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We have had a lovely week in P2b as we have had a ‘Kindness’ focus. To start our week off we read the story “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. The story is about a little boy called Felix who finds out from his Grandpa that we each have an invisible bucket. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When our bucket is empty, we feel awful.  Felix finds out that the things people say and do can have an effect on his bucket. We quickly spotted that when people were kind and helpful to Felix, his bucket began to fill up and when people were mean and unkind, his bucket began to empty. Felix also realised that everything he said or did to other people filled or emptied their buckets too! We really enjoyed the story and this brought about lots of discussion on how to fill up invisible buckets in our class. We set ourselves a challenge to fill as many of our classmates buckets as we could! Here are some of the things we got up to…

Joseph – “I helped Ehan tidy up the wooden toys.”

Tiana – “I shared my pencils with people at my table.”

Sara – “I helped Eilidh find her Shopkin.”

Orlaith – “I helped my little sister get her doll.”

Ava – “I have been kind to Dionne when she was sad.”

We also made and designed our own buckets from plastic cups. These will be displayed in our classroom and we can hopefully fill them up with kind notes and messages to each other over the next few weeks.

In writing we retold the story using a storyboard. We tried very hard to put the story into the correct order whilst remembering capital letter, full stops and finger spaces.

In maths we have been jumping up and down the hundred square identifying numbers before, after and between by cutting, sticking and colouring in the squares.

Our Caterpillar Boogie show is coming along well and we are all very excited to perform it on 23rd March. We have been singing really well!! Please remember to return the Butterfly letters regarding facepaint as soon as possible. Thanks.

Pupil of the Week – Fearne – for writing a super acrostic poem on Scotland. Well done Fearne!!

P6a 24.2.17

Our tweets about writing:

“I enjoyed learning about wind farms this week”- Zoe

Our tweets about maths:

“I started learning how to do long multiplication”-Rowan

“I learned by 9 and 11 times tables”-Rhia

Our tweets about music:

“I enjoyed learning Scottish songs in music” Abbie and Cole

Our tweets about LAC:

“I learned more about Scotland”-Jack

“I enjoyed the assembly today”-Tom

“I learned how to apply my art and maths skills at the same time”-Eva

Castle Building!

We have had a great week in Class G. We have been doing lots of work during Learning Across the Curriculum.  We have been learning al about castles and castle defences.  We looked at parts of a castle and have been labelling these and we also had great fun building our own castles using junk.  We liked getting messy painting these.  We have been looking at doubles in Numeracy and even though this is tricky we all managed it and Miss Garland was very proud of us.  In writing we have been looking at independent writing.  We had to make our own story based on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  Our storied were great.  We had a bunny hunt and a witch hunt and they were very exciting stories.  Here is what Class G enjoyed this week:

Logan – I enjoyed building my castle and painting it.


Gabriel – I enjoyed PE. I enjoyed playing the games.


Erin – I loved PE with Mr Jeffries and p2/1.


Jake – I enjoyed swimming.

Shea – I liked TACPAC. It tickled.



This has been a very busy and exciting week for us!
Over the last few weeks, we have been learning a dance for the Dance Festival at Deans High on the 15th of March. It has been very tricky and we are putting lots of hard work into it and finally, it is beginning to come together! We will use the same dance as part of our assembly which is just a few days before the Dance Festival.
We are learning about Ancient Egyptians and the dance is Egyptian based. We have also been learning about the clothes Ancient Egyptians wore as well as the jewellery they had and wore. We have been making our own necklaces and bracelets this week, which we will hopefully wear at assembly.

In maths we have been learning about measuring in metres and half meters. We went outside to make a garden. Each group had to complete a different part of teh garden with different criteria. It was very hard because not only was it very cold but it was also very windy and our meter strips kept blowing away. We did manage to make the garden, although the snow covered it up the next day.

In writing we were learning how to write a description. We had to remember that the person reading the description could not see the picture so had to name the thing for them to imagine what the picture looked like.

