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Walk on Wednesday

Walking Bus

The walk bus will be continuing this session. It takes place every Wednesday on the routes identifies below. The walking bus may be cancelled, with no notice if the weather conditions in the morning are unsafe and the lead parents decided that the bus will not run.

If you are able to support the school with any of the routes please contact me via the school office.

Route 1  Mrs Cowie, Ms Dobson (Or gran!)

Start at bottom of Grant Drive 8:40, walk to the Doune Road junction (collect others at 8:45)……….continue along Doune Road to cross with the lollipop lady ……Enter Dunblane Primary School

Route 2  Mrs Higgins, Ms Symington, Mrs Carr

Start time 8.25AM. Start at the top of Cockburn Avenue……Cross the bridge to Ramoyle………Past Braeport…….. Turn right past the Cathedral………..Turn right and walk towards the Faery Bridge…..Cross the Faery Bridge………Turn right onto Kilbryde Cresent……..Turn left to cross with the lollipop lady…..Arrive at Dunblane Primary.

Route 3  Mr Moore, Mrs Hill, Mrs Stewart

Start time 8.30AM. Start at the corner of Linsday Brae on Montgomery Cres……Walk down Montgomery Cres onto High Fields……….Turn right onto Old Doune road….Turn left onto Wallace road…….Turn right onto Buchan Drive……Onto Kinnoul Avenue….Arrive at Dunblane primary School Kids Club entrance.

Route 4   Mrs McLean

Start 8.40PM Meet at the corner of Culdee Grove, Clements Loan and Mackenzie Court junction……..Walk along Culdee Grove……Go over the fence into Anchorcross……Walk along Anchorcross…….Turn left onto Wallace Rod……..Down the steps at Kinoull Ave………..Walk along Kinnoull Avenue……..Arrive at Dunblane Primary School Kids Club entrance.

Route 5 Mrs Heaton, Mrs Sinclair

Start at 8.30AM

Meet at the end of Roman Way next to Argyle Way……….Walk along Roman Way and where the road forks walk along Albert Street……….Cross with the lollipop on Old Doune Road .…turn right onto Cromlix Cres and arrive at the kids club entrance for Dunblane Primary School

Traffic Survey Monkey

Traffic Survey Monkey

Thank you to everyone who completed the traffic related survey monkey.  Attached is the results of the survey. 534 people completed the survey 196 of which were Dunblane Primary School children.

Following a discussion at the High School and a further discussion with parents at Dunblane Primary School the following decisions were made –
• A clear priority highlighted throughout the survey is to reduce congestion on Old Doune Road in order to promote pedestrian safety.   Safe places for children to cross are required.  Those proposed would be –
• A zebra crossing on the Old Doune Road between Braemar and Wallace Road
• A zebra crossing at the chicanes on Wallace Road.
• A drop off zone at the grass area on Wallace Road would be useful with a 15 minute parking zone for parents walking younger children to school.
• A roundabout on Wallace Road at either Anchorscross or Coldstream Avenue. This would allow traffic to turn and reduce the traffic on the Old Doune Road.
• An additional zebra crossing on the Doune Road, coming from Tesco’s, past the entrance to Old Doune Road.
• A zebra crossing at the chicanes at the top of the Old Doune Road, closest to the High School.
Discussions with Stirling Council are continuing to achieve these new pedestrian crossings

• A leaflet will be created by pupils from all cluster schools to promote various suggested informal drop-off points to DHS parents.   The suggested drop off points proposed would be –
• Aygyle Way circuit
• Wallace Road Circuit
• Tesco’s
• The Haining.
• Grant Drive.

• As a result of feedback from the survey the traffic group will also investigate the bus provision for DHS with a view to improving this service if possible.