Here are some of our favourites…

Tamsyn- I enjoyed fractions in maths this week.

Blaire- I enjoyed learning maths outside.

Maisie- I enjoyed getting a new book in reading.

Sophie- I enjoy watching my plant grow everyday.

Farrah- I enjoyed designing my own smoothie as part of our topic.

Luke- I enjoyed measuring different objects outside in the playground.

Callum- I enjoyed learning more about fractions.

Brooke- I enjoyed the measuring in the playground.

Donna- I like making my own fraction sums outside with chalk.

Erin- I enjoyed using the pom poms in our celebrating success performance.

Jodie- I enjoyed working out halves and quarters of different numbers this week.

Kai- I enjoyed learning how to dribble in basketball.


Pupil of the week- Ellis

Table of the week- Brooke, Nathan, Murray, Mia, Samuel and Donna.

Effort and Improvement- Shelbi

Demonstrating school values- Murray

High Standard of work- Farrah

Head Teacher Award- Donna Forsyth



Josh – We made flower pictures whilst printing with bottles and little foam printers
Matthias – We had to make some nice flowers
Ava – We got paint and printed them onto paper with the bottles and made flowers

Evie – We were outside doing Maths and PE and we played a game. We had to clap 3 times and guess what the other person was going to do
Matthias – The game was used in Nigeria and they don’t have any toys so they don’t need them. Someone is the leader and whoever gets the same as the leader becomes to leader. It’s like rock, paper, scissors

Caitlin – We were learning symmetry and we were saying it something was symmetrical or not by saying “yes” or “no”

Lewis – We were learning about directions
Reiss – We worked with a partner and they closed their eyes whilst we helped give them directions. They moved how many spaces that we said.

Article 18: We have the right to an education


This week has been incredibly busy. We have had celebrating success and our outdoor classroom day on Thursday along with lots of other things.

Caitlin: I liked doing our stories outside.

Demi – Leigh: I liked celebrating success, it was fun doing Honey G with Leia.

Lotte: I liked the lady who came from the Scottish Parliament to talk to us.

Dadirayi: I liked everything.

Erin: I liked when the lady came from the Parliament.

Evan: I liked the voting pads we used in our Parliament session.

Annabelle: I liked being the Presiding Officer.

Robyn: I liked celebrating success.

Evie: I liked the lady coming in from the Parliament.

Leia: I liked celebrating success, especially when I threw out the sweets.

Mya: I liked when the lady came in and told us more about the Scottish Parliament.

Kayleigh: Seeing Annabelle as the Presiding Officer was very funny.

Ellis: I liked when the lady told us more about the Scottish Parliament.

David: Celebrating Success was my favourite part of the week.

Cameron: I liked pretending that we were political parties and trying to get people to vote for us.

Emma: I liked celebrating success.

Isla: I like using the voting pads.

Kaitlin: I loved the french wordsearch we did on Friday.

Grace: I enjoyed painting our books for the float. 

A Successful Week to Celebrate in P6B

What a quick and happy week it has been for P6B!

Celebrating Success was a great opportunity to showcase the many achievements of pupils across the school. In P6B, we were delighted for Jack, Michelle, Harry and Casey who all received a certificate in recognition of their efforts in school. Well done to you all!

Meanwhile, Noah brought in some memorabilia to share with the class which he had brought home from a recent trip to Florida. It was very interesting for us all to look at and hear about, thank you Noah!

Yesterday we enjoyed a P6 trip to Glasgow Science Centre where we took part in a ‘BodyWorks’ show and explored the floors. Stay tuned for pictures!

Empty Classroom Day

On Thursday it was Empty Classroom Day. In Class M we left our classroom empty for the WHOLE afternoon. It was such fun exploring the outdoors. We took part in lots of challenges, including making a nature picture, scavenger hunt, bug hunt, bubbles. Our favourite activity by far was the den building. After we worked as a team to build it, we all chilled out in the den, read stories to each other and ate popcorn! Some of us even pretended we were camping overnight and had a little sleep!!!!

David – I’m building a tent. I fell asleep! I took a photo of my tree. I’m looking at a spider.

Yolie – Empty classroom day is go outside. I made a den. I’m making a den with clips and popcorn.

Adam – me,jayden,yolie,david where building a den it was very fun and yolie and david made a nature picture.

Jayden – I really like Class M, it’s fun even making a tent.

