Fire Fighter Visit

This month our health and wellbeing focus is all about safety!

Today we focused on fire safety and had a Fire Fighter visiting our class.

We enjoyed and learned many things…

We learned what to do if there is a fire in our homes.  We are all going to make a home fire safety plan as a homework task.

I liked that we got to wear the helmet and the hood thing that protects the fire fighters  from getting burnt.

It is important to wake all your family if there is a fire.

I enjoyed looking at the bedroom fire hazards and noticing them.

It is important to not have clothes lying on the floor next to your door because if there is an emergency it might slow you down getting out.

I enjoyed looking at the kitchen hazards.

I learned that you shouldn’t leave plugs on overnight because they might overheat and cause a fire.

I learned that if you burn yourself you should put it under cold water for a few minutes and then check it.  If the skin is broken check your first aid kit for burn cream and a dressing.  If it is really bad go to A&E.

I learned that if there is a fire that you should  to use the back of your hand to check if a door is hot to touch.

I learned that you shouldn’t try and gather stuff if there is a fire.  Just wake people and get out the house.

I learned that if there is a fire you should                  

                                   Call 999 !



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