House points total:





Well done Bruce!!!

Class 2 have been so busy again. We have new profile jotters and have chosen the work we want to showcase in them.

We went to Poundland to buy things for Easter craft. There were so many nice things to buy but we had to stay within our budget.

Aiden: I chose a pack for decorating cupcakes. Liam: I think this was a good choice because I enjoyed decorating an Easter cake.
There were packs of different sized chicks Cody:”Chose the little chicks because there are more in the box and we can share them.”       Caitlin: I would like a  new bottle of bubbles but we are looking for craft materials so perhaps another time.

Last week our “Out & About” took us to the garage. We had been practising our measuring skills with Mrs Strain and we used them to  measure somethings in the garage. The man at the garage was so keen to show us things we were wondering if we would miss taxis.

We dressed in blue on Autism awareness day and we have another dress down day planned for Wed 23rd April. We won extra play and a dress down day because we earned so many house points.

We would like to wish you all a really lovely holiday.  We are so impressed with all of the learning you have been doing this term in school and with all of the hard work and effort you have put into this.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next term for lots more fun learning.

Happy Easter.  See you all next term.

Miss Henderson & Mr Welsh:)

On Thursday P2e and P2g went on a school trip to Stirling Castle. We have been busy learning all about castles and were very excited to visit a real castle.

We explored the castle and we got to visit the great kitchens. We were able to name lots of the different kinds of foods they would have had at a banquet. We visited the banquet hall and some of us got to sit in the thrones at the table. We visited the palace and explored the rooms belonging to the King and Queen. In the palace we met a man who looked after the castle for the King and a chambermaid who served the Queen. They told us lots of information about the King and Queen.

We also had a workshop where we learned more about castle life. We got to see clothes and weapons used during medieval times. Rhuan and Ben dressed up in the jester costumes. Miss Elliot and Mrs Haddifon think they suited the boys perfectly! We also got to see the different armour that a knight would wear. We all tired to pick up the chain mail but it was really heavy!

We all really enjoyed our visit to the castle and would love to go back!

It has been a very busy term and Miss Elliot and Mrs Haddifon would like to thank all the boys and girls for working so hard and thank you to all the families for supporting the children throught the term.

Hope you all enjoy the holidays! See you in 2 weeks!

Congratulations to Freya for being the only person to successfully complete our Amazon Challenge. She showed great determination to finish all ten River Reward challenges including Lizard Language, Manatee Maths, iPad challenge and the Riddles of the River. Freya opened the mysterious chest and was rewarded with the prizes inside…

What a busy term this been.

These are some of our highlights:

Meadow: Not getting any warnings all term!

David: Performing our French play at Broughton High School as part of the French club.

Zoe: Learning about our topic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.

Meg: I enjoyed everything!

Emma: Doing Math with Miss Goff.

Rebecca: Cooking with Mrs Jamieson.

Valerija: Being a narrator for the church service.

Ryan & Aaron: Getting into the Golden club.

Aidan: Playing with my friends.

Callum N: Learning about the UK through our topic ‘Broons Aroond Scotland’.

Daniel: Being with my friends.

Liam, Mahad & Callum D: Having Mrs Ghafoor as our teacher!

Jamie: Learning about the different places around the world.

Millie: I liked learning Tai Chi.

Please find attached the minute from our Parent Council Meeting held in Balbardie Primary School on Tuesday 11th March 2014.

Parent Council Minute 110314

Today P3W performed their Drama of Ancient Egypt and we recorded it. Miss Henderson even popped in for a little bit to see some of it too! We have really enjoyed writing our script and preparing for this final performance. I am really proud of all of P3W for learning the script so well and you did fantastic! J

Jennie – We performed our Drama on Ancient Egypt today and it was fun!

Ty – I enjoyed watching the video of it. I thought my voice sounded funny.

Megan – I liked it when Miss Wilson was recording because I remembered all my lines and I read them clearly.

Harvey – When I gave the heart to Ross who played Anubis I really enjoyed watching that part.

