This week in The Wee Class….

Learning Experiences

We learned about Scottish artists and painted our own pictures of Peploe’s ‘Tulips’.

We wrote newspaper articles about Nessie and the Kelpies! We had to write  headlines and say WHAT had happened, WHEN and WHERE  it happened,  WHO was involved and WHY.

We explored the percussion instruments and added them in to a well-known Scottish song…but shh…we are keeping it a secret to perform for our parents next week!!

My favourite instrument to play was the cymbals.

Some of us used play doh to practise my spelling words.

We learned about different food that comes from Scotland.

Haggis, neeps and tatties is popular.

Whiskey comes from Scotland.

Some popular cheese comes from Scottish islands.

The Wee Class – Learning Reflections

This week…

We wrote Winter Haikus. The word Haiku comes from Japan.

Haikus are poems with 3 lines – the first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables and the last has 5 syllables.

Snowball Fight
Outside, icy hands,
Snowball fighting in the snow,
Cold snow in my face.

On Wednesday we made snowflakes by folding and cutting pieces of paper.


We learned about Scottish Myths & Legends. My favourite was the Kelpies. Kelpies are water horses and if you take their bridle off of them you can control them. Their weak spot is their bridle.

I liked learning about the Blue Men of Minch. They were men that had a tail like mermaids. Their skin was blue. They sank ships. They were sometimes called storm kelpies.

My second favourite was the Wulver. It is a human with a wolf head. If you’re poor they bring you fish because they love to fish. They are kind to children and adults.

In P.E. we have been practising our ball skills. We have been learning to chest pass, bounce pass, overarm throw and underarm throw. It is lots of fun!

We learned about pronouns.

Us – me – his – he – you – it

For art we looked at tartan patterns. Tartan has vertical and horizontal lines. We painted our own tartan designs and printed them on to paper.

In Maths we learned to use ‘bridging’ to add numbers.

How we like to learn…

I like coming to school and doing Literacy.

I like independent learning.

I like to use pictures to help me learn.

I like to learn by playing games.

I like to learn with other people.

I like helping other people learn.


This week in the “Wee Class” we have been learning…

We learned  new strategies for adding:

  • Near Doubles
  • Compensating
  • Chimney sums

We wrote diamante poems about Scotland.

In Literacy, we learned about plurals.

one cat – two cats

We made our own Scot’s Dictionaries with Scottish words we have learned,

We learned where different cities are in Scotland. We glued the city names on to a map.

We redrafted our Friendship Recipes to make a nice display.


Our Achievements

I have tried really hard to improve my handwriting because that’s my New Year’s resolution.

My group got a more challenging book for reading.

My handwriting has improved.

I learned to use a 100 square and got harder questions in Numeracy.

Masterclass 2019 – Creativity

 Our Term 3 Masterclasses got off to a great start. We are STEM exploring, Spanish speaking animators!

Animation – Mrs Martin

Week 1 – Create characters using a range of material.

Week 2 – Develop a story for the characters to tell.

Week 3 – Take stop motion pictures.


Spanish – Mrs Holland

Week 1 – Learn basic Spanish greetings

Week 2 – Choose Spanish words to include in animated film

Week 3 – Record sound for film


STEM – Mrs Blain

(supported by Helen Hamilton)

Week 1 – Engage with STEM related experiments

Week 2 – Experiment with stop motion animation technology

Week 3 – Build a junk model Cinema for their mini movie

There will be a Showcase of the stop motion animation films created by each house at the end of this term.