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Chalk it up!

Today, through our well-being calendar , we have been sharing the Christmas joy with the rest of the school by writing some messages for our peers on the playground!
What fun we’ve had thinking of meaningful messages to write and then how to present it to the rest of the school. I have been very impressed with the words and phrases that they chose to share – they have created some very meaningful messages for the school. They also worked really well in their pairs to complete the activity and were very encouraging and respectful when looking at the finished products.

Another day where we have shown what a caring and considerate class we can be – keep it up P2/3!!

The messages read:

’We are a nurturing school.’

’We are loved, we are nurtured.’

’Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be brave.’

’You are fantastic, cool and amazing. Don’t stop!’

’Be a buddy, don’t be a bully.’

’Merry Christmas. Be happy. WOOHOO!’

’You are awesome!’

’Thank you for being a lovely school.’

’You are kind. You are helpful.’

The day after the night before (concert day)

After the excitement of our Christmas concert yesterday – and the resultant tiredness – we used some time today to catch up on our Christmas wellbeing calendar. We still needed to action our ‘Art for a friend’ and ‘Always thankful’ activities …

Yesterday we discussed which members of staff we thought were in need of a note of thanks, the pupils then split into groups to focus their efforts on that person.  We have then delivered our letters to some throughout school.

It has been lovely to see how much thought has gone into who they should write their letter to and what they would like to say – we have a very thoughtful bunch in P2/3!