School Transport for Next Session

It has been confirmed that all pupils requiring school transport next session will need to apply before 6th May 2016. This includes new pupils as well as pupils already receiving transport in buses and taxis. Please be aware that new bus passes and information will be required for next session so it is essential that applications are submitted prior to the deadline as previous passes will not be accepted.

In order to improve the application process a new feature has been created which allows pupils and parents to complete and submit transport applications online through the council website making it quicker and easier to apply. The form can be found at the following web address:

Should you require any further information or have any queries please contact school transport on 01506 282322. 

Online Safety

Online Safety letter

Online Safety power point

Named Person – The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

Please see document below:

Named Person – The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

HCT Headquarters

Meet the House Captain Team (HCT):

Josh Cunningham - Head Boy

Josh – Head Boy

Eva Mackechnie

Eva – Head Girl






Ray Jamieson - Strachan House Captain

Ray – Strachan House Captain

Cameron Newall - Bruce House Captain

Cameron – Bruce House Captain






Eve Holgate - Macpherson House Captain

Eve – Macpherson House Captain

Rachel Quinn - Hardy House Captain

Rachel – Hardy House






House points total:

Macpherson: 16,380

Hardy: 12,350

Bruce: 17,350

Strachan: 10,970



On Friday 22nd April we held our final Big Balbardie Blether of the session.

We were discussing our House System and thinking about possible changes that could make it more exciting.

Click on the link below to view our ideas:

BBB3 Feedback





Any Suggestions or Concerns?

Post them here and we’ll get back to you!


P3/2 The P2 Show Tadpole Rap

Well done p2 what a fantastic Show. We loved the dress rehearsal and think the show was even better. We were so impressed with our classmates dressed in their costumes singing, dancing and speaking their lines clearly. I hope we were a quality audience.
“We were nervous,” said Katie “but we loved it.” “The best bit was giving the flower at the end,” said Rory “but it was all good”
In maths this week we began to learn about area. We linked it to the grass in a field and the carpet on a floor and this made it easy to understand what area is.
For a challenge we all choose to draw our 3 times table and colour in the rectangles. It was important to colour the rectangles because the edges are not the area the coloured part is. However the edges help us to measure the area. Knowing our 3 times table made counting the squares a quick job.
Remember you are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday. Have a fantastic time.

p3/2 Romans

103_2495 103_2539 103_2547 103_2501 103_2548

P4b 25.4.16

Finn: I enjoyed circle time and free play this week.

Ava: I enjoyed art this week. We we learning how to shade still life fruit.

Freya: I enjoyed watching the P2 show- Tadpole Rag.

Olivia: I enjoyed learning about the journey of a banana and about Fairtrade.

Sophie: I enjoyed learning songs for our assembly.

Cameron: I enjoyed P.E this week. We were learning how to do different passes in rugby.

Lucy R: I enjoyed learning songs for our assembly.

Rachael: I enjoyed learning about people that Fairtrade helps.

Demi: I enjoyed choir this week. We were learning the song busy bodies.

James: I enjoyed learning songs for our assembly.

Robbie: I enjoyed art this week and practising our assembly.

Lucy M: I enjoyed art this week. We were learning how to shade still life fruit.

Liam: I enjoyed yoga this week.

Grace: I enjoyed art this week.

Eva: I enjoyed circle time and learning how to divide by 2 with remainders.

Emma: I enjoyed reading this week.

Isla: I enjoyed art and writing shape poems.

Brodie: I enjoyed art and reading.

Baillie: I enjoyed indoor P.E.

Karys: I enjoyed art and choosing activities.

Keira: I enjoyed art this week.

Kelsey: I enjoyed P.E. this week.

Arran: I enjoyed P.E this week too.


Nature Detectives

We have started our new learning context of Nature Detectives.  We know that plants and animals need water to survive.  We learned about the water cycle.  Some of the new words we have learned are precipitation, condensation and evaporation.  We learnt these words when listening for information, watch an experiment and making a model.  We have also become weather forecasters and are making daily observations.  We are looking forward to learning about the lifecycles of some insects.  We are getting some butterfly eggs and frogspawn to help us learn…watch this space for our updates.   New in our classroom – we have a tent with lots of ‘minibeasts’, binoculars and magnifying glasses.

