May 012015

This week we started our new topic from Farm to Fork. We read the story Farmer Duck. This story is about a lazy farmer who told the poor duck to do all the work. The duck was really sad. One day all the other animals crept under the farmer’s bed and chased him away. We will be using this story as a stimulus for other lessons throughout the term.

We learned about different buildings and features on a farm. We then used what we learned to design our own farm on a map. We used a key to show our buildings/objects on the map.

For writing this week, we wrote an acrostic poem on the word ‘Farming’. We used the letters from this word to describe a farm. Here is Jessica’s work:

Fields are on a farm.
Animals live on a farm.
Rabbits hop in the farm.
Milk comes from cows.
Inside is the farm house.
Never forget to feed the animals.
Goats eat grass in the farm.

Yesterday we completed an experiment to discover substances that dissolve. We tested coffee, salt, sugar, flour and pepper. We mixed these materials with 100ml of water and stirred 20 times to make our experiment fair. We discovered that coffee and sugar dissolve whereas salt, flour and pepper don’t.

Have a lovely long weekend,
Miss Bollen and P3b

Article 28- Right to an education

May 012015

We have had a busy week of learning in P4m….

In maths we’ve enjoyed learning how to collect information and display it using frequency tables and bar graphs. We are loving our new topic- Around the World in 80 days. We have spent the week in the city where Phileas Fogg began his Journey- London- learning all about important landmarks and how to make our way around London Underground using a map! We have also enjoyed writing imaginative stories about a Night at the London History Museum. Our performance for Celebrating success is coming along nicely- we hope to see you there to share our success together! We are excited about our swimming trip next Wednesday after the break.

Enjoy the long weekend :)


Article 28- the right to an education


May 012015

Just back from an emotional and interesting day discovering Flanders Fields. The Ypres area we visited was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting of WWI and over 500,000 soldiers lost their lives in this 8 mile area.

Our first stop was Tyne Cot Cemetery where we paid our respects to the 12,000 Allied soldiers buried there. Next we visited the artefacts and exhibits at Passchendaele Memorial Museum and made our way through the underground tunnel system. We then sat in the sun and enjoyed our packed lunches before taking some time at the Balbardie tree to plant our crosses, hold a minute’s silence and read our letters of thanks to the fallen soldiers.

In the afternoon we visited the German Langemark cemetery and compared it to the Allied Tyne Cot cemetery. We then visited the Bayernwald trenches at which point the heavens opened and the rain began to pour which only helped to create a realistic setting. Next we had frites for dinner and munched them along with our rolls and juice in the town square in Ypres while some chose to enjoy ice cream instead.

Our final stop this evening was Ypres where we watched the nightly last post ceremony at the Menin Gate which holds the names of 55,000 soldiers who died but were never found during WWI. Liam and Lauren took part in the ceremony and did a fantastic job of representing the school as they laid our wreath.

Time for bed now and Plopsaland in the morning before beginning our journey home.

May 012015

This week we have started to learn about the farm. We looked at different types of buildings on a farm and designed a farm for Farmer Duck. We had to design a map of the farm using a key. We have also been learning about the different types of animals on the farm and their uses. All animals are there for a reason. For example, we use dairy cows for their milk which we can drink or use to turn into cheese. Most farm animals provide us with food. For example, we  use beef bulls for our beef burgers and mince for spaghetti bolognaise.

In art this week we have been continuing to learn about portraits. We created portraits of farm animals but they were all mixed up! Some had cow skin, a pig nose and a goats horns!

In science we have been learning about germs and how they spread. We watched a video which explained to use that germs enter our body and start to multiply which can make us ill. We can try to stop germs by washing our hands and trying not to have too much contact with someone who is sick. We found it quite hard to understand germs though as we can’t see them. We have conducted a science experiment to see what happens to a potato that has germs on it. We have one potato which has not been touched by anything. This is called the control. One potato was rubbed on the carpet, another in soil and the last was rubbed on someone’s hands. We will look at the potatoes next week to see what has happened.


RRS: Article 28: Right to an education

Article 24: Right to be safe, clean and healthy.