Class M would also like to say a huge Well Done to David who took part in Gung-Ho at the weekend. We are all proud of him, and a bit jealous as it looked awesome fun!


Primary 2/1 Blog – Week Beginning 15.5.17

What a quiet week in Primary 2/1 with lots of our boys and girls off with the chicken pox.  We hope that they get better soon and are able to come back to school for lots of fun learning.

This week we had celebrating success and although there were only 11 children, we sang our song so well and made Mrs Mansfield very proud.  During circle time we had a chat about what it was to be successful and would like to share some of our successes.  Here is what we think:

Ellie – “I sang really loudly in Celebrating Success and I was proud of myself”

Teigan – ”

Poppy – “I challenged myself by thinking about different shades when I coloured in my roses”

Leila – “I am proud of myself for how well I did with my singing.  I remembered to smile too!”

Millie – “I have been successful in writing because I thought about my success criteria”

Breaghannon – “I am proud because the grown ups watched up at celebrating success”

Emily – “I am proud of being successful when I challenged myself to learn about millilitres”

Keegan – “I took my time at making a Victorian rocking horse, it is my best bit of art”

Jayden – “I was successful in maths this week, I practised weighing things”

Griffin – “I was successful in maths”

Jonah – “I tried to work hard by myself in writing this week, I still need to practise”

Max – “I am very proud of my writing.  I was successful and got a sticker”

Cameron – “I was successful at colouring in, I did a good job”

Rory – “My writing was a big success this week, I concentrated”



Primary 2/1

Junior Choir

Wow!!!  What an amazing week at Junior Choir!!  Along with our usual singing practice, did you know that your children are all fantastic song writers?

This week the children were set with the challenge of writing their own song for the Primary 7s moving onto high school.  They thought about the messages they wanted the song to convey and then worked in groups to create their own verse and a chorus!  I am so impressed with the children’s imagination and musicality throughout the whole task and really can’t wait to start working on the song next week!  Another huge well done Junior Choir!

In addition to this, please note that the Junior Choir will be performing a song at the end of year Church service on the 30th of June (9.30am), it would be lovely to see some more friendly faces there if you are able to attend!


Many thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Mansfield and Mrs Palmer.

Instructions, instructions!

This week we’ve been busy practising our song for Celebrating Success which is on Tuesday at 9.30 a.m. We will be very pleased to welcome you all if you can make it!
In numeracy with Mrs Mackenzie, we are working on equivalent fractions. It’s a bit challenging for some of us but we are getting it!
In our topic work, we have been learning about the Arctic Tundra.
Hope – In the summer and winter the animals’ fur changes colour. In the winter it’s white to blend in with the snow. In the summer it is brown.
Jason – It’s very, very cold there!
Ben – The coldest place in the world is Antarctica with a temperature of -85°C.
Ela – The average temperature in the tundra is -28°C.
In literacy we are learning about reading, following and writing instructions. We made weather instruments – barometers, wind vanes and anemometers which measure air pressure, the direction of the wind and the wind speed. We made paper fish following instructions and started to write our own instructions for playground games. We are hoping to test these with our primary one pupils next week!

We started doing some work on Data Handling and had to think about the type of personality we have. We wonder if you agree with us?

In STEM at Golden Time, we started building our own marble run. It’s quite a tricky task and it’s not yet finished but it is fun!
We went into the hall for our Sports fundraiser. We had a circuit of activities to complete which were great fun!
Table of the week – with 670 points
Pupil of the week – Callum for enthusiastic participation in our celebrating success rehearsals.


This week in Primary 5. We have practised our celebrating success song in the hall for Tuesday, we did fitness fundraiser, we have learned about weight, we did drama and PE and we wrote a manifesto for our own political party.

Our highlights have been:

Freddie – writing a manifesto

Leia – learning to follow a script in drama

Kaitlin – I liked writing

Grace – I liked outdoor PE

Logan – I liked practising the song for celebrating success

Charlie – I enjoyed weight in math

Cameron – I enjoyed the fitness circuits in PE

Aaron – I liked writing my manifesto

Lotte – I liked maths this week.

Mya – I liked weighing things in maths

Caitlin – I liked weighing books in maths

Kayleigh – I liked learning about the Scottish Parliament.

Demi – Leigh – I enjoyed performing in the hall.

