Food Safety and Hygiene

On Friday Jacqui invited us in to the dinner hall to teach us about food safety and hygiene.

We learned that hot food has to be 75 degrees or above to be safe to eat. We got to use the thermometer to check the food’s temperature!

We also learned that soup shouldn’t be hotter than 67 degrees and that chilled food should be 8 degrees or less.

Jacqui showed us the proper way to wash our hands to make sure they are really clean!

We are looking forward to using what we learned on our Halloween Activity Day!!

Paramedic Visit

In October we are learning all about ‘Safety’.

Today we had a visit from Fiona from the Ambulance Service.

She talked to us about her job and what to do in emergency situations.

We know to call ‘999’ if there is an emergency and someone is ill or  hurt.

We learned to treat burns with cold water.

We learned to help someone who is bleeding by covering the wound with material (not cotton wool!)

Trip to Culzean looking for conkers and signs of Autumn (2.10.18)

At Culzean we looked for conkers, leaves, Acorns and lots of signs of Autumn. There was lots of lovey colours, but we couldn’t find any conkers! We collected some Acorns, leaves, Pine cones, and Berries to display on our Harvest table.

“Don’t eat the Berries…..they are for the birds!”

Big Scottish Breakfast

The Pupil Council organised a scrumptious morning with our friends and families. We enjoyed a Big Breakfast together with fruit salad, yogurt, toast, cereal, fruit juice, milk and pancakes all on the menu.  A big thanks to our supportive parents for all the food donations and the money we’ll be sending to the STV Children’s appeal. 

I liked sitting with my mum and eating breakfast because she normally has breakfast once I’m at school. 

I enjoyed eating my pancakes.  I was happy they got toasted by Mrs Hamilton.

I liked sitting with my friends and chatting.  I especially liked the jam and the juice. 

I liked having toast because i don’t normally have toast. 

I enjoyed having new combinations of food….. toast, butter, fruit and yogurt was delicious.  

I enjoyed sitting with my friend’s parents. 

I tried new cereal and I really enjoyed it.  I’m going to ask my mum to buy some. 

I liked trying new food with honey. 

I liked helping the nursery eat their food. 

We hope the money raised goes to help children in poverty.


(This post was created by the children with the help of some French and BSL)

Fire Fighter Visit

This month our health and wellbeing focus is all about safety!

Today we focused on fire safety and had a Fire Fighter visiting our class.

We enjoyed and learned many things…

We learned what to do if there is a fire in our homes.  We are all going to make a home fire safety plan as a homework task.

I liked that we got to wear the helmet and the hood thing that protects the fire fighters  from getting burnt.

It is important to wake all your family if there is a fire.

I enjoyed looking at the bedroom fire hazards and noticing them.

It is important to not have clothes lying on the floor next to your door because if there is an emergency it might slow you down getting out.

I enjoyed looking at the kitchen hazards.

I learned that you shouldn’t leave plugs on overnight because they might overheat and cause a fire.

I learned that if you burn yourself you should put it under cold water for a few minutes and then check it.  If the skin is broken check your first aid kit for burn cream and a dressing.  If it is really bad go to A&E.

I learned that if there is a fire that you should  to use the back of your hand to check if a door is hot to touch.

I learned that you shouldn’t try and gather stuff if there is a fire.  Just wake people and get out the house.

I learned that if there is a fire you should                  

                                   Call 999 !