Tom – I enjoyed it all because my part was in Scene 3 and I remembered all my lines.

Today is Autism Awareness Day and p7b have been learning all about autism. We also dressed in blue to show our support for our fellow pupils who have autism.

What is Autism?

Callum: “Autism is a disorder which affects people with things like concentration, their senses, their eating habits and their communication.”

Isla: “It also affects their emotions and they sometimes can’t show their feelings. They don’t like change because they like to have a routine because it stops the world feeling out of sync.”

What have we learned about autism?

Nicky: “I’ve learned that there’s different types of autism and some are severe and some not.”

Taylor: “It mostly affects boys, boys are four times more likely than girls to have autism.”

Abbie: “I’ve learned that some autistic children like to be on their own and play rather than be in a group.”

Christopher A: “I’ve learned that every person with autism deals with it differently and has different ways of improving their confidence.”

Rebecca: “67 million people across the world are affected by autism.”

Sam: “I was interested to learn that everybody has a little bit of autism in them, just some are affected more than other.”

Fraser: “Scripting is when someone with autism repeats a phrase or word over and over to make them feel better.”

Sophie L: “Stimming is when someone with autism taps or fidgets repeatedly to make them feel more comfortable or in control.”

It is believed that all of us have a little bit of autism in us. We thought about this and would like to share:

Rabeea: “I need to have routines like having the same pencil with me and I take it everywhere I go.”

Sophie M: “My little bit of autism is OCD where I need certain things in certain places and if they aren’t there then it feels weird.”

Luke: “I don’t like anyone cutting up my food for me, it makes me feel like the food is bad and won’t taste nice.”

Callum: “My bit of autism is if anyone eats with the same fork or spoon as me I won’t use that fork or spoon again.”

Louise: “My bit of autism is getting distracted and losing concentration other very weird little things.”

Zenaib: “My little bit is that I need to have everything organised otherwise it feels weird and I feel worried.”

Alexander: “My little bit is repetitive behaviour. I like to repeatedly drum on the table or tap my foot otherwise I feel strange.”

Dean: “Mine is if food is touching other foods on a plate then I won’t eat them, they all need to be separate.”

Isla: “Mine is I have certain times when I do certain things in the morning otherwise it feels weird.”

Declan W: “I fiddle a lot and find it hard to sit still without listening to something otherwise I get grumpy and crabbit.”

Alistair: “Mine is personification of objects. If I choose something to eat (like with lunch trays) I feel the other choice will be sad for not getting picked.”

Jane: “My bit of autism is when I need to have everything super organised such as my room must be tidy and everything in its own place with my clothes set out for the next day.”

Sorry we have no posted for a while. We have been so busy in class and have so much to tell you about!

We have been learning more about castles and about the Battle of Striling Bridge. We were interested in learning about the different weapons used in battle. We made our own weapons for our Eric as he lost his weapons in battle.

We have also been busy making our own castles at home. We are going to share these with the class this week. They all look fantastic.

We performed Mister Skellybones on Friday. We loved performing to our special person and we hope they liked their flowers. We have all really enjoyed learning our songs and dances and had great fun performing it on Friday. Thank you to everyone who came along and a big thank you to  Mrs Innes who put it all together.

Here are some of our weapons:

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s  Day

I hope you like the card and flowers I made for you.

from Dylan,

from Aiden,

from Caitlin,

from Cody,

from Liam

from Jamie

We have been busy in Class 2 this week. You can read about it later, just now enjoy your day.

Mar 282014

First of all thank you to everyone who came along to Skellybones!  We really enjoyed all our rehearsals and our performance. A huge thank you to Mrs Innes for all her hard work and creativity – we can’t wait for our next show!

In between rehearsals this week we found some time for writing using our describing words.  We got a visit from a mystery bear, and we had to ask him questions to find out which story he came from.  We put on our story detective hats and found out he came from Goldilocks and the three bears.  He helped us write about him.  In fact he liked us so much he is going to stay a while and help us get even better at writing.  He doesn’t like being called Baby Bear all the time though,  so next week we are going to have a naming challenge.  Ava Wood even said we could get him clothes and take turns to take him home – so you never know you might be getting a visitor some time soon….

