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Checking in

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all managing fine. You will hopefully be embracing some much needed family time and not missing school too much.

I know that you were given some activities to complete at home when we finished on Friday. After the success of our Acrostic Poem activity for Fireworks I thought it would be a nice idea to write an acrostic poem about somebody in class.

Could you please reply in the comments section to this post with an acrostic poem using the name of the person sitting on your right in class (going around your table of 3 or 4) think of personal qualities that person has – much like we’ve been doing in jigsaw. I have put an example poem below using ‘Our Class’.

I look forward to reading your poems and seeing you all again when this situation is resolved. I’m missing our little P2/3 team!

Mrs Wells.


In P2/3 we are:

Open and honest

Understanding of our peers.

Ready to learn.

Caring and supportive.

Loving our class.

Awesome as individuals and a team.

STEM masters who are …

Sometimes silly.