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Masterclass 2019 – Creativity

 Our Term 3 Masterclasses got off to a great start. We are STEM exploring, Spanish speaking animators!

Animation – Mrs Martin

Week 1 – Create characters using a range of material.

Week 2 – Develop a story for the characters to tell.

Week 3 – Take stop motion pictures.


Spanish – Mrs Holland

Week 1 – Learn basic Spanish greetings

Week 2 – Choose Spanish words to include in animated film

Week 3 – Record sound for film


STEM – Mrs Blain

(supported by Helen Hamilton)

Week 1 – Engage with STEM related experiments

Week 2 – Experiment with stop motion animation technology

Week 3 – Build a junk model Cinema for their mini movie

There will be a Showcase of the stop motion animation films created by each house at the end of this term.

Christmas Crafting

We have a had a fabulous couple of days crafting with Hannah.  She told us all about her career in the props making industry, what she studied at art school and university, and about some of the things she has made for film an television.  We then took part in a Christmas craft extravaganza!!  Check out the picture of our fantastic wreaths…pompom and messtastic.


What the pupils said:

  • When Hannah came in I found it interesting because I had never met anyone that had made things for films before.  I found it interesting because it’s something I could think about doing when I’m older, it’s inspiring.  At first making the wreath was confusing but the more I did it I found it easier.  It turned out pretty good.
  • When she first came in it was good to figure out how people make the stuff and how to make it.  It was fun because when we were winding the wool around the template it was hard at first but then it got easier when you went a bit slower because then it didn’t get all tangled.  Mine looks really good because the purple goes well with the red ribbon.
  • I thought Hannah’s job looked really fun and I would love to grow up to be something like that.  I thought it was fun making the pompoms and it was cool how you got to make big ones, wee ones and even bigger ones.  I think it loos really cool and I like the snowman on top.
  • When Hannah first came in I was excited to see what she was going to show us and tell us and make with us.   It was hard to wrap the fabric around the wreaths as it was hard to make it stick.  I do like mine even though it’s plain.
  • I was really excited when Hannah first came in and I thought it was really cool how she had made loads of famous people.  I really enjoyed making the pompoms because I could experiment with the different colours and see what it looked like.  I’m really happy with how it looks and I would make more in the future.
  • When Hannah came it was really exciting because she was showing us about her career. It was a bit tricky to make the wreath to start with but I enjoyed the challenge.  I am happy with my wreath because it is beautiful.
  • When Hannah came I was thinking that she maybe made hundreds of props for movies and she did.  It was nice to know that she made stuff in Gravity.  I really enjoyed the experience.
  • I didn’t know that she was a prop maker I thought she was an artist or something.  It was good to know that her props were in some movies.  I liked making the pompoms because it was fun to wrap the wool around the template.
  • I was excited when Hannah came in because I really wanted to know what we were going to make.  I enjoyed making the wreaths because we could put the stuff on that we wanted.
  • When Hannah first came in and Mrs H said prop maker I thought it was more for panto’s than MOVIES! I was impressed.  Wrapping the wool around the template was hard but the pompoms were worth the effort.  I liked putting the glitter tape on my wreath.

What Hannah said:

I loved coming to see what it’s like being in P67 these days.  I loved telling you all about my job and think your wreaths are beautiful.  They are all so different and individual.


Masterclass – Rotation 1 2018

Our masterclass runs on a Wednesday          11 -12.                                                                                     We currently have BSL, art and gardening.

Mrs McGinn also runs a sewing class with P6&7.

If you think you have a skill worth sharing, and some time to spare, please let us know.

P7 Survival Camp 2018

What a fantastic weekend we had at the first EVER Dolphin House camp!

We…… pitched, sawed, sparked, cooked, ate, drank, gathered, walked, feared, chatted, slept, washed, canoed, escaped, shared and cleared…..ALL OUTDOORS!

Our experience was loads of fun but also had a serious side.  Throughout the event we reflected on the life of refugees in a different type of camp! We had 2 activities that were very refugee focused.  They were called FEAR and ESCAPE.  If you want to know more then please ask us!


Peace Garden – Fisherton Church

Today we started work on the peace garden at Fisherton church.  We loved mapping out the shape using our maths skills.  We also loved naming all the worms we found!

We hope this will be a peaceful and tranquil place for all to visit.  Watch this space for updated pictures!
We also chatted to Rev. Stirling about our refugee crisis project and are looking forward to talking to his colleague who works as a missionary with Syrian refugees. 

Sid Squad 2018


We won the South Ayrshire Internet safety Competition and were delighted to receive the prize of a BB-8 App- Enabled Droid as well as a £20 iTunes voucher.  Well done to #SidSquad