At the weekend Owen entered a 5K run – here he is with his medal. Well done Owen!100_3747

Viking Times

This week Lucy, Emma, Katie, Maisey, Jacob, Ben, Elliot and Nathan did their class talks.
Louie – I liked Ben’s pictures on his PowerPoint.
Ela-I liked the video on Nathan’s PowerPoint. It was the top ten facts about Vikings.
Ben – I liked how Emma asked us to get our Smartpacks out for our class talks.
Dani – at the end of Emma’s talk we had to write down answers to her questions.
Jason – I liked Elliot’s PowerPoint. He had good pictures about Viking towns.
Rose – I liked Katie’s class talk because the pictures were picked carefully.
Callum – I liked how Lucy gave us some information about Viking houses and then we learnt about them in class.
Skye – I liked Maisey’s PowerPoint because the pictures were nice and she had loads of detail.
Luke –Jacob’s PowerPoint had really detailed pictures on Viking food.
Jacob – I liked Maisey’s PowerPoint because the background had a nice pattern.
We finished our first Viking class story and are looking forward to our new Viking story adventure.
We learnt about the Viking alphabet, the Furthark, and wrote our names in runes. We also made rune stones with our initials on. Although some of the letters are very different (or don’t exist in the Futhark) some are quite similar. Can you write your name in runes?


We are continuing to prepare for the Benchball festival on the 14th March at Bathgate Xcite with the help of some students from West Lothian College.

In Health and Wellbeing we are exploring our emotions and we drew emojis of different emotions and we had to guess which emotion each one represented.

In French we learnt the names of parts of the body and learn to do ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French. You can enjoy it here…….

Pupil of the Week – Jason for multiplying a 2 digit number by a single number and explaining his strategy really well.

Table of the week- with 620 points


An eventful week in 5B this week and lots of quality learning taking place also.


In our language work this week we rewrote our pitch ideas for our Dragons Den inventions. In our writing we focused on using persuasive language to make the Dragons want to invest in our Victorian inventions. It was also important that we listed the key facts such as special features, price and why our product was unique.


Maths this week we have been continuing our learning on fractions. The Pyramid and Spheres group have been investigating simplifying fractions and how to produce equivalent fractions using multiplication. These groups also completed work for DidBook this week which will be posted soon that shows everything we have learned about fractions.

The Cubes and Cylinders focused on fractions of a whole and how to tell if one fraction is greater than another. The Cubes then started working on their simplifying and equivalent fractions also.


This week has been a jam packed week of Victorian activities. In class we have created our own versions of William Morris prints.  All of the class produced wonderful examples which will form a display in our classroom. As well as this we have been inundated with entrepreneurs pitching their fantastic Victorian inventions to the Dragons Den. So far only two products have received investment, (Sophie for her Stomach Slimmer and Mya for her sweets that make children behave) however I am sure that lots more budding inventors could get money out of the Dragons next week.

Our Thoughts

Caitlin: I enjoyed the parachute games and dragons den.

Harry: I have liked everything this week.

Emma: Dragons Den was my favourite thing this week. Mya’s invention was my favourite.

Sophie: I have liked all of this week.

Ellis: I have enjoyed learning about simplifying and equivalent fractions.

Freddie: Creating my William Morris artwork was my favourite part of the week.

Dadirayi: I liked playing with the parachute and Dragons Den.

Leia: Dragons Den was my highlight – Mya’s invention was my favourite so far.

Evie and Erin: We liked doing our maths assessment.

Evan: I liked parachute games, maths and Dragons Den.


Exciting Egyptians…

This week in P3a we have been getting very excited as we have been learning one of our songs for our assembly. We have been learning lots of other things which we would like to share with you…



In our topic we have been learning all about the mummification process.  We have found out that they pulled out the brains with a hook through the nose of the person being mummified.  We also learned that they put some of the organs from the body into canopic jars.

We have designed our very own canopic jars which we are going to make out of clay next week.  We got to choose whether we wanted  a jackal, baboon, human or falcon as the design.