Another success in reading saw the Foxes move up a level – they have been working very hard so a massive WELL DONE!! to them.

We completed our entries for the Highland Games Art Competition as well this week.  The theme was ‘My Scotland now’, and we all came up with great ideas from Stirling Castle to Katie Morag to Football.  Oh and talking of Stirling Castle, that’s our next stop.  We are all really excited about our trip there on Thursday and are going to try hard not to get locked in the Dungeons! Please remember we will need a packed lunch for that day, and also a waterproof jacket  might come in handy – just in case…….

And finally our Pupil of the Week is Olivia Briody – congratulations to you!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mummies!

Earlier in the week we had a visit from Mrs White.  She showed us all different types of bandages, what they’re all used for, and how to use them.  This was very exciting and different people got to role-play being hurt.  This was great fun, although we hope that we don’t encounter too many real life injuries!

We also learned about the eye.  It’s got lots of different parts and we’re looking forward to learning some more about the other senses.

We’ve had a fun arty afternoon on Tuesday.  We explored how to create still life pictures of flowers using different media.

On Wednesday, in the week we learned about weddings, in the lead up to Kiara’s mum and dad’s wedding.  We are looking forward to Kiara showing us all some photos of the special day next week :)

On Thursday we enjoyed our visit to the library.  The librarian read us a funny book all about a girl who didn’t look after her teeth.  We all take time to brush ours carefully so that they stay beautiful and white!

We had fun making mother’s day cards and presents.  We hope that all of the mummies have a nice day on Sunday :)

This week we went to the shops for Out and About.

Josh had a shopping list from his parents and it was his responsibility to find and buy everything on the list. He said “It was great to buy my own sausages. I had them for dinner and they were tasty.”

Geordie had some items to buy for different people. Miss Henderson needed toothpaste and Mrs Stewart needed ribbon. He said “I got toothpaste for Miss Henderson. It was great because she gave me a sticker.”

Cary and his family needed some messages from the butchers and newsagents. He said “I was pleased to get a certificate for super manners at the shops. I didn’t know that I was that polite.”

Callum had an item to buy for Mrs White at Boots. He said “I enjoyed it a little but I got cross at the end.” Hopefully next time if Callum tells the adults there is a shop he would like to visit we can go there too. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time on this shopping trip!

Nathan agreed with his Mum a budget and he was unsure what he wanted to buy before we left school. After a chat with Mrs Stewart he decided on a book from WH Smiths. In the end he decided on a comic. He says “I got something that was cool. The books were too expensive.” Well Done Nathan for making a good independent choice.

The adults think that all boys are showing excellent skills whilst out in the community and are showing progress in their independence skills.

Mar 282014

Almost Easter!

Class Talks –

It’s been a busy week as we began our class talks about Victorian inventions. We discussed what our success criteria would be then we each had a recording sheet to make notes on how well prepared people were or if they made good eye contact with their audience and spoke clearly.

Chloe – Rays talk was about Coca Cola and I didn’t know that each day the Coca Cola trucks around the world travel more than 1,000,000 miles.

Joe – Coca Cola wanted a Christmas ad that would grab people’s imagination and they put Santa in red and white (the Coca Cola colours) and he’s been in red and white ever since.

Sasha B – Eve did a really good talk about the camera being invented. I never knew it could take 3 days for a picture to be taken and developed in the Victorian times and the cameras were much bigger than they are now. Eve brought in a Box Brownie.

Topic -

This week we have been busy putting the finishing touches to our assembly about the Victorians. We were all very excited to perform in front of the whole school and our family and friends who made it along.


Sasha B – I found it really hard to play the recorder along to one of the songs but I managed in the end.

Jamie W – I had good fun and I think that Sam did really well and I liked his part.

Sam D – I was the posh butler and I was really nervous during the first assembly but it was easier in the second one. I had lots of fun.

