School Transport Information

Important information from West Lothian Council:

“Over the summer break our school transport team will be processing applications for free school transport.  If you have not yet completed an application, you can still do this online at

We aim to send out free school passes to entitled pupils at the beginning of August and we will also be posting route information on our website to allow pupils and parents to familiarise themselves with new school routes prior to the new school term starting.  This will also include details of those routes where pupils can pay a fare to travel to school together with details on how to purchase ten journey tickets if applicable.”

Information for parents

Information for new primary 1 parents:


Information regarding p7 residential trip:

Oban Info

HCT Headquarters


House points total:






On Friday 22nd April we held our final Big Balbardie Blether of the session.

We were discussing our House System and thinking about possible changes that could make it more exciting.

Click on the link below to view our ideas:

BBB3 Feedback

Any Suggestions or Concerns?

Post them here and we’ll get back to you!

Lots of Writing in Class G!

We have had a very busy and short week.  Class G has been doing lots of reading and writing this week.  We have been reading ‘A Big Bag of Worries’ and writing about a time when we were worried.  We have been learning about lots of different emotions and how we can deal with different emotions. We have also been learning about the letter k and we had great fun making kites.  We were playing k games on the computer and writing about k. Here is what we have to say this week:


Erin – I liked making my kite. I liked playing with it.


Cameron – I liked the BFG. I also liked reading Mr Big.


Jake – I made a good cupcake pattern.


Logan – I enjoyed everything. I liked making a kite.


Last week there was an incident at the school. The janitor was called to the school as the burglar alarm was going off. He found Mrs Dunbar’s office had been broken into and her laptop had been stolen. The police were called to the scene who sealed off the office until the crime scene investigators arrived.

P7a and P7b our CSI team went to investigate the crime scene. The room had been taped off and they found different things which could important evidence. There was a muddy footprint on the floor, a hair and some fibre from someone’s clothes on the desk. After closer examination they also found a note scrunched up in the bin containing Mrs Dunbar’s username and password. The CSI team noted down all the evidence and returned to class ready to crack the case.

We looked at the motives of all the suspects and began to think of different theories. Throughout this term we are going to test the different evidence we found at the crime scene to find out who committed the crime!

This week we have been learning about evidence found at a crime scene and the different roles of people during an investigation. We have also been learning about fingerprints. The three types of ridges are arch, loop and whorl. We are going to use our knowledge of this to   to compare the fingerprints of our suspects to those found at the crime scene.


P6a 23. 9.16

Rowan: I enjoyed learning how to estimate in maths. We were placing  numbers on an number line.

Jennie: I enjoyed learning colours in French. Rouge is red!

Cole: I enjoyed learning more about space. We were learning about the relationship between the moon, sun and earth.

Zoe: I am enjoying reading our class novel the BFG.

Lucy: I enjoyed learning more about space. We were learning about the planets and that Jupiter is the giant of the solar system.

Paul: I have enjoyed reading my group novel- The Dancing Bear by Michael Murpugo.


P7b Update

It has been a short week at school this week; nevertheless it has been a busy one!

This week we completed art work where we drew the outline of our side profile onto coloured paper then cut it out to make a silhouette.  We then wrote three facts about ourselves and stuck them underneath our silhouette so that others can guess who is who by reading the facts and looking at the shape of our faces.

Yesterday we revised our learning so far about 2D and 3D shapes.  We learned the different names for different triangles (equilateral, scalene, isosceles and right angle.)  We also looked at the art technique called perspective.  This is where objects look smaller when they are further away.  To create perspective art, you have to include a vanishing point and ensure that all corners meet at that exact point.  We transferred our learning about quadrilaterals and triangles by incorporating them into our art work.  Our 2D shapes now look 3D as a result of the vanishing point.  They will look really effective on display in our class.

As part of our CSI context for learning, we examined finger prints.  We learned that there are three main types of fingerprints- loops, arches and whorls.  Approximately 60% of people have loops, 35% have whorls and 5% have arches.

‘I discovered that I had a plain whorl.’ – David.

We looked at our own finger prints and next week will be lifting our prints.  We will also compare the finger prints found at the crime scene in school and compare them with our 6 suspects.

Have a lovely weekend,


Dojo Winners- David and Millie

RRS- Article 28- Right to an education


A short but busy week in P1a

It has been a short but busy week in P1a.


We have been learning….

We have learned the sound ‘i’.  Ada

‘i’ is for Inky the mouse.  Emily

‘a’ is for ants on our arm.  Alex

Road safety and the lollipop sticks and traffic lights.  Olivia Mc

We have been learning to order numbers 1-10. Carley

‘c’ is for castanets.  Justin

‘p’ is for puff out the candles on the pink pig cake. Holly

Learning about pelican crossings in road safety.  Jude

REMEMBER – you can find all the Jolly Phonics actions on You Tube.