In maths we have been learning how to add numbers together using the strategy of ‘upstairs, downstairs’ sums.  This is going to help us add up money with Miss Holwill.


We have been developing our listening skills by doing listening activities with Miss Owens, we are really enjoying these. We have also been looking at verbs and adverbs to make our writing more interesting.

We have finished our Ancient Egypt writing and we will be putting these up on display in the next week.


Health and Wellbeing

We learned what to do in an emergency and even learned a song all about calling 999.



Murray has got a green belt in karate

Pupil of the week – Evan

Charlie has started karate this week



We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone !

Words, words, words!

This week, P6B have been busy preparing for their assembly. This included learning the words to our Scottish songs, Wild Mountain Thyme and Loch Lomond. Firstly, we did this through singing practice which allowed us to become familiar with the tune and rhythm of the songs. We then explored the meaning of the songs. Firstly, we looked at ‘Loch Lomond’ and, verse by verse, we illustrated the words.

image-6                   image-7

Next, during handwriting, we focussed on the organisation of our work as well as the correct formation and joining of our letters. We had to use the song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ as the context of our handwriting and, verse by verse, we used our very best presentation skills to write the song in our finest handwriting.


image-5                     image-8


We thoroughly enjoyed performing our songs during today’s assembly and this was supported by the fact we had a good recall and understanding of the words we sung. I’m sure that in the future whenever we hear these songs, we will definitely be able to join in a sing-song!

P2A’s week

This week with Miss Taylor we learned about the life of a Knight during our Dungeons and Dragons topic and we learned that we needed to be 7 years old. Knights have important tasks to do, for example keeping the castle safe and protecting the people who live in the castle and looking after the Prince and Princesses. We learned that dungeons are very scary places…not somewhere we would like to live in!

We have been busy learning the 4 & 5 times tables in our maths groups and we had fun with flashcards, games, worksheets and we liked using the ‘under the Sea’ game on the Smartboard.

In writing this week we wrote about a day in the life of a Knight and we have written wonderful stories.

In drama this week we have been busy practising for the P2 show on the 23rd of March…Reminder for the butterflies to bring in skin coloured tights, and the face painting permission letter 🙂 All other characters for our show will have costumes supplied.

Achievements this week

Pupil of the week: Luke

Kyle won trophies in Tae Kwon Do for working hard and being Pupil of the Month

Archie won a rosette for a clear round in his Pony Club

Lois has moved onto level 5 in swimming

Akasha is trying hard at her swimming and is trying hard to get to level 2

Emily and Artjom have been practising their swimming skills

Elena can now do a handstand in the swimming pool






Evie – We were checking everyone’s eyes and there were blue, brown, green and grey.
Gracie – We wrote down the numbers of how many had that colour at the side
Kyle – We asked people what colour eyes they had




Josh – We were learning about all the dinosaurs and their names
Kaiden – We were cutting out the dinosaurs and sticking them in the right box
Rose – We put them in “meat eaters” or “plant eaters”
Hamish – We were also checking our own answers and seeing if we got them correct
Maksim – A carnivore eats meat and a herbivore eats plants. An omnivore eats both




Caitlin – We were making dinosaur fossils out of clay
Reiss – We did footprints and we also printed the dinosaurs by lying them down
Maksim – We made some dinosaur fossils and we can take them home when they are dry




Next Friday is our class assembly! (Friday 3rd March 2017)
Keep practising the song words and assembly words at home 🙂

Article 28: We have the right to an education

Snowy P3/2

It was quite snowy at school yesterday and we took advantage of that and went outside and played.

Ross,Dylan,Jess- We liked it when we were playing together out in the snow

Luis-I liked making a snowman

Max-I got my Step 5 today !

Harris- I liked playing with the football we found in the snow !

Archie- I wrote bonjour in the snow !

Rory-I rolled a ball of snow into a big ball. A snowball in french is le boule de neige

Zara- I loved making a mini snowman and I put my scarf on him

Lily-I liked the girls being photographed together in the snow

Eden- I liked getting my picture taken with the little snowman

Eva- I wrote Leon le cameleon in the snow

Grace-I drew a snowman when I came into class and in french it is called le bonhomme de neige !