Sophie W – I was really nervous at first but when I saw my mum I was not so nervous.

Jordan R – I thought Ray did really well as the curator.

We are all extremely tired after such a busy week and Mrs Drummond says we all deserve a well earned rest.

Have a great weekend!

We enjoyed making our Mothers Day cards this week. We can’t wait to give them to our mums on Sunday!

We entered the WLC Scotland Now art competition. We made a list of possible places to draw then had a vote. The winning vote was Urquart castle at Loch Ness. We even added the Loch Ness Monster to our drawings. We had to all the detail of the lake, mountains and castle and blend and shade when colouring. Miss Goff was really proud of everyone’s entries and found it really difficult to choose the top three! The three that was chosen was Ella, Isla and Sarah, Well Done!

Our next stop around the world was Japan. We really enjoyed working in both Miss Goff and Mrs Ghafoor’s class to learn about Japan. We did some fun activities including Japanese fans, origami helmet, painting Japanese calligraphy and designing our own kimono. We are really looking forward to our next country…America! We can’t wait to act out a Broadway musical!!!

This week’s Special Person is Ramsay because:

  • He is caring
  • He is nice to others
  • He is great person to talk to
  • He is strong and stands up for himself
  • He is awesome and a cool dude
  • He is energetic and full of fun!
  • He is very hard working
  • He is really funny!
  • He is kind and gives good cuddles!
  • He is a cheeky monkey (Ramsay agrees)
  • He is epic
  • He is good at cheering people up!
  • He works hard to improve his behaviour
  • He is good at solving problems
  • He is never unhappy
  • He is fun to play with and we couldn’t imagine the class without him!

Question of the week: What is your favourite object in the world and why?

Have a lovely weekend


After the success of the P6 show, The Wizard of Oz, last week P6a have been settling back into some hard work in the classroon.

The Red group have been busy working on their subrtaction. The Blue, Maroon and Green groups ahve been learning about division.

Chloe: I learned how to divide with and without remainders. It was fun.

On Tuesday P6 went to a Hockey and Basketball festival at Bathgate Academy where the children competed in teams against other local schools. Two of our teams managed to gain third place, one in hockey and the other in basketball. A big well done to all the children who competed the medals for the winners should arrive next week.

Antonia –  My team played excellently with boys and girls working well together. I really enjoyed the hockey where I managed to score 5 times.

Also this week we have been looking at Climate Change and coming up with our own ideas about how to heat water or keep buildings warm using less energy. There have been some interesting ideas, including using sheep to mow your lawn instead of a lawn mower!


On Wednesday 25th of March Balbardie PS played Windyknowe PS. The squad line up was:Tom in goals,  Daniel D and Daniel M in defence, Dean as sweeper, Sophie and Declan out wide and Logan as striker. Starting on the bench were Ewan ,Ben and Luke


About 5 minutes into the game Balbardie took the lead with Sophie scoring a fantastic goal making it 1-0. Then Windyknowe scored their first goal making it 1-1. Just after that we all worked as a team passing the ball about and not giving up and that led to Declan scoring our second goal making it 2-1. At half time we were so happy that we were winning 2-1 so that gave us a boost for the second half. It was our kick off and we scored just seconds after it by Logan making the score3-1. Twenty minutes left to full time Balbardie won a corner, Declan took the corner it was a fantastic ball into the box and then Logan headed the ball into the back of the net and so it was 4-1. Logan went for a dribble in the last 5 minutes making it an amazing 5-1 to Balbardie. It was the first time we have beaten Windyknowe for  four years.

Player quotes:

Declan: “I am so proud of the team for working as a team sticking together and passing the ball around and that led to us winning.”


Sophie M: “I’m so happy that everyone worked as a team and not giving up when it was 1-1 and everyone was motivating each other (I’m sure the new strips gave us luck as well!).

Match report by Sophie McMillan and Declan Sneddon.

Christopher A: “Deforestation is when companies cut down rainforest trees. One reason they do this is to get the timber from the trees and they sell it for other companies to make furniture and paper products.”