I have had fun….

Playing outside with my buddy chasing each other.  Aileigh

Learning the tricky word I.  Amber

I am looking forward to opening my sweetshop with Clara tomorrow.  Ada

Playing tig outside.  Jack

Playing Duck, Duck, Goose. River

Playing with my buddy.  Olivia S



Justin can order his numbers 1-10.

Amber working hard at counting.

Amber working hard at counting.

Shannon is very proud of her writing.

Shannon is very proud of her writing.


Pupil of the week: Mac for working really hard to write his numbers 1 and 2.  Well done Mac.

Mac writing his numbers.

Mac writing his numbers.


P2A’s week

Important Assembly Date Change

Please note our class assembly date is now on Friday 28th of October and not on 11th of November as previously stated.

This week in P2 we were very excited to get a visit from Diana the optician.  She told us a lot of information about her job, how our eyes work and what we can do to help our eyesight. We tried on lots of different glasses and lenses and had fun with all of the games.

We have had fun this week learning the days of the week in French and we will try to practise them every day.

In maths this week we have been busy practising our BIG numbers in our mental maths and next week we are looking forward to our Number talk activities.

Mr Bremner the minister,came to visit during assembly and we listened to his stories about the bible.

Achievements this week

Kyle has achieved his red belt in Tae Kwon Do

In swimming Lexi moved up to a higher level

Archie has been practising hard on his electric scooter

Lois has been practising her tennis skills

Luke and Hollie have been improving in his drama class

Emma is on step 4 in dancing





Class O


Caitlin – I enjoyed playing and watching the orbeez growing in the water and they feel really slimey. I am exited to be going to p7 for golden time and i have chosen hama beeds.


Cody – I enjoy playing with the I pad in the tent because it smells really good it smells like clay. I am really excited about golden time today because I show my friends my city on bloons monkey city.


Jamie – I had fun playing in rainbow room and building a tower. I also finished ‘The Demon Headmaster’ book I really enjoyed it.


Jayden – I enjoyed outdoor maths. I was working with Cody and  was throwing and catching a ball shouting out my 2, 3 and 4 times table.


Cameron – I enjoyed being in the library with Cody watching him play a game. I am very excited because I am going to Low port next week with my primary 5 class and Mrs Mallin. I am looking forward to going swimming at the Mariner Centre and going to the disco.


Liam – I had fun working with the red magnetic numbers with Mrs Mallin

Artists in P1B

Caitlin – Yesterday in Art we were making fish using celery sticks and paint
Noah – We were painting
Zara – We were dipping the celery sticks into the paint
Kyle – We were making rainbow fishes
Caitlin – Our technique was called printing
Lewis – Printing is when you use something other than a paint brush to make a picture
Maksim – You can use celery sticks to do this
Emma – We were painting fish by dipping celery sticks into paints and we took lots of photographs

Article 28: We have the right to an education






Wired up in P4b!

It’s been a short week after a lovely weekend but jam packed as usual!

In our energy topic this week we made simple circuits. We had great fun making circuits with batteries, bulbs, wires, motors and buzzers. We even found out how to add a switch into our circuits.







We learnt how to draw diagrams of circuits too. We know that each part of the circuit has a symbol.
Do you know what this circuit is made up of?


We had fun doing our turbo tables and a lot of children are showing that they really can learn them. Katie, Luke, Jaime-Lee, Jacob and Aryan are all Bronze certificate holders!

Table of the week is green!
Article 28 – the right to an education

A short week!


We have been learning about contractions this week. The trick now is to apply this new skill in our writing.

Denholm – a contraction is when you shorten two words into one word

Connor – you use an apostrophe to show that there’s a missing letter

Here is an example from Sophia –


We then played a fun memory/matching game which really helped us to learn some of the trickier contractions.



We have been learning to spot patterns when adding 9 (or a number that ends in 9) to another number.

Euan – just add ten and take one away

Sophia – the units go down and the tens go up

Miles – I take one away from the other number to make the nine into ten then I add them both together

Being able to explain the different methods that we use is a form of metacognition and we are working hard in class to develop this skill across our learning.

We are also continuing with learning to tell the time and understand the different parts of the digital and analogue methods. It’s really tricky trying to learn that 45 minutes after 1 o’clock is actually quarter to 2!!


Have a great long weekend!!!

P3/2 are learning in a fun way !

Fun learning in lots of ways… Reading with others, Golden Time is fun, Art is fun and so is Outdoor PE. Planning and writing stories is also fun to do.

Here are our comments this week:-

Harris,Sophie M.-Planning the key story was fun

Archie-Story writing at different tables was fun

Rory-Outdoor PE is fun learning to work together and share equipment

Ross- I loved being Playground pupil of the week

Max- I think finishing sentences off myself is fun

Lily,Katie,Eden-  Golden Time is fun when we bring things from home

Dylan-  Golden Time is fun  and I had ipads this week

Isla- Golden Time is fun when you cook

Sophie S.- Golden Time art is fun

Jess,Niamh, Eva- We loved painting a beautiful picture at Golden Time using the glittery paints. That was fun

Grace-  Reading my new reading book is fun

Zara- Reading my novel The Monster crisp guzzler is fun

Nina-I loved the aboriginal art. I loved using the cotton bud to paint my picture that was fun.

Congratulations to:-

Grace-Secret Student

Ross- Playground pupil of the week

Table of the week- The Sharpeners

Star Writer P2-Jess

Star Writer P3- Rory


Have a super weekend everyone !

Remember it is THE MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING is Friday 30th September …Come and enjoy a cake and a cuppa 🙂


Junior Choir

Just a reminder that auditions for the Junior Choir will take place on Tuesday 27th of September after school.

I have received lots of reply slips from new members wanting to audition for choir, a reminder to anyone else wanting to audition that Monday is the last day I can accept choir letters.

I am aware that some classes are away to camp, if there are any issues about this please let me know!



Mrs Mansfield

Primary 2/1 Blog – Week Beginning 19/9/16



We have enjoyed having a short week at school this week and have liked telling everyone about our adventures over the weekend.  We have learned about writing postcards, our new sound ‘i’, using ten frames and dot patterns to help our counting, 2D shapes and their properties and we have also had a circle time to extend our learning about feelings and way to express these.  In our ‘Balbardie Superheroes’ lessons we have been learning about what to do in an emergency!  We identified the real life superheroes that work in the emergency services and the Primary 2s were able to think about what equipment these people need for their jobs and how they keep us safe.

We spoke about what qualities real life superheroes must have to do their job.  This is what we spoke about:

Regan – “Firemen, policemen and ambulance drivers save the day, every day!”

Poppy – “The vet is a superhero because they help the animals when they are not well”

Leila – “The nurse is amazing because she helps people”

Millie – “The vet helps the animals, that is cool”

Brandon – “The dentist is a hero because they check your teeth and keep people’s mouths healthy so they don’t get sore”

Rio – “A doctor is the best real life superhero because they can help you when you fall or get really sick”

Ellie – “A policeman or policewoman is very brave.  They can help if a wee boy or girl gets lost, they can get them home safely”

Cameron – “Firemen put out the fires.  This makes them a superhero because they must be very brave”

Liam – “I like ambulance drivers because they help people in an emergency, grown ups too!”

Teigan – “Policemen help people.  They helped me when I got lost”

Breghannon – “Firemen help in emergencies like when there is a real fire.  There wasn’t a real fire at school this week”

Max – “The emergency services are very fast, they must be healthy!”

Marley – “Maybe when I grow up and work in McDonalds the firemen will need to come and put out the fires, the firemen will have jobs for years!”

Rory – “The lollypop man is an important superhero because they keep people safe when they cross the road”

Romeo – “Policemen can keep the roads safe – if someone goes too fast they can tell them to stop!”

Rocco – “Firemen can climb up ladders to help people if they are stuck.  They can’t be scared of heights”

Jonah – “Doctors are a special superhero because they help people and save lives”

Keegan – “Teachers are real life superheroes because they teach us everything we know!”

Leah – “A vet is my favourite superhero because they look after animals.  I would like a hamster, the vet would look after my animal”


Even though it has been a short week we have learned lots!  We are all looking forward to more exciting learning next week!



Primary 2/1

Boat Challenge

This week in science we were given a challenge to design a boat. First we had to do a practise design using only paper and sellotape. Then we worked in groups to choose the best design and build a final boat out of tin foil. The boat had to be able to carry at least 5 marbles and not sink. Dylan remembered the important word ‘buoyancy’ and he said the boat had to be buoyant to make it a successful boat.

David- The boat is sailing on the water. It’s got marbles. I’m doing floating.

Yolie – I make a boat to go on water. It float on water. Marble put on back. Lots of marbles.

Adam – I made a boat. Our second one could hold nearly all the marbles, I think about 80!!! It was made of tin foil. This means we had a good design for the boat. I think mines was the best.

img_0893 img_0894 img_0895 img_0896 img_0897 img_0898 img_0899 img_0900 img_0901 img_0902 img_0903 img_0904 img_0905 img_0906

Joe was at Armadale when we did the experiment so he decided to tell us what he did when he was there:

Joe – I was doing art at Armadale. We were painting from the year 1973, April. There was a bridge built in England. We painted the bridge.


This week started with a long weekend.

Grace: I tried the paper challenge at home, I didn’t manage it yet.

Dadirayi: On Monday I got my hair done by my mum.

Leia: On Tuesday I went to deep sea world and we searched about for half an hour to find tarantulas and there was none there.

Kayleigh: On Tuesday I went to swimming lessons.

Robyn: I rode my bike.

Sophie: I went to my Grandmas and visited my cool aunt.

Aaron: I went to Eliburn Park.

Ava: I went to Deep Sea world with Charlie and I liked to see the seals.


Next week most of us are going to Lowport this is what we are looking forward to most.

David: I am excited to go in the swimming pool.

Emma: The disco.

Evie: I am excited for kayaking.

Annabelle: I am happy excited to sleep with my friends and go to Beecraigs.

Isla: I am excited to go to Lowport with my friends.


Those not going shared what they are looking forward to most

Demi- Leigh I am going to the shows I am excited.

Reece: I got to see my Dad.





Hi Everyone!

We have been busy navigating our way around Didbook this week in preparation for us using it to record our learning journey.  We are excited about all the different things we can put on it, and will be using it this year instead of our Profile Jotters.

Next week we are off to Low Port and we have been talking about what it will be like, what we will be learning and of course, the best clothes to wear to the disco!  An important reminder that on the Monday all children should bring their own packed lunch but Tuesday and Wednesdays are provided. We also asked Mrs Aitken a few questions we had –

We  should not bring technologies – no devices of any kind.

We can bring a hairdrier but not straigtening irons.

We do not need sweets for nighttime.

We meet at the shelter for 9am – the children know where abouts!


Growth Mindset in P5B

This week 5B was set a challenge.

Our challenge was to fold a rectangular bit of paper into this shape. We had two rules we were not allowed to touch the model and you only got one piece of paper. We had work in teams of 6 and we had ten minutes to figure it out.


After just three minutes some of the class said

“it’s impossible”

“how does it go together”


Logan: after the 10 minutes I felt frustrated because

Aaron: I was glad it was over.

Ben: I felt Mr Cunningham was using magic.

Freddie: I felt proud of myself for getting quite close.


After the ten minutes was up the class was asked if they had a growth mindset. We all thought that we did. We were surprised to find out that we said such negative things in a short space of time.

Then we made posters of phrases and words that made us feel really good and proud of ourselves. The words that meant the most were the biggest.


Reece (who missed this) I am glad to be back at school and I am glad to see all my friends and teachers. img_1007


This week, in Maths we have been learning about Grid References and how they are useful for finding where things are. We played different games including Battleships, an Interactive Board game, our Floor Grid as well as completing our maths booklets. If you would like to play at home, follow the link!

In topic, we are learning about what makes up a community and how we belong to different parts of the community. We have been looking at some of the problems that occur in Bathgate, our community, and will see how we can improve the situation.

We looked at speech marks and where they are used. This was quite tricky because speech marks only go around what is being said.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Primary 6b Learning

This week we have been learning:

Fiona – I have been learning how to blend colours in painting. This week were painting our version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’
Luca – I learned about Vincent Van Gogh. He uses lots of dashes and dots. He cut off his ear. He ended up shooting himself.
Gabriel – We learned that he lived in France and had a yellow house.

Kamron – I have been learning about rounding numbers in maths. When you are rounding if the next number is 4 or less you round down and if it is more than 5 you round up.

Jack – In netball we were learning to pivot with the ball so that you can pass to people to the side of you and behind you.

Callum – I learned in maths the value of numbers.

Noah – At Golden Time I learned how to make Banoffee Pie. You break up digestive biscuits, then a spoonful of carmel, then you chop up banana and then top with cream. Then you eat it!
Skye – In drama we were the President Body Guard and Ground Control to Major Tom in our dance drama. We were learning to talk to each other and control our movements.

P7b Update

In P.E this week we played ‘Castles’.  To play this game, we split into two teams and each team has two ‘castles’ made from hula hoops.  The aim of the game is to use a ball to knock down the opposing teams castles.  There is a two minute time limit and the team who knocks down the most castles wins.

For writing this week we wrote an imaginative crime story.  We had to choose from a selection of characters, settings and crimes and create a story with a beginning, middle and end.  We also had to begin our story with an interesting opener.  E.g. in the middle of action, a flashback, with a question or speech.  This helped to grab the reader’s attention straight away.  Miss Bollen was very impressed with our stories.

This week we also learned about the ‘crime’ that took place at Balbardie.  It turns out that MrsDunbar’s laptop has been stolen.  The suspects are; Mrs Meek, Mrs Hay, Mrs Madden, Jim the Janny, Mrs Haddifon and Mr Cunningham.  We explored the crime scene and found fingerprints, footprints, a scrunched up note, fabric and hair samples.  We will complete investigations over the coming weeks to find the guilty suspect.

Enjoy the long weekend,


RRS- Article 28- Right to an Education

Pupil of the week- David

Class dojo winner- Viggo

Table of week- Mysterious 6




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