Class M have a Ramadan supper

This week in RME we learned about Sawm which is one of the Pillars of Islam. Muslims must fast for one month which means they can not eat during the day time. They get up very early to eat (sometimes 4am!) and then can’t eat again until after sunset. This month is called Ramadan. Children under 12 do not need to fast as they are too young. In our class Cary would have to fast this year as he is now 12.

We closed the blinds and switched off the lights in class to pretend it was night time, then we had a supper  of chicken curry, rice, nan bread and poppadums. Everyone enjoyed the feast!


Here are our highlights form the week:



Dylan – I Liked looking at the x-rays on the ribs and the elbows to see if the bones were broken. The indian food I tasted for ramadan was so good, my favourite was poppadoms, chicken curry and nan bread.


Adam – I liked when I went outside and played with the hailstones. It was really fun using chalk and doing my spelling words outside on the ground. I liked being outside at movement time with Cary we played football and Mrs Mallin was really really slow!!


Joe – I enjoyed making a map with Mrs Spence. I dipped tea bags into coffee and used the tea bags to put on the paper to make it look old. I tasted rice and it was great. I also had poppadoms and chicken curry this is some of the foods that muslims have at ramadan.


Fun in Four-Three

Mrs Aitken went on the P7 camp this week to Oban and we had fun being taught by Mrs Hay, Mrs Haddifon and Mrs Innes – Mrs Drummond also popped in and taught us a funny banana song.

We continued our Context for Learning – Health and Fitness, and wrote fantastic fact files about being healthy during writing. We practised our times tables using targets boards, challenging our mental agility.

Here are some of our thoughts on this week:

‘I liked learning that germs spread everywhere’ – Ben

‘I liked estimating pages, lines and words in a book when we did problem solving’ – Megan

‘I really enjoyed going to the drama hall and practising our Celebrating Success song’ – Mia

I liked it when Mrs Haddifon came to our class and read ‘My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat’ that Emma brought in for us to read’ – Teighan and Ava

‘I enjoyed doing construction during Golden Time’ – Alfie G

I enjoyed doing problem solving and being challenged when doing the 8x table’ – Suvi

‘I liked being the special person on Friday’ – Oliver

‘I enjoyed making a poster about washing our hands when we were learning about Hygiene in School’ – Gemma

‘I enjoyed Mrs Haddifon – she was very funny!’ – Jason

‘I liked doing planning and writing, it was really fun.  We did fact files’ – Connor


P4a Blog

Annabelle – This week we have learning about the Eat Well Plate. There are five different sections.
Caitlin – The Eat Well Plate is split in to Carbohydrates, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy, Protein and Fats and Oils.
Cameron – Most of our diet should be vegetables and fruit and carbohydrates with some protein and dairy and a little fat and oil.
Evie – Sugary and high fat foods should be eaten as a little treat. If you eat too much you will rot your teeth and put on weight. Examples are chocolate, doughnuts, fizzy juice and sweeties.
Kayleigh – If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates you wouldn’t have a lot of energy or strength. Carbohydrates are cereal, pasta and bread.
Demi Leigh – Protein is good for your muscles and if you don’t eat it you would be weak. You get protein by eating fish, meat, eggs and nuts and beans.
Leia – You need dairy in your diet to grow healthy bones and teeth. If you didn’t eat dairy you wouldn’t grow and might get rickets. Examples of dairy are yoghurts, milk and cheese.
Lotte – We learned about the Eat Well Plate by looking at the smart board and listening to the teacher.
Robyn – Then we worked with our talking partner to design and make a poster telling others about eating a balanced diet.

P1a meets Badger the mystical mutt!

On Tuesday, P1a went to visit the local library. We were extremely lucky to meet the author, Laura Jackson, of the book series “Badger the mystical mutt”.
Eva – Some children ordered some books and the author signed them! I liked when Badger had the big maracas.
Akasha – I liked the story.
Orlaith – At the start of our visit, Badger patted all the adults heads.
Eden – I liked when Badger got the maracas!
Lily – I liked when Badger shook his tail at everybody and some people were trying to catch it.
Isla – I liked when Badger got the big maracas.
Elena – Badger showed us some magic tricks.

We have been reading some of the stories in class and love hearing about Badger’s love for toast!!



Article 28: We have the right to an education


In maths this week we have been learning about weight. We have learned how to convert grammes into kilogrammes and vice versa, and how to solve problems.  We also designed a Lunar theme Park using our measuring and budgeting skills.

Our LAC this week has been on our Space topic and we have been learning a lot about the planets.