Enjoy the long weekend!


May 012015

We are all feeling a little sad this week as we said farewell to a very popular member of our class.  We enjoyed a farewell party and there were a few tears as the bell rang!

We have been doing Science experiments this week and are learning a lot of new vocabulary to help us. We have also been learning our song for our Celebrating Success performance, and we think you will like it……

We are looking forward to our wee break, and we will be back next week refreshed and ready to learn!

May 012015

This week we started learning our song for celebrating success. It’s top secret but we are enjoying it!

Mrs Collings is very pleased with our problem solving in maths. We have done really well!

We looked at the Matterhorn in Switzerland and followed Phileas Fogg across the Mediterranean to Africa!

We have been learning about the body. I know that my fist is the same size as my heart. – Yasmin

We have been learning about our lungs and our heart. If we run, our heart beats faster because your body has to work harder to get more oxygen – Eva

In P.E. we had our last week of basketball and we played some games. I scored one basket – Alanna

We got new reading books from the library and from the corridor. Mine is called the Tortoise with the cracked shell – Ty

My book is Greyfriars Bobby and I really, really like it – Abbie.

We are also really listening to the class talks. Today Noah and Rowan told us about Japan and Paris. They were both reall interesting and we learn a lot about these places.

We are looking forward to a long weekend!

May 012015

Class B have been learning to write Kennings Poems.  We enjoyed reading lots of examples and trying to figure out using the clues what the poems were about.  For our poems we have been writing about animals. During our poetry recital next week, we will try to read out our poems using a clear voice.  We’re looking forward to listening to the poems and trying to work out what animal the poem is about.

Do you know which animal these Kennings poems are about?


A sea walker.

A people nipper.

A snip snipper.

A sideways walker.

A shell wearer.


A meat muncher.

A throat tearer.

A jungle ruler.

A bone breaker.

A good sprinter

A vicious biter.

A meat sniffer.

May 012015

This week in P2bg we have reflected on what we have learned this week. Here are some of our responses:

‘The 10 times table.’ William
‘How to make a prayer mat.’ Tanatswa
‘New games in PE.’ Euan
‘I learned la tete is your head in French.’ Ranna
‘About the festival of Eid.’ Jess
‘Before and after numbers to 100.’ Alfie

We started our new topic – Olaf’s Coat (weather). We watched a clip from the film Frozen and discussed why Olaf wanting to experience summer was not a good idea. Next week we are going to carry out an experiment to see if a Olaf wearing a coat will help him to stay Frozen. Most of the class don’t think this is a good idea but Miles thinks the coat will stop him from melting. We are excited to see who is right.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Article 28 – The Right to an Education

May 012015

We have had another great week turning our classroom in to Hogwarts.

We painted wall panels for our display to make it look like the Great Hall and started to make Harry Potter themed letters to go above them.

100_1843 100_1844

In Maths we have been learning about area and perimeter. We were given areas of different magical shops on Diagon Alley and we had to create a map to display these.


We have also been building on our team working skills. We had to work together to design a broom for our first year at Hogwarts that was no longer than 1 metre. We then had to include 3 exciting parts that no other group would have. We had great fun making the brooms and worked really hard to make sure that everyone in the group was taking part.


100_1839  100_1837

May 012015

This week we were learning more about the 4 seasons in the year. The 4 seasons are:
1. Winter
2. Spring
3. Autumn
4. Summer

We wanted to showcase our learning by making beautiful seasonal pictures. Here are the steps that we took:

1. The page was divided into 4 and we had to get a pencil and draw around our hands to make it look like trees. We coloured these in brown because that is the colour of the branches and trunks on trees.
2. Next we used the technique of pointillism to match the trees to a season. We chose appropriate colours to match the seasons, for example, we used white paint to make it look like snow in the winter season.
3. We did this for all the seasons and we made sure that we added lots of detail to our pictures to make sure that it was clear what season each one was.







May 012015

We have had a very exciting week in P1h.  We have a bug lab with microscopes, petri dishes and magnifying glasses.  We love looking at all the bugs and material under the microscope.  Murray loves the lab.


