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Today we had a fabulous discussion relating to remembrance. We raised issues of why wars start, why the poppy is significant and whether people have learnt anything throughout the many conflicts we have faced throughout the years.


We were made aware of the significance of the humble Jelly Baby and why that can also be used a symbol of peace. The class were all given a Jelly Baby as we watched an animation on remembrance and we discussed our thoughts and feelings afterwards.


Each pupil then contributed a leaf and poppy to our class wreath, which is now proudly displayed on the classroom door.

Our Viking Class Assembly

Primary 2/3 have been learning about the Vikings.  They have researched lots of different things and decided what they would like to put into their assembly.  They had great time doing this, writing and practising for it.  The icing on the cake was our performance today and they loved it.  They even got the audience involved  They were all stars!

Please take the time to have a look at the photos from it.