On Monday we had a visit from the school nurse to discuss and show us how to ensure that we are washing our hands properly – a timely visit given that we are approaching the time of year when bugs start to surface.

We discussed the various points throughout the day that we should wash our hands and why it is important to wash them properly, to reduce the spread of germs from person to person. Nicola demonstrated the correct way to wash our hands, trying to remember to get all of the key areas, she mentioned that the area round the finger nails were the key point that most people miss.

In groups, we were given a special cream to rub all over our hands (to act like the germs) when we placed our hands in the special light box after the cream we could see all the places the germs get to when you rub your hands. Following the instructions Nicola gave us, we then washed our hands to see if we could remove these bugs. When we went back to the special light box we hoped to see no evidence of bugs under the light. Most of us managed to remove all of the germs after a thorough hand wash. Let’s hope that this continues throughout our future hand washing and we’ll try to keep those nasty germs away and stay happy and healthy.


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