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Plastic Pollutuion

We are busy learning about plastic. It’s uses and also the pollution it can cause.

We recently went on a walk up to our local shop to find out about how they are trying to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

On the way there we found lots of plastic littering our environment.

We were amazed at how much rubbish was just on this short walk.

After that we went into the shop to ask questions about how they are trying to reduce the plastic use in the shop.  That was very interesting too.

We have sent questionnaires to other local shops and have found the answers very interesting. We are delighted our local shops are trying to help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic they use and make available to their customers. Recycling boxes for shopping is we like doing!!!

Our Viking Class Assembly

Primary 2/3 have been learning about the Vikings.  They have researched lots of different things and decided what they would like to put into their assembly.  They had great time doing this, writing and practising for it.  The icing on the cake was our performance today and they loved it.  They even got the audience involved  They were all stars!

Please take the time to have a look at the photos from it.