Aidan – I enjoyed the co-operative learning poster activity.

Aaron – We did marble paintings, it was fun and messy!

Lucy – I liked at the cool effect at the end of the marble painting.

Callum D – I liked doing the space dictionary.  it was fun and interesting learning about the planets and stars.

Literacy showed us mnemonics this week and we all enjoyed making up our own to remember the planets.

In Health we learned how babies are made.

A wee reminder that our trip money should be in by 7th May. Also don’t forget your EE2 form!

Have a good week!


Literacy and English

This week in literacy we have been learning about how to tell fact from opinion. We had a fun lesson where we had a jumble of facts and opinions and we had to sort them into the right categories. We have also been learning about report writing. We will use what we have been doing in our LATC as a focus for this. We have identified the conventions of writing a report and now have to gather information over the next few weeks for our final report on the lifecycle of a plant.

 Numeracy and Maths

In maths we have been focussing on a range of things this week. We are continuing to develop our recall skills using the four operations and always remembering to use the inverse strategy where we can. We have been consolidating our learning of simplifying fractions and finding fractions of a quantity. We had great fun learning about probability and chance. Miss Brown asked us lots of questions that really helped us to understand this concept.

LATC and Science

We have been enjoying learning about our topic, ‘What a Wonderful World.’ Carrying on from last week’s lessons about religious creation stories we have been learning about the scientific theory of the Big Bang.

We have also been learning about lifecycles. this week we each  planted a runner bean. we will give our seeds water and sunlight, we are also experimenting by giving one seed water but no sunlight, one seed sunlight but no water and one seed no water or sunlight. we have made predictions about what we think will happen and we will be recording and changes to the seeds over the coming weeks.


Lennox – now that I am learning more I think the big bang theory happened

Lucy M – We did a fun thing to help us understand the big bang. We put glitter into a balloon and then we burst it and the glitter went everywhere.

Jennie – Our group burst our balloon and we measured how far away the glitter spread. Some of the glitter was 10 metres away from where the balloon burst.

Expressive Arts

We have been practising lots for our world record attempt. Parents, carers, guardians, family and friends are all welcome at the Livingston football stadium on Thursday 2nd June to watch as we attempt to set a new world record for the biggest Djembe ensemble. There will be around 900 children from West Lothian schools taking part!


Have a great holiday weekend!!!!


Class O

This week Class O have been using a variety of materials and technologies to investigate forces and spring.

Yolie: I enjoyed playing Twister with two friends from P5. I used salt dough to make a flower and a gingerbread man too.

Liam: I made a gingerbread girl. I made a paper one and one to eat. She tasted yummy.

Jamie: I enjoyed researching the heart in Rainbow Room using the iPad.

Cody: Making a hot air balloon was a little tricky. I enjoyed making an illusion to make it look like I was in the balloon basket.

Cameron: I was learning about forces by making a hot air balloon. It was quite tricky but really fun.

Callum: Wow! I made a hot air balloon. It was amazing. It really worked. It would be fun travelling in one.

Oban -the day of adventure

Last night we went swimming to the pool in the town . It was great fun because we had all the equipment out and the pool to ourselves. On  the way back to the hostel we all had tasty chips.

Today we woke up and had breakfast. Then groups 1 and 2 went coasteering and abseiling/climbing and groups 3 and 4 did gorge walking. It was snowing and very cold but exciting.

Then lunch back at the hostel.

After that group 1 went abseiling and climbing group 2 went coasteering and groups 3 and 4 had archery .

Tonight we are having a beach bonfire if the rain stops- fingers crossed !

and tomorrow we are coming home .

written by Erin h and Adam e.




Pod Squad Blog

Hope you enjoy them…

Derri’s Delightful Blog

This week my blog is about the differences at primary school and high school.


1. At primary school you only get one main teacher in high school you get more than one  a day.

2. At high school you can leave for lunch at primary you cant.

3.  At high school you get exams primary school you get tests.

4. At high school you get classes with loads of different people at primary you get one class with the same people.

5. At primary school you get one class room and at high school you get lots. 

Freya’s Blog Party

 Nothing from me this week but I’ll be back next week hopefully.

Jamie’s Football Facts

I am doing my blog on Robben.