Dadirayi – I liked drama and outdoor PE

Ava – I liked playing football in outdoor PE

Sophie – I liked doing circuits for the fitness fundraiser

Harry – I liked doing PE

Evan – I liked measuring this week.

Evie – I liked the circuits in PE

Erin – I liked writing my manifesto

Ben – my favourite thing was measuring things in maths.

Emma – I liked watching the celebrating success songs from the other classes

James – I liked writing my emotions story with Mrs Stewart.

Healthy Week in Class G!

This week Class G have been keeping healthy as part of our health and wellbeing topic.  On Monday we had a walking challenge.  We went a walk to the park and timed ourselves. On the way back we tried to beat our time and we managed this.  We also used the keep fit equipment at the park.  In class we have been making healthy smoothies and it was great fun!  They tasted really nice.  We also had our PE fundraiser with Mr Jeffries in the hall.  We all tried really hard.  Here is what Class G liked about health and wellbeing.

Jake – I liked out and about to the park.

Shea – I liked the park.

Logan – I liked the PE fundraiser.  I did this with my integration class.  Emily and Cameron were in my group.  Three other people where in my group but I don’t know their names yet.

Gabriel – I liked the PE fundraiser.  My favourite station was shuttle running.

Erin – I liked going to the park and making smoothies.


What a busy week we have had. We have guessed different fruit and vegetables. We have looked at the skeleton and sang a Skeleton song. We sketched fruit using wax crayons. We wrote about a healthy day and we presented our Healthy life as a powerpoint to the class. We even answered questions about it after with confidence and skill.

Here are our comments:

Noah- The fitness circuit was fun

Lily- I like the Fitness fundraiser yesterday. My brothers came and gave everyone a High 5

Grace-I took the teddy home last night. We played Fitness class and we were marching and bouncing on Lily’s trampoline

Isla,Sophie M- We liked The Fitness class with Mr. Jeffries

Sophie S.- I liked writing the healthy life story

Eden- I liked eating apple when we were naming fruits and vegetables

Harris- This week I was excited making the skeleton with cotton buds

Archie-I liked using the tissue paper to decorate the fruit for the wall

Jess- I’m excited to do my talk ” My Healthy life”

Nina- I ‘m excited to see Jess’s talk. Mine was about  my gymnastics, swimming and football

Luis- I enjoyed Outdoor PE. We were racing each other at the back playground

Ross- I enjoyed doing the Circuit Fitness with Mr Jeffries. It was for charity

Rory- I enjoyed making the skeleton with cotton buds and glue

Niamh,Ellie.Katie- We liked making our skeletons with cotton buds, glue and we put lots of details in it aswell

Eva- We made fruit pictures. I copied a lime as I had a lime to look at

Kaycee- I like learning about healthy living as I am learning about new things

Florence,Max,Zara- I liked the Fund raiser in the main hall with Mr Jeffrie

Dylan- Yesterday I had the teddy home and we went out on my bike


Tuesday 16th May Our Celebrating Success Assembly at 1.30pm All welcome

Have  a super weekend

ps Can you remember to wear school clothes on Tuesday but bring dress down ones for the afternoon performance?


Busy week in P1a

This week we have been very busy….

We were learning about butterflies. James

We were measuring our bean plants. Carley

We were learning how to measure with rulers. Alex

We were learning numbers to 100. Shannon

We were ordering numbers to 20 and to 100. Jack

We were measuring the length of the floor. Ada

We learned a new sound, ‘oi’ in phonics. River

We played toilet tig in outdoor PE. Megan

We did basketball bouncing in the fundraiser. Max

We measured how long the door was. Aileigh

We did floor running in the fundraiser. Olivia

We measured the table. Mia

We learned ‘ow’ as in clown. Aaron

We did week 2 of our Bean diary. Jude

We did strike jumping in the fundraiser. Amber

We did shuttle running in the fundraiser. Justin

Working really hard. Ed

We measured our bean plants.   Oliver

We did basketball bouncing in the fundraiser. Emily

We did step-ups in the fundraiser. Ellis

We have started, ‘Show and Tell’.  The class are a brilliant audience, demonstrating excellent listening skills.

River and Ed made McDonalds out of Duplo.  Mrs McClafferty had a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal!

Pupil the week: Megan Carey for making excellent progress in reading and recognising all her tricky words.


Well done also to Ed, Mac, Justin and James for all their hard work at Sensory Circuits.

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