Term 1

I can’t believe that our first term back at school is almost over.  It’s been a whirlwind and passed really quickly!

The class have been working hard on their numeracy, literacy and Health & Wellbeing.  They have been learning about time and seasons in their topic work.

There have been lots of changes to get used to.  The children have all adjusted well and taken everything in their stride.

Here are some of their comments:

Kirsty-It’s been different having takeaway lunch boxes instead of trays.

Sophie- Thumbs up!  I’ve enjoyed school!

Ruby-It’s strange not having lots of toys to play with.

Sophia-It’s wierd using hand sanitizer all the time and sharing a toilet with the boys!

Scarlett-It’s strange having a cleaner coming in and out of class at different times!

Ella-It feels wierd having to wear a face mask on the bus.

Alexander-It’s wierd that we can’t give people Hi fives!

Lucille-It’s strange having to wipe things all the time.

Alec-I don’t like that I can’t bring toys into school.

Anri-We can’t fist bump!

Freya-We can’t hug friends!

Andrew-It’s different having teachers come into the classroom.

Peter-Its’s different just sitting with one person and not in groups.

Owen-It’s strange not queuing for lunch and choosing our lunch in the mornings.

Jasmin-It’s different having our own packs for pencils and stuff and not sharing.


Here are some things we have enjoyed this term:

Johanne-I’ve liked doing maths.

Ruby-I’ve enjoyed reading Biff and Chip books again.

Freya-I’ve liked going to the library again.

Sophie-I’ve enjoyed writing my news stories.

Lucille-I’ve liked playing with lego and drawing in my drawing book.

Alec-I’ve liked maths games on the IWB.

Anri-My favourite is playtime with my friends.

Rory-I’ve liked learning about the seasons.

Honey-Drawing in my drawing book.

Scarlett-Learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Peter-Having lots of pizza for lunch!

Kirsty-I like the new way of doing lunches.

Alexander-I have enjoyed getting back to work again!

Sophia-I’ve liked playing with the p1’s.

Dylan-I have enjoyed playtimes with my friends.

Ella-I have liked playing with p1’s.

Jasmin-I have enjoyed playing Sumdog on the laptops.

Andrew-I’ve liked playing Sumdog on the computer.

Owen-I’ve liked doing maths games on the big board.