1. His full name is Arjen Robben.

2. He was born on 23rd January 1984 age is 32. 

3. The place of birth was in Bedum Netherlands.

4. The height he is 1.80m (5 ft 11 in 2)

5. He is one of the fastest in his team.


Jay’s Dino Facts

Jays Dino Facts…Apatosaurus
All facts from this section are accurate as of 2016


1. The Apatosaurus is also well known as the Brontosaurus. Confusion was caused when bones of the giant dinosaur were first discovered back in 1877 by Othniel Charles Marsh. After naming the new dinosaur Apatosaurus he later found a larger set of bones and incorrectly thought they were a new species which he then named Brontosaurus It turns out that the second set of bones were just the adult version of the Apatosaurus.
2. Apatosaurus lived in the Jurassic Period, around 150 million years ago.
3. The name Apatosaurus means deceptive lizard.
4. The Apatosaurus is one of the largest animals to have ever walked on Earth, averaging around 23m in length and a weight of over 23 metric tons.
5. Apatosaurus was represented in the Transformers toy line and animated series as Sludge.

Dyllan’s Mega Blog

Nothing from me this week but I’ll be back next week hopefully.

Paige’s Awesome Blog

My blog this  week  is about  Lamborghini.


1.Lamborghinis are made in Italy.

2. They are named after the founder Ferrucio  Lamborghini.

3.They have a top speed of 370 kmh.

4.The most expensive one ever was bought for $1,600,000,

5.The founder actually drove a Ferrari!


James’ Radical Blog

This week my blog is about limos!

1. Limos are long the biggest one is 20 meters. 

2.Limos can carry lots of people in them. 

3. It costs £ 100 to hire a limo.

4.A limo can take party guests to the party.

5. Limos are made in Sweden.


Greig’s Amazing Info

 Nothing from me this week but I’ll be back next week hopefully.


Article 13 – Children have the right to find out things and share what they know


Sharing and showers!

What a funny week it’s been! The weather has certainly been keeping us on our toes. We hope the children enjoy filling in their weather diaries in the next few weeks, although we didnt expect snow to be there!

This week we have enjoyed –
Liam – I liked planting my bean plant.
Sarah – I enjoyed learning in my writing lesson.
Ava – I enjoyed learning songs.
Evie – I enjoyed sorting out my bean plant jar.
Keira – I enjoyed doing my subtraction work.
Emma – I enjoyed making the plant grow on the computer.
Daniel – I liked learning how to count to 20 in French.
Alysheeya – I liked learning about sharing using my playdough.
Jess – I enjoyed learning how to plant seeds.
Maddison – I liked learning the days of the week in French.
Harris – I liked watching the alphablocks.
Nina – I enjoyed learning how to say how old I am in French.
Alex – I liked doing takeaway sums.
Ryan – I liked playing on the ipad.
Leon – I liked playing with the cars.
Isla – I enjoyed playing with the farm.
Dionne – I liked doing subtraction using a number line.
Esther – I enjoyed French learning how to say how old I am.
Grace – I enjoyed how to grow a plant.
Skye – I liked playing on the ipad.
Marley – I liked playing with the cars.
Elise – I enjoyed going to the hub.

We have started learning about sharing using playdough mats and teddies.

Wishing you all a very happy long weekend!

Article 28 – the right to an education.


This week in P3.


Literacy: This week in literacy we have continued to develop our literacy skills using reading routes and  developed our spelling.

Maisey: I liked learning new blends.

Callum:  I liked doing spelling flowers.

Nathan: I liked spelling on the I-pads.

Guy: I liked going to the different stations.

Louie: I liked spelling with the blocks.


Maths: This week in maths we have looked at division and sharing objects equally. We are getting better at maths by using different strategies.

Hope: I liked doing division because it is challenging.

Nathan: Division is fun.

Isaac: Division makes maths get a little bit easier.

Lucy: I like division because it is fun.

Elliot: I liked maths because I like figuring out the answers using my times tables.

Hayley: I like maths because it’s getting a lot easier.

Guy: I liked working in my maths jotter and like learning to divide by two because it is half.

Masiey: I liked playing hit the button on the board.


LAC: Jay I liked doing PE because it was fun.

Jamie- Lee I liked indoor and outdoor PE.

Lucy: I liked PE

Nathan: I liked building stuff in the construction area because it is fun I built a farm.

Elliot: I liked practicing our song for celebrating success using the video.

Masiey: I liked making up a script I made at free choose.

Aryan: I liked drawing because I love drawing pictures and colouring in.

