Aug 272015

Meet the House Captain Team (HCT):

Josh Cunningham - Head Boy

Josh Cunningham – Head Boy

Eva Mackechnie

Eva Mackechnie – Head Girl






Ray Jamieson - Strachan House Captain

Ray Jamieson – Strachan House Captain

Cameron Newall - Bruce House Captain

Cameron Newall – Bruce House Captain






Eve Holgate - Macpherson House Captain

Eve Holgate – Macpherson House Captain

Rachel Quinn - Hardy House  Captain

Rachel Quinn – Hardy House






House points total:

Macpherson: 4630

Hardy: 510

Bruce: 2340

Strachan: 1080


Aug 292015

It has been a busy week in P1c and the children are settling into daily life at Balabardie really well. They are learning their way around the school and becoming more familiar with the daily routines.
They really enjoy the times they spend with their buddies and played a lovely game this week where they got to know one another this week by talking and listening to one another.

Pupil of the Week – Esther Dignal for being really helpful and finding her way around the school well.

Mrs Laidlaw and Mrs Collings look forward to meeting you and talking to you about the year ahead at meet the teacher on Wednesday.

Aug 292015

Wow! What another amazing week full of excellent learning!

We have started our new topic which is all about Mr Potato Head and his senses. So far we have learned that Mr Potato Head has five senses – just like us! We have investigated how our eyes work and can even name some of the parts of our eye. We now understand that our eyes sent signals to our brains so that we can see and completed lots of experiments to test our eyes more! Our favourites were Spot the Difference and the Observation trays.

In maths we have been learning about ordering numbers and have had fun completing lots of activities to put numbers in order. We revised our learning about numbers that come before and after a number with the help of a number line but found this a little bit tricky. We also learned about 2D shapes and have been on a shape train around the classroom to look for Tommy Triangle, Cynthia Circle, Harriet Hexagon, Peter Pentagon and Robbie Rectangle. We discovered that there are lots of shapes hidden in our class and are on the hunt to find more 2D shapes at home and in the playground!

We also want to say a huge well done to this week’s ‘Star of the Week’, Liam! Liam has been working very hard and is always willing to help others with their learning. Fantastic work Liam…I wonder who next week’s ‘Star of the Week’ will be!

Primary 2b

(A note from Mrs Mansfield – Can I just remind parents/guardians to please put names of all of your child’s clothing, including PE clothes. I have a few items which the children have misplaced throughout the week, if your child is missing anything please check in lost property or with me! Thank you for your support, I look forward to meeting you next Wednesday evening at Meet the Teacher.)

Aug 292015

Primary 2b have made a fantastic start to their time in Primary 2 and have been learning about what it means to be a good friend. We have played games, told stories and worked together to get to know one another better and so far are enjoying the new challenges Primary 2 is bringing!

Together we read the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and used this to understand how we are entitled to rights to keep us healthy and happy. We spoke about our actions in order to make sure everyone feels this way and also discussed how Mrs Mansfield could help us even more.

We have had a great week and can’t wait to start our new topic next week!

Primary 2b

Aug 282015

P5b have been very busy this week.

This week I have learned……


Big Maths Beat That. Lewis

how to draw a shadow and I also liked doing the bookmark. Noah

how to sketch and crosshatch. Tobin

how to play the Djembe drums. Fiona

how to do a science experiment. Michelle

how to dissolve materials. Gary

how to play the drums. Colin

learned lots of history about William Wallace and Robert Bruce and I learned how to draw a really cool optical illusion called the 3D hand. Jack

how to draw a shaded apple with a shadow. Skye

how to drum. Paige

how to play on the drum. Darja

I enjoyed science and learned how to dissolve things in water. Robyn.


Here are some photos from our LAC  Potions Lab.  We were investigating which materials were soluble and insoluble.

Investigating dissolving.

Investigating dissolving.

Investingating dissolving.

Investingating dissolving.

Investigating dissolving.

Investigating dissolving.


Congratulations to Gary who is our Pupil of the Week this week for always following the class Rights and Actions and always doing his best.

Well done Gary!

Well done Gary!

Have a great weekend.





Aug 282015

This week we have been very busy in P4b!

Demi and Ava enjoyed RME with Mrs Clark. ” We made a poster about somewhere we feel we belong”.

“We liked learning the months of the year and how to tell the time this week”. Freya,Sophie, Keira, James, Karys, Lucy R and Kai. 

“Learning about synonyms was lots of fun!” Emma, Isla and Grace.

“We liked playing with our friends during Golden Time”. Lucy M, Robbie and Arran. 