Sam: “This week we wrote discursive essays on deforestation and a discursive essay is when you first of all explain what it is you are talking about and then you go on to give the arguments for and against and then you finish off with your own opinion. I think deforestation shouldn’t be allowed because we are making animals which haven’t even been discovered extinct. Also, people that are cutting down trees which may have a plant on it which cures cancer or another disease”"

Alistair: “I think deforestation should stop but it is important to note that the local people are being paid to do it and will lose their jobs if the deforestation stops.”

Alexander: “I sort of enjoyed the video we watched about deforestation. It was about a person who needed a Kitkat and he opened up the packet and it was orang-utan fingers instead. The purpose of the video was to persuade people to stop buying Nestle products because they were using palm oil which involves cutting down lots of rainforest trees.”

Jane: “I am against deforestation because they are killing animals we haven’t even discovered yet. “

Louise: I enjoyed sports elective this week, musical theatre. I enjoyed auditioning for the parts and also seeing other people do their auditions for the other parts.”

Rebecca: “I also enjoyed musical theatre. I enjoyed doing the auditions and watching Christopher and Callum performing their Har-De-Har Hut scene.”

Rabeea: “This week I enjoyed learning about the cardiovascualr system with Mr Jeffries. It was fun and we made up our own movies about the heart. We could make it any genre of movie we wanted, for example action, romance or comedy.”

Tom: “I enjoyed going to sports elective.I enjoyed watching Sam get revenge on Ewan at badminton when playing King/Queen of the Court.”

Who has impressed?

Luke: “The ten members of this week’s football team impressed me by beating Windyknowe 5-1!”

Isla: “P5d impressed with their Victorian assembly. I thought the idea was excellent and the dialogue was well acted. Christopher Allan’s American woman accent impressed me at musical theatre too.”

Fraser: “Sam has impressed by doing epicly at badminton when he was playing King/Queen of the Court. His fourhand grip was great.”

Amber: “The football team have impressed me by winning against Windyknowe for the first time in four years!”

Christopher A: “Callum has impressed me this week because when we were doing musical theatre he managed to learn most of his lines off by heart!”

 Tom: “Fraser impressed me by playing excellently at badminton by keeping the shuttle going and he earned the new nickname PRINCESS FRASER!”

Rebecca: “Everyone at musical theatre impressed me by doing so well in the auditions.”

Louise: “In musical theatre, the whole group has impressed me with their auditions and Christopher and Callum really impressed with their acting and learning the script.”

Rabeea: “Abbie has impressed me during swimming sports elective as she was the only one who managed to do the float challenge without falling off.”


Please see the document below for guidance on composite classes within our school structure:

Composite class learning 2014

We have been doing CEM testing in P5m this week. We have had to do a lot of ‘bums in seats’ activities but P5m have done really well and have earned themselves 15 minutes extra Golden Time. Katie really enjoyed the CEM testing.

Leon and Abigale are looking forward to the Easter holidays (so is Mrs McClafferty)

Emma B is looking forward to Easter because she does an Easter Egg Hunt!

Taylor and Lisa are looking forward to the Easter service.

Ava is looking forward to celebrating Alfie and Louie’s birthdays on April Fools Day.

Adam is looking forward to performing at the Easter Service.

Cameron is looking forward to Basketball camp and tournatment at Easter! Good luck!

Robbie really enjoyed doing his music spot playing his ukulele to the class! Well done Robbie.

We have heard some more class talks this week.

Lily really enjoyed giving her class talk on the telephone.

Emma C enjoyed giving her class talk on the telephone.

Ross enjoyed giving his class talk on the Penny Farthing.

Taylor enjoyed giving her talk on the camera. It was invented by Joseph Nicephore in 1865.

Mairi enjoyed giving her class talk on the bycicle.

Leon enjoyed giving his talk on the light bulb!

Sophie did her class talk on the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell DIDN’T invent it! Who did? Antonio Meucci! Wow you learn something new every day!

Well done to all those who have done a presentation they have all been fab!

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