We have also been learning about the water cycle.  We watched a video and learned that there is not a shower in the sky.  Water is heated by the sun and it evaporates turing the water into gas.  When it is high in the sky it gets cold, condensation, making clouds.  When lots of water drops come together it rains or snows, precipitation.  We also watched this happening in a bowl.





Ellis thinks he would like to be a scientist when he grows up.

Apr 302015

Good morning. We had a bit of rainy evening so just had a short time on the beach last night. We came back to the hotel and did a fun team quiz.

This morning we’re tucking into a cooked breakfast before we head off on our World War Day.

Apr 292015

Hello from a sunny and warm Blankenberge. :)

Last night we enjoyed a dinner of soup, roast turkey, potatoes, carrots and creme caramel for dessert. We then journeyed to the beach for more fun and devoured loads of waffles, ice cream, candy floss and frites.

Today we have travelled into Holland where we met the clogmaker Boyd who gave us a demonstration of traditional clog-making and also modern machinery. We visited his gift shop and he kindly engraved little clogs for us to bring home. We can’t wait to give you them!

After lunch we visited Sun Park De Haan and had a great time on the different flumes, wave pool, jacuzzis and river rapids. It was a fantastic afternoon.

Hope everyone is well back home. We’re enjoying reading your comments.

Apr 292015

This week we have been learning about Invisible Stanley in our class novel and new words about Volcanoes. We have also been investigating lava and how it moves. In PE we have been using the basketballs and in Drama we have been reading scripts and lots more….

Here are our comments:-

Sam, Erin-In Science I liked learning about lava

Suvi-I liked swimming at Bathgate Sports Centre. I liked the pushing glide !

Ava-At swimming I liked the forward roll.

Demi leigh-I really liked swimming today.It was great fun jumping in.

Emma,Lauren, Liam, Sophia,Ben Wilson, David and Oliver-Swimming today was fun. I enjoyed all of it.

Jason, Megan- I liked learning “Here comes the sun” for our Celebrating Success Assembly.

Alfie, Isla, Mia-I enjoyed PE with Mr Jeffries using basketballs.

Aaron-I loved the Science experiment using treacle !

Ben Marr, Charlie- I liked learning about Volcanoes- I already knew some things.

Connor-I liked seeing all the class in swimming today.

Sophie-I liked going swimming and ducking down under the water and pushing my legs on the wall.

Robert- I liked jumping in from the sides at the swimming pool.

What a great week so far P3/2…. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Have a super long weekend when it comes :)






Apr 282015

Hello from Blankenberge.

Last night we enjoyed a tasty dinner of soup followed by pork, potatoes and vegetables then finished with ice cream. We then headed down to the beach where we had loads of fun, the sun was out and the wind was gine so it was lovely. Our last adventure of the day was to visit the waffle stand or frites shop. 22 pupils chose waffle stand and only 13 went for frites…I wonder what the split will be tonight! We all slept like logs and caught up on our missed sleep from the previous night.

We’re just back from a lovely day out in Brugge. The weather has been really sunny and bright. Breakfast was a selection of cereals and rolls with jam or chocolate spread, all washed down with tea or juice.
Then we headed on the bus to Roose’s Chocolate World where we learned how chocolate is made before doing lots of sampling. We spent lots of our money on presents for our loved ones back home then headed off to the local park for some fresh air and a run around. After lunch we headed in to Brugge town centre and visited the Beguinage nunnery, the Market Square and we took a ride on a canal boat.

More from us tomorrow! :)

Apr 272015

Cameron: This week I have enjoyed learning about lots of different countries in the world from our new story book- “Around the world in 80 days”

Gary: I liked constructing different objects from London (the city that Phileas Fogg began his journey) with my group.

Luca: I enjoyed going outside to play with my friends

Noah: I liked practicing my spelling this week using lots of different strategies

Steven: I enjoyed making a palace guard in my group for art

100_1462  100_1467100_1451100_1397100_1401100_1465

Fiona: I liked learning about tally marks and bar graphs in maths

Jack: I liked our last day of NYCOs because we got to play lots of games like categories.

Article 31: we have the right to play and rest