Oban Trip Day 3

Today at Oban we were in two groups. Groups 1&2 went on a gorge walk up and down some waterfalls wearing wetsuits and then went on to do some archery. We had targets with balloons stuck onto them to shoot at.

Groups 3&4 were canoeing on a loch and went and did some bushcraft . When they were there they created some shelters and built up some fires to toast marshmallows.

We are having loads of fun and cant wait for tomorrow’s activities.

By Ava B & Nadia

2nd Day Adventures

Today we have been doing lots of activities such as rock climbing and abseiling (FYI no one ended upside down!) we also went swimmimg in the lake,canoeing, bushcrafting and gorge walking.

The people that are in groups 1 and 2 went bushcrafting and they had a competition to see who could make the best shelter. To make it they got 2 sheets,a few ropes and you could use other materials to make it.

The other groups 3 and 4 went abseiling.They had to earn it because they had to climb up then abseil down this gave us all an adrenalin rush as it was sooooo high.

We are now getting ready for our Orienteering evening challenge.

Hope you’re all having a great time at home and are looking forward to Friday when we are coming home.
written by Josh C and Katie M

How Did It All Begin? – P5b

This week we were sharing our ideas and opinions on how life on Earth began. We had a fascinating discussion where some people shared their religious beliefs, others shared knowledge they had gained from books and the internet and some used their imaginations as they considered how life on Earth may have begun. It was wonderful to hear everybody’s ideas and we all met our Success Criteria by treating the views and opinions of others with respect.

We’re looking forward to exploring this fascinating topic further!

There was a big bang in space.

There was a big bang in space.

God made life on Earth.

God made life on Earth.

Life on Earth began when it was hit by a meteor. Life has evolved over millions of years.

Life on Earth began when it was hit by a meteor. Life has evolved over millions of years.

A giant meteor exploded making lots of planets including Earth. Earth already had life on it.

A giant meteor exploded making lots of planets including Earth. Earth already had life on it.

Earth was created from the Big Bang. Life began in the sea and has evolved over millions of years.

Earth was created from the Big Bang. Life began in the sea and has evolved over millions of years.

A meteor struck Earth causing a huge fire. When the fire died, life on Earth began.

A meteor struck Earth causing a huge fire. When the fire died, life on Earth began.



From the Blog Post Box:

                              impressed me this week by……………


Katie impressed me this week by doing so well in Reading Routes.             Fiona

My sister impressed me this week by doing well in her exam.  Michelle

My sister impressed me this week by coping well with her braces.    Lewis

Skye impressed me this week by never giving up and being a great team member in PE. Emma

Maisie and Tamsin impressed me with their amazing Tadpole Rag. Tobin

My brother impressed me at the Tadpole Rag. Go Shaun!        Steven


Pupil of the Week: Aidan

Oban Day 1

Firstly we got on the bus and set off for a long journey ahead. On the bus some people played games while some others chatted among themselves. We took a break for a snack before we arrived at our destination.

When we arrived we finnished off our lunch and got into our groups for our rooms. We cmpleted some activities such as Smelly Swamp, Magic Stick, Golden Egg and Rope and Blindfold.

For dinner we had Chicken Korma and pudding. We then began our adventure by walking to an old castle and played some games on the way.

We then had some snacks then went to bed. Once we had all woken up we headed downstairs for breakfast.
Activities today ready to start at 9.30am

Speak later !

Written by Emma.B and Erin.M xx

Junior and Senior Choir

Hi there,

The Junior Choir will continue to build up our repertoire of songs about the body. We have begun to use percussion instruments too. Our aim is to showcase this work for parents and friends on Tuesday 21st June during choir time – this will need to be confirmed with Mr Welsh and Mrs Hay.

The Senior Choir – what an amazing group!
Yesterday the children were given their parts and scripts for our showcase, which will take place on Friday 24th June. The first dance routine has been completed too – a massive thank you to Pamela Logan for giving up her time to choreograph all of the dance routines.
*I hope to begin promptly at 12.30 so that both Craig and Josh can take part. (They are heading to Forres in the afternoon for the Pipe Band Championship, but are keen to take part in our showcase too!)
I promised the children that I’d blog parts as there was some confusion yesterday, however I’ve made copies to be put up in the classrooms when I come in on Tuesday.
Any of the senior choir who want to practise during breaks can meet me in the hall during morning breaks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll also be in the hall on Tuesday at lunch time and in primary 4/3 on Wednesday and Thursday.
Have a great weekend!

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