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Beach Clean-up

Thank you and well done to all the volunteers who helped clean up Dunure Beach on Saturday 1st April 2017.  The Beach Clean-Up is an annual event organised by the Ayrshire Rotary Clubs.  This is the second year Fisherton Primary pupils have supported this good cause.  565 bags were collected along the Ayrshire Coastal Path, from Troon to Girvan.   Almost 3,000 plastic bottles were found along the way and the Rotary Clubs have been making us aware of the problems plastic bottles are causing in our waters.

Please remember to always dispose of litter properly. Thank you, Fisherton ECO Committee


Fisherton Primary ECO Committee & Ayrshire Rotary Clubs are looking for volunteers to help them clean up along Dunure Beach on Saturday 1st April 2017 between 9.30am-12noon.  Please meet at Harbour Cafe at 9.30am to have a safety talk from Ronnie Wilson from Ayr Rotary Club. Everyone Welcome!

Thank you

Finlay, Aidan, Amalie, Kyle, Meghan & Harvey


Media Club on Tasty Term Three

Hello folks, Media Master Class here!  We’re going to give you a wee run down of term 3 in Fisherton primary.  It has been another busy and exciting term for the pupils and staff in our school. 

The term kicked off with us learning Scots poems and getting ready for our bodacious, brilliant Burns Supper.   We have been improving our reading, talking and listening skills in Bookclub.  Our Bookclub is going to be sooooooooooo much more exciting and interesting now because we have some nifty, new books.   An amazing experience happened down at the harbour and we got taught what they do on a film set!

Information on these events and MUCH MORE can be read about in our P5, P6 and P7 newspapers.

Our learning theme was ‘In The News’ and we have learned loads about how news is reported, published, transmitted, produced and broadcast.  We have even been gathering Word Aware words  relating to the news, to help grow our vocabulary.  Check out how much our vocabulary has grown already! By summer out tree will be bursting with words. 


I liked doing the shapes in maths because we got to trace them and I liked the ‘I’m thinking of a shape’ game.  I learned what a polygon is.  I like listening to the Hobbit because we got to bring our own teddy or cushion to school which helps us get comfy.

I think working in our year groups was a highlight for me because in term 1 and term 2 we weren’t very good at co-operation and every 2 seconds it was an argument.  I think our skills have definitely improved this term which has made working in our groups much more fun and enjoyable.

I like doing bookclub because I’m in P4 and it means I get to work with the big class.  I enjoy the challenge because I think it is quite fun.

I have liked this term because of bookclub and our new books.  Spiderwick was a really good book!!  Jammin’ Andy was also fun and I liked the fitness activities.  

In term 4 we are looking forward to…

Our new head teacher, Mrs Holland coming back, Dolphin House, Maidens Tournament, P7 leavers….and much more!!

Watch this space for all our fun updates……Media club signing out!!

Read All About It!!!

It’s a hive of activity today in the P5-7 classroom….. or should I say newsroom!

The children are working very hard at putting together not one  …not  two  ….BUT   THREE  class newspapers!! 

Each year group have a deadline of Wednesday 22nd of March to get their magnificent media masterpieces finished.  Copies will be available when they are hot off the press during the last week of term.

Good luck teams!

Busy In Media Masterclass

We have been very busy in masterclass and have loads we want to share with you.

mmc1 mmc2

Here are some Tweets we came up with for our class twitter account.


Here is some other infomation we would like to share with you about our school!

In our lunch hall we have a food waste trolley. It has 4 different compartments they are –

  1. Food waste
  2. Cutlery
  3. Liquid
  4. Disposables

When we are finished with our plates we sit them on a shelf for the lunch lady to wash them for the next day.



We go on the trim – trail every time we go out for break time and lunch time. It was installed in 2014.


We are doing  ‘The News’ for our new topic. We have already got a few articles on the P5-7 wall.


The P5’s are learning decimals in Maths. I really enjoy doing it. I don’t know about the others.

We have just finished doing time for our maths. I found it okay.

P5-7 have started rugby every Tuesday with Aiden. Even though I was not there I will be doing it next week.

In PE with Mrs Connolly, the P1-7 are doing Badminton. We started on 18/01/17. It was extremely fun!

On 27/01/17, the school is having a ‘Burns Poem Competition’. The P7’s have ‘Willie Wastle’ by Robert Burns. We have practised since the start of Term 3.

Here is a document with all our Scots poems attched.



Community tree planting

This year the Woodland Trust offered over 4,000 free tree packs to schools, communities and youth groups across the UK.  Our ECO Committee applied for 210 trees and initially planned to plant them around the school perimeter to create a colourful hedge, with the intention of attracting even more birds and wildlife to our school grounds.  However, on this occasion, the ECO Committee reconsidered planting at the school and decided to plant the trees in the community for everyone to enjoy.

Last week the delivery arrived, a mixture of species Rowan; Dogwood, Hazel, Hawthorn, Cherry and Silver Birch.  Luckily each bundle of plants were colour coded to help identify the different species.  Bamboo supports and tree protectors were also provided for each tree sapling.  All of the P6 and P7 pupils, Andy and Helen Guthrie green-fingered residents of Dunure, Mrs McDowell, Elaine Gibson and Linda Izatt all rolled up their sleeves, got digging and successfully planted the tree saplings at the far end of Kennedy Park………. why not go along to Kennedy Park to check out the trees, you will find them along the full length of the fence, behind the farthest away football post or check out the photos: