This Week’s Success Stories

Well done to all who were recognised at this week’s assembly.  In the wee class Lily’s super story writing earned  her a literacy award.

Mia passed her Karate grading and is now an orange belt.  Fab job.

Super personal projects were handed in from the wee class this week.  They were set the task of researching and reporting on a country and the results were very impressive so Harvey, Anna, Mia and Meghan all received a Homework Award.

Mia was also this week’s Dojo Champ.  Great work.

This Week’s Success Stories

Congratulations to all who were recognised at this week’s celebrating success assembly.

Christopher was this weeks Dojo Champ.  Great Job as usual.

Kieran and Brigham were awarded achievement awards due to their commitment and dedication to the Daily Mile.  You are great ambassadors to the wee ones.

And Brigham and Nathan both passed their Karate Grading at the weekend and are now orange belts.

  Very well done to you both .

Lamppost Banner Competition

Can you believe that this week we submitted Christmas pictures for the Lamppost Banner Competition.  So many fabulous designs and the ladies had a hard time deciding on our final entry.

This year Martha’s entry is being sent for Fisherton Primary’s Lamppost Banner.  Well done Martha.

However, we decided that as there was such a high standard of work submitted that one picture from the wee class and one from the big class would be used for the school Christmas Cards.  Lacey’s design has been selected from P.1 – 3 and Nathan’s from P.5 – 7.  Very well done to all the pupils in the school for their effort.

October 2017 – Article of the month

Article 31

“That every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

That member governments shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.”

This month our article of the month was chosen by Martha in P7.  Here is what she had to say…

The October holidays are coming up soon and I think this is a good one to on focus because we are going to rest and play during the holidays.



Personal Projects

P1-3 have been working hard at home researching a country and finding facts to share with the rest of the class. Pupils chose their own way of presenting the information they found … we even got to try shortbread and fortune cookies! Yum!

Well done everyone! Projects are now proudly displayed in the gym hall 🙂

Here is what the pupils enjoyed about their homework task …

“I enjoyed colouring in the great wall of china and I loved trying the fortune cookies” KS

“I like my castle and Scotland flag. I liked colouring in with Gran.” ES

“I liked putting Luigi and Mario on my poster because they come from Italy” MD

“I liked helping Mum make my poster” MYC

“I liked making the poi and showing it to the class. I liked typing on the PowerPoint” OL

” I liked wearing the hat and all of it” HA

“I liked doing my PowerPoint and helping my mum” CM