“We loved reading this week, it was fun!” Eva, Olivia, Aidan and Rachael

100_1665 100_1666 100_1667 100_1668 100_1669 100_1670 100_1671 100_1672 100_1673 100_1674 100_1675 100_1676

Aug 282015

We have had an inspirational week  in P7.

We have been thinking about our future aspirations. We discussed what jobs and lifestyles we would like to have and we discussed what we need to do to help us get there.

We were learning about pop art. We had to use contrasting colours to create a poster displaying inspirational words.

In maths this week we were learning about finance. We have been learning how it is important to save some money and we have been learning about different banking terms. We were online shopping and we had a competition to see who could buy stock for the tuck shop at the cheapest price. Sam  and Jamie won for spending the least amount of money  and they said Asda is cheaper than Sainsburys.

We also wrote a biography about a famous person who inspires us, for example; Stephen Hawking , Gabby Douglass, Anna Kendrick, Gabi Butler and Daniel Radcliffe.

In class we have been writing a song for our assembly. We look forward to seeing our parents and family members on Friday 4th September.

Written by Sam and Nadia


Table of the Week: VIP’s

Class Dojo: Lewis

Have a nice weekend.


Aug 282015

This is a second week back after our summer holidays which were great fun. We have written about our holidays and started one of our context for learning which is Rights Respecting Superheroes. This is what we feel some of the best things we have done since we have been back in school are:

Charlotte “maths number bonds.”

Hope “I liked maths tig.”

Maisey “I liked writing our superhero stories.”

Guy “the magic e song was good because it was funny.”

Emma “the superhero stories were fun.”

Luke “the P3/4 gathering was fun because people were jumping out of planes.”

Ben “yoga was fun because you got a good stretch.”

Elliot “counting the marbles. It was exciting to see who won!”

Aryan  “golden time because you get to choose whatever you want to play with.”

Rose “ painting our class superhero was fun.”

Callum “golden time because I like cars and I got to bring in and play with my car.”

Katie “robot maths was good because we got to build robots”

Lucy “superhero stories because they were fun.”

Mr. Cunningham “As you can see we have been very busy in our first weeks. I have enjoyed my summer holidays but am happy to meet my lovely P3 class.”

Aug 282015

Article 13 We have the right to find out things and share by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way.

This week we have been very busy learning about lots of new things….

We have had Mrs McClafferty in all day on a Tuesday. We enjoyed our light and shade art work. We also were using lots of weights and scales in Practical Maths. Mrs McClafferty took us outside for Outdoor PE and just as we were coming back inside the fire alarm went off and we had to stay outside…exciting ! We know where we come out the school and stand in our new classes. We also did Tools for Writing. This helped us when we planned and then wrote our Fantastic Mr Fox adventure stories.We are looking forward to finding out who are our Star Writers next Wednesday. We started our lunch order in French …a little bit tricky but we are getting better every day :)

Well done to Sophia who was our first Pupil of the week !

dates for the diary !

Photographer is in school Monday

Meet the teacher Wednesday evening 6-7pm

Dress down day Friday

Have a super weekend …Mrs Aitken


Aug 282015

Description of our week: This week we have had a very busy week! We will tell you all about it! Here’s a list of things we done this week. Out and About, Silver circles, check timetables, p6’s and p7’s had a child line visitor, P.E, choose, group work, expressive arts, writing and much more!

Dylan: “I liked choose this week because you get to choose off the choose board.”

Aiden: “I enjoyed the Wii this week because there was a new game called Super Mario Bros Wii.”

Caitlin: “I enjoyed P.E because we played castles and it’s a fun game. I also enjoyed the library because I got a Lego friends book to read in class M.”

Adam: “I liked the library because I got a Lego Star Wars book and I liked choose because we had the Wii.”

Cary: “It was alright castles was ok. The rest of the week was fun”

Joe: “I got a Lego Movie book at he library”

IMG_0161 IMG_0187 IMG_0189 IMG_0155

Aug 282015

We have had a great week in Class G.  We have been learning about money and identifying coins.  We had lots of fun with this as we got to make a mess hunting for coins in the shaving foam.  We have worked hard in reading and writing this week.  We made a fact file about ourselves and wrote about our summer holidays.  We were looking at our Class Charter and creating this.  Our theme for this is super heroes.  ‘We all have individual powers……..but together we fly’.  We create a super hero and decided what our super powers were.

Here is what we all said:

David: I was looking for pennies and coins in the shaving foam.  It was messy and fun.


Logan: I was painting my face with the right colours.

Jayden: We were learning about money.  We had to clean all the money as it got covered in shaving foam.

Gabriel: I have done lots of work on money.  I have had snack, a story on the smartboard and playtime with my Integration class.  I was playing with Jamie, Rory and Ross in the primary 1/2/3 playground.  We were playing run around.