Katie- I loved drawing my snowman back in class and used cotton wool and tissue paper for the snow

Niamh-I liked learning winter french words eg l’hiver is winter

Sophie S. -I liked making a snowman in class on paper and writing Le bonhomme de neige on it

Isla- It is amazing that yesterday was snowy and the day before was sunny!

Kaycee- I liked being out in the fresh air as we were not out at break because of the snow

Nina- I liked getting the picture taken of all the class in the snow

Florence-Yesterday was a fun day in the snow

Congratulations to:-

our new Step 5 children-Rory, Max, Isla and Sophie M.

Pupil of the week-Sophie M. for a friendly nature in class and outside












Primary 2/1 Blog – WB 20.2.17

What a quiet week it has been towards the end of this week…lots of nasty bugs and snow going round.  We really hope to have everyone back, fighting fit, next week!

This week has been lots of fun.  Here are our best bits from this week:

Cameron – “I have liked the twister mat at the writing table because I like to stretch out”

Teigan – “I liked painting the animal for Katie Morag”

Rio – “I liked twister too –  I practised s, b, p and oo on the mat”

Jonah – “I liked doing the painting. I learned about backgrounds and using paint”

Leila – “The best bit was when I was pupil of the week”

Rory – “I liked doing twister, it was fun to learn sounds”

Max – “I liked learning about a red squirrel and making a fact file”

Emily – “I liked doing my otter information.  The video was good”

Brandon – “I liked learning about Scottish wildlife. I challenged myself by writing information about an otter”

Marley – “I liked making my seal”

Regan – “The construction challenges were fun this week”

Leah – “Construction has been the best station this week”

Keegan – “I like doing my seal and adding detail”

Breaghannon – “I liked the fact file with information”



Primary 2/1

(A note from Mrs Mansfield – a note just to remind parents/carers that trip letters and money are due asap.  If there are any problems with this please let me, or the office staff, know)

Class M

Class M are enjoying a block of swimming at the moment. We have to walk to and from the sports centre which is very good exercise and helping us stay healthy. We are now all spending some time in the big playground at playtimes during the week. It’s great fun and it means we can play with some of our integration friends.

David- I had my face under water at swimming, we walked to swimming I liked it.

Joe – I liked having fun in the big playground, me and Jayden were playing.

Adam – I liked swimming, it was very fun. I was diving.

Yolie – Ross and Jamie is at the swimming pool for teachers. I was swimming fast.

Aiden – I liked swimming on Tuesday. It is a long time since we’ve been. I liked diving in the big pool.

Dylan – The big playground was good. I was playing with Mr Jeffries at tig.

Class O

In class we have been looking at tion/sion words and also silent l words. We designed our own video game character using all different materials it was alot of fun and we used lots of adjectives to describe our character.


Cody – I was making a monster from scrap and played monoplay with Cameron and Mrs Mallin. There was also alot of snow about a foot. In maths I had cards and they had number 1 to 100, I made sums with the numbers.


Jayden – I was making a suitcase robot and it can fly. I made it using Cardboard boxes and they were doors and the doors open and close. I was playing dominoes with Mrs Gray. Mrs Gray comes to our class on a Thursday.



Liam – I liked making a robot from junk I called him Mango. I liked to do maths with peppa pig, mario and clifford the dog.


Cameron – I enjoyed making a video game character it was good fun. I also liked to play family fortunes and be the host. In maths I have been doing subtracting chimney sums with exchanging 10s and 100s.

3/2 Time to Get Out(doors)

This week we have enjoyed taking some of our learning outdoors in maths. We have been learning about telling time and this week have been looking at using am or pm correctly. We played a game where we had to decide if an activity could be happening at an am time, a pm time or could be both. Some of us took turns to hold up the signs for am pm or both and the rest had to listen to the sentence, think and then run to what we thought was the correct answer. Here are a few examples for you to try:

‘You are listening to a class assembly’ AM, PM or both?

‘You are brushing your teeth’ AM PM or both?

106_3278 106_3286

It was great fun and got our brains working, as well as our legs!


We also laughed lots joining in a game of ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?’


Red Nose Day – Friday 24th March

Here at Balbardie our P4 stage are leading our learning about Red Nose Day, which this year takes place on Friday 24th March. On that day you can wear something red for our Dress Down Day and donate £1.00 to this great cause. The money raised helps to fund projects, in the UK and Africa, that have found effective ways to tackle poverty and injustice.

Order forms have been sent out for you to buy your very own Red Nose. Please complete the order form and return this along with your  £1.00 if you’d like to buy one. Pupils who have ordered so far have enjoyed opening the shiny wrapper to reveal which of the different designs is inside.


Our P4 pupils are awaiting the arrival of their fundraising pack and will update us soon with how we can get involved in supporting Red Nose Day. Check here for more details soon!


P1A Outdoor Learning

img_0590  img_0591  img_0596  img_0598

img_0599  img_0594

Now that the weather is getting warmer we went out to the playground to play some Maths and Numeracy games.  As a warm up activity, we had to organise ourselves in to a line from 1-20 by looking at our classmates tunics.  We also created addition and subtraction sums using the numbers on our tunics.  That took a bit more thinking and organising.  Being able to find the person with the number before or after the one on our tunic was good fun and we managed to do it quickly and accurately.

Using numbered cones, we practised ordering numbers to 20 and for adding and taking away within 20.

We used fancy shape bean bags to practise throwing into the number net.  Carley got a high score of 21!

Aaron was able to read the number on the tile without counting the dots, which is fabulous!

We continued to learn through play in the classroom as 15-20 minutes outside with a little wind was long enough for Mrs Laidlaw!


Last week was such a short week, but we got lots of topic work done!
We learned about Hieroglyphs – Ancient Egyptian writing. We found out that the Rosetta Stone helped to decipher the Hieroglyphs and with that knowledge, we were able to write our names, different fruits and even secret messages using Hieroglyphs. Ancient Egyptians did not use pens or pencils like we do, so we also practised writing using Bamboo pens and ink. It was great fun!
Here are some pictures.















We also learned that Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens wrote their names in a cartouche to show their importance. And, because we are all important, we made our own cartouches! They are not quite ready yet – pictures to follow when they are ready!

Snapshots of our learning in P6a

We have had a short week but we have been learning a lot. We have been revising our tables and practising our spelling. We have also been busy in art- drawing Scottish landscapes.

img_0707img_0708img_0706 img_0702 img_0703 img_0704 img_0705

Special person: Scott

P1a become palentologists!

We have started our new Context for Learning…. dinosaurs!  We are very excited about becoming palentologists.  We’ve already hatched our own dinosaurs!  We got ice eggs and hatched our dinosaurs using lots of different strategies….

  • we used tools to smash them open
  • our hands to warm the eggs
  • hot water
  • we dropped them from a height
  • we kicked them off the wall

Here are some photos..

Egg hatching!

Egg hatching!

img_0007 img_0009 img_0010 img_0019 img_0020 img_0023 img_0024 img_0029 img_0030 img_0034 img_0035 img_0037

img_0043 img_0044

Here is some of our learning this week………………………

We were learning about dinosaurs. James

I was learning the sound p. Mac

We have been smashing dinosaur eggs. River

We learned the words eight and always. Oliver

We learned p in phonics.   Ellis

We wrote dinosaur stories. Max

We did dinosaur dot to dot in numeracy. Holly

We played dinosaur roll a dice. Jude

We used hot water to get our eggs to melt. Aaron

We learned the sound or. Ada

We used tools to crack the eggs open. Jack

We warmed the eggs up in our hands. Mac

We learned taking away to get a smaller number. Amber

We learned ‘counting on’ in numeracy. Olivia

We’ve been adding numbers to make a bigger number. Alex

We’ve been learning to tell the time. River



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