Lewis: I enjoyed being a cat in drama.  We had to crawl like a cat.

Aug 282015

In art we have been learning about pop art. This is modern art work which is often very bright, colourful and bold. We looked at pop art by Andy Warhol and examples from comic strips before creating our own.
We included inspirational quotes in the middle of our pop art. We looked at a colour wheel to use bright, contrasting colours .Here are examples of some of the quotes we used:
-‘Be yourself because an original is better than a fake.’
-‘don’t let the past affect your future.’

In maths we have been learning financial education which is about money and about how you can keep it safe. We also talked about advantages and disadvantages of having a bank card.
Advantages of having a bank card
-You don’t have to carry lots of money with you
-it can encourage you to save
Disadvantages of having a bank card
-people could steal it
-you can go into overdraft

In writing this week we did biography about people who inspire us. Some people chose authors , singers, swimmers and more.
Hope you had a great week I know we will!

Written by Anais Peel and Eva Mackechnie

Class dojo winner- Travis McNab

Article 28- Right to an Education

Aug 282015

This week we wrote in our Learners Journey jotters about our favourite thing in school so far. Some people would like to share what they wrote:

Kyle – Playing with Scott
Teigan – Playing with Lily
Eva – Playing in the house corner
Orlaith – I like playing in school and with Niamh and Ruby
Jonah – I like playing with my friends
Lois – Playing with Dionne
Scott – Going into the library
Lily – I like playing with Teigan before we go home
Luis – Playing with Denolm and Brandon

We are all working really hard to be good friends in class. We have started adding leaves onto our friendship tree whenever we see someone in our class being good friends.

Have a lovely weekend!
-Primary 1A and Miss Wilson

Aug 282015

This week in literacy we have been practising our listening skills.  Miss McDougall is very impressed with her class and how well they listen to instructions.  We are very excited to get our new reading books and book bags and have been busy practising our new tricky words.

In our maths work we have been busy revising our numbers up to 50 and we have been learning how to add within 10.

Our new topic is The Senses and we made super Mr and Mrs Potato Heads which will help us with our topic.

Achievements this week

Well done to Sophie who is our first Pupil of the week

Evan moved up a level in Tae Kwon Do and is now a blue belt

Tamsyn was awarded a swimming medal and moved up a level and Maisie moved to level 4 in her swimming

Charlie moved up a level in music and gained a Jurassic World medal

Jodie has moved up to level 8 in her swimming

Callum gained a football trophy and achieved a swimming certificate in level 2

Blaire and Ellis moved up a swimming level

Well done everyone.  We hope to see you at Meet The Teacher on Wednesday 2nd September :-)


Aug 282015

We have all settled in to Primary 6a this week and are learning all the new routines of our classroom. We are enjoying having Mrs Stutt and Mrs Innes as our teachers this year.

With Mrs Stutt we have been learning about note taking and took notes on videos of the Amazon Rainforest, which is our new topic.  In Maths we have been working with money and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We even had a go at rounding tricky numbers like 23,472,000!!!!

With Mrs Innes we have been sharing objects that are important to us and learned a bit more about our class mates. In Drama we did some mirror work where we had to do slow movements and copy exactly what our leader was doing.

The best part about this week was spending time with our P1 buddies. We made crests to tell them a bit more about ourselves and played a game in the P1 classroom to get to know our buddies better.

We are looking forward to the challenges ahead of us next week!

By Isla & gemma m

100_2024 We completed our Maths challenge in record time!

 100_2007 We loved meeting our buddies.


Getting to know each other.

Aug 282015

This week has been jam-packed with learning! We started the week learning how to take notes.

Zoe – I learned to use notes to help with writing, how to organise notes clearly and use abbreviations. It is improtant to highlight the key facts.

James – You have to set out your facts clearly.

We used our notes to write about the Rainforest. – David.

Chris – You can get rubber from the Rainforest trees.

Aaron – You can’t really see the sun in the rainforest because the trees are so tall and packed.

Ryan – The rain creates mositure for the plants.

Callum N – People who live their mainly make their things out of the trees, and they build their houses high up to avoid lots of rain.

Brooke – You can get Cocoa and Vanilla from the trees.

William – They use plants for medicine.

Liam – They have wood fires.

Aidan – It rains 200 days a year.

Is that all? We think they should try living in Scotland!

We can’t wait until we see all the Cool Creatures at our handling session…….

Aug 282015

What a great week!!!!

We have been working hard in P5a this week. We have been learning about letter writing. We used the death of Alexander 111 as a context for this task. We have all adopted Scottish names which we will use as we travel through the various contexts for learning over the coming weeks.

In maths we have been using loop cards to sharpen our recall of multiplication facts. Mrs Drummond will time us each time we do this and our aim is eventually to answer all the questions within one minute! We have also been learning about measure using millimetres and centimetres. Some of us found it tricky to measure using parts of a centimetre, eg. 2.7cm, but we got there in the end!

In science this week we have learned lots. Here is some of what we now know …..

Rowan – there are three types of matter they are solids, liquids and gasses.

Eva – a solid is when atoms are tightly packed together and they can’t move so the stay in that shape.

Scott – the atoms that make up liquids are not as tightly packed together as solids and that means they can move around.

Sophie – gas atoms are able to move around and can fill up any space.

We did the cola and mentos challenge. When the mentos mixed with the cola a chemical reaction took place. It was amazing. Here is a picture….


In P.E. this week we focussed on smart running.

Ty – we did games that helped us to work on our speed. It was really good.


That’s all for now folks, have a great weekend!!!!!


Aug 282015


This week Class O were practising their road safelty skills. We walked to the ice-cream shop, where we had to think about busy traffic and safe places to cross. We discusses the dangers of crossing between parked cars as well as the safe use of pedestrian crossings. We all demonstrated excellent road safety skills.
We were also consolidating our money skills from last term. We were all able to order an ice-cream which we had enough money for and callculate any change we should receive. When we go Out and About again we will continue to practise our road safety skills and will hopefully visit some other places in our local community that will help us develop skills and learn more about our topics.

“I enjoyed going to the ice-cream shop. I have been there with my family too. I was able to independently choose, order and pay for an ice-cream. I chose my favourite flavours – white chocolate and bubblegum!” (Cameron)

“I decided to chose a snow cone. I chose a zombie flavoured one. It was very sour but I really liked it. I paid for it by myself. I was very good at helping the group look for dafe places to cross the roads.” (Cody)

“I was confident calculating how much my ice-cream would cost, deciding if I had enough money and working out how much change I should get. I chose two scoops in a waffle cone – mint choc chip and white chocolate. It was delicious!” (Callum)

“I walked very well to the ice-cream shop and helped look for cars coming so we knew if it was safe to cross or not. It was hard to choose an ice-cream becasue there was lots of flavours. I chose bubblegum. It wsa blue. It was very cold but yummy.” (Liam)

“On the way to the ice-cream shop I help look for cars to see if it was safe to cros over the road. I chose a chocalte waffle cone with chocolate ice-cream and chocoalate sauce.” (Yolie)

Aug 282015

Since coming back to school we have been settling in to our new class and making new friends. We have been learning about our rights. We have the right to play and have had time to play within our classroom and have made suggestions of things we would like to play with over the school year. We learned about our right to be kept safe from harm and thought about some adults in our life who help us to have this right.

We have enjoyed PE with Mr Jeffries and Drama with Mrs Hay and we have been enjoying our Maths work on numbers and counting. We are going to spend some time this term looking at rhyming stories and poems and Mrs Gallagher is encouraging us to bring in any examples of these from home, as well as bringing our own books or comics to read in class if we wish too.

Next week we look forward to starting our learning theme ‘Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention’.

Pupil of the week for this week was Lucas for an excellent start to P3 and our Class Dojo of the week was Ross. Well done to you both and well done to everyone for such a good start to P3/2.

Aug 242015

This is our first week back at school after 7 weeks holidays!!

We all had so much fun during the holidays. Here is how we were feeling about coming back:

Dylan “It didn’t feel that good coming back to school because I have to do a lot of work”

Joe “I didn’t miss school over the holidays. I was too busy having fun and playing outside with my shorts.”

Adam “I was feeling fine about coming back to school.”

Cary “I was really, really looking forward to coming back to school. Sometimes spending time with family can be too much! ”

Caitlin “I was feeling sad about coming back to school, because I have to do a lot of work and I was enjoying my holiday away.”

Aiden “I had so much fun playing with my friends in the holidays I didn’t want to come back to school.”

Miss Robertson “I was looking forward to coming back to school and seeing all the boys and girls.”

Mrs McLean “I was so happy to see everyone when we came back to school. I enjoyed my summer holidays, but wish the weather had been a bit nicer.”

In class M this week we played with the sticky goo at activity table. Joe “Aiden was putting the goo all over my hands.” “It was very very sticky and it was stuck to my hands.” Said Caitlin. “The goo was messy” Said Adam.

On Thursday we had P.E. Caitlin thinks it was fun. We played tig at the end of P.E but at the start Mr Jeffries explained the rules of the gym. We also played “do this, do that” which helped us practice out listening skills. “I am looking forward to doing do this do that again and doing obstacle courses in P.E” Adam. “P.E was okay this week, I enjoyed being the leader and making people do the